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    Scientologists are the most ethical people on the planet, the daughter and granddaughter were probably sp's trying to give Scientology a bad name.
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    Dun Dunn DUUNNN!
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    Yes. The Greatest Good is above Self in the Scilon hierarchy, innit. I would expect her to take one for the team and not squeak. And when she gets out, I would expect that her expectations will not be great because, unlike the Mafia, Scientology, Inc. will not compensate you for your time.
  4. Here is a particularly moving rendition of "Moonbat Sonata" -
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    I'm not very technologically savy, so I was only able to open the first bunch of emails, that came as a text.
    Has the other giant zip file been reviewed in its entirety, or there is more stuff in there that hasn't been read?
  6. There is a large number of items to examine. Most of them in the form of e-mail. I think the crew at Tony's Blog has it about right - 7000 e-mails. That is only 10 percent of the HBGary Federal trove, but it is a large number of items to examine.
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    How can I open them myself? I unzipped them, but nothing coherent seems to come up.
    And what Tony's Blog?
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    Is that the one composed by a bat oven?

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    IIRC Hubbard policy warns against allowing fruitloops into the church of scientology. By over looking such bizarre behaviour they are not only wilfully exploiting what is clearly a very vulnerable person but they are actually going against Hubbard policy (iirc).
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    ^^^^ Horovitz was the man! This rendition is amazing.
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    Love Horowitz!!
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  14. Finally, I found this sucker attachment: OCA Test Answer PGM.Zip

    It decompressed to OCA Test Answer PGM.exe

    The 53K Hex Dump is probably of little or no interest. All that I can find of some interest in the ASCII report on the Hex is this:
    WTF? Some kinda malware? Keylogger? I have no idea.
  15. This thread is a "this is why" in terms of why I love anonymous. Even if no legal action comes of this, it at least sheds light on financial abuses by staff and the heavy sales pressure that is put on parishioners (even the sick and their family).

    And close to home for me, it also shows the effects of this pressure and stress on it's members' psyche's. That "letter to god" and it's reply, from God himself, is a cry for help. And I'm glad that that call for help is not just falling on the ears of a registrar trying to make a quota, or an auditor trying to do what their told. That cry has found it's way to the internet, it's volume has been amplified by anonymous. These cries deserve to be heard and they bring the light of truth, that LRH was fond of mentioning, but never shinning on himself.
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  17. eddieVroom Member

    More to the point, it goes to demonstrate that these are not just "stories" told by "apostates with an axe to grind". These are real examples of day-to-day business within the Happy Fun Cult.
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    If the exe is 53k, then it's probably some ancient mid-80s DOS text program.
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  19. On the technical side of things, I'll reproduce some of what I recently posted into the Moderator's Forum:

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    I think that is this guy here

    Nice to have the original emails here.
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  21. You are quite correct. Apparently, Mr. Cox gives "talks." I don't know if these are public, or whether or not he just talks to himself.

    One thing I've noticed about moonbats, they never shut-the-fuck-up!
  22. Sponge Member

    Oh fuck! More insight into the £20,000 donor. That needs to be copied to the other thread on that topic and any thing else you can find on that poor fucker Stephen Cox.

    It sounds more and more like one brand of moonbat talking to another.
    I don't get the impression that Cox is all that interested in scientology and it almost seems as if he's just pleased that he's found another bunch of moonbats that appear to accept his personal "mission from god" moonbattery (when really the only thing they are going to accept is more of his money). I wonder how long it will be before Cox realises that scientology isn't going to make the world a better place with his money and that they aren't really interested in what he has to say.
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  23. If that realization ever occurs, Mr. Cox's inclination will be to blame himself. Mr. Cox, imho, is a made-to-order martyr and $cilontology eats those kinda moonbats raw.

    His only remaining claim to fame would be to have himself preserved in a big bottle of formaldehyde and kept in a lab somewhere, as an extremely fine example of extreme human gullibility.
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  24. Glenn Beck Member

    Arrh! I wish I didn't come back in this thread. It makes me too mad.

    I found this lying on the sidewalk. Hubbard explains how to cure cancer with a touch assist. Sci cures cancer .MP3
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    Good plan is good.
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    Excellent. (Tried to "like" it. Failed.)
  27. AnonyVix Member

    I'm thinking this email suggests Mr Graham Doggart entered in to a financial agreement with Mr Gareth Roberts behind his official receivers' back. That has to be dodgy, though I expect he was extorted in to it.

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  28. AnonyVix Member

    Isn't OCA Oxford Capacity Analysis? That stupid free personality test they hook people in with.
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  29. Anonymous Member

    And it has NOTHING to do with Oxford the university town...
  30. pooks Member

    Question. Back in 2002 I was a member of a private Scn group called itheta. At that time I leaked a lot of the emails between Scientologists discussing all kinds of things. I still have those. They are out dated but historically could be interesting. Anyone interested? If so I'll put them on another thread. They are oldies but goodies.. I haven't looked at them in years.
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  31. AnonyVix Member

    I know that silly. :D But I agree it's good to clarify it for the newbies. :)
  32. AnonyVix Member

    Do eet, do eet naow. :)
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  33. If nothing else, I'd think it would be further evidence of the sort of things we're seeing here. Evidence of a pattern would be very useful!
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    Yep. Do it. The more accurate picture we get of what really goes on, the sharper the axe we can use to smash this scam wide open.

    The only reason this cult ever got big is because the general public were ignorant about how low these bastards would go.

    Anonymous is here to help with that.
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  35. Nancy Beazley Member

    Am limited for time to spend online lately, but have grazed this thread several times and am appalled at the content of some emails already posted here.

    Thanks to whoever made this release of information possible and to those who are posting specific emails here.

    Re the discussion about whether "Scientology" or individual Scientologists should be blamed for the mindsets revealed here ... I blame both for the fuckedupedness of many of these people. Yes, the organization is fucked beyond belief. But the members who are still in that cult (or were in not long ago when these emails were written) have to work terribly hard to keep the blinders on this hard and this long.

    You never know if these idiots would have chained themselves to some other cult if they hadn't chained themselves to this one.

    I realize some human conditions are incredibly pathetic. I should be more sympathetic than I sometimes am. Life is often hard. None of us always reacts well to the hands we are dealt.

    But godDAMNit!
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  36. jensting Member

    Well, one secondary topic here is the lack of care regarding protecting private data, i.e. that the co$ is criminally negligent in failing to keep these mails private. I'll leave you to decide where another leak of a private list fits in that story ...

    Best regards

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  37. Anonymous Member

    From: Deborah Corney <>
    Date: July 18, 2010 3:23:51 AM PDT
    Subject: G.P.


    Write Up

    I got Gary to come into the mission a couple of weeks ago, as he is in violation of the staff pledge he signed.

    I had written a KR on Gary which he disagreed with as he said we agreed he wouldn’t come in while he was on auditing lines. In truth Gary was at home, working, not at Birmingham Org getting on with his auditing. I told Gary he was in treason as he was telling me he wanted to go to London Org on staff. The reason Gary said he had come in to see me was to handle my ARC break. He could not see it was his condition. I showed Gary the treason formula in the ethics book. Gary then started to talk about his suicide attempt years ago and said he had never done conditions on this. Indeed I don’t think Gary has done much ethics at all from what he said. The suicide attempt linked with the same phenomena Gary has now with joining groups and being responsible so I decided an RPEC would help. From my view point Gary did not really want me to succeed. A couple of times he said “good luck” as if he had nothing to do with the cycle. In fact he seems to put this valence in front of him and hide behind it totally. What worried me was Gary’s utter non comprehension that a suicide attempt is treasonous on the first dynamic. He said he was trying to handle a problem, therefore it was a solution to a problem. I said it is not that easy to pick up another body and just move on in life, with a rich family etc. Gary looked very surprised at this. Then Gary said that he would end his life now, if it was not for other people. This alarmed me. He quickly added that he had signed a waiver so wouldn’t do anything and that he knew it would cause a problem for Scientology. He paused after he said this to see my reaction. In a bored way, I said “oh we would survive”. I did try and get Gary to finish the treason formula but he was resistive really and did not FN.

    I am sorry to not have a product to give back to you. I have told Gary that he is best to go and see you there as you have the folders etc.

    I have no problem with Gary not being on staff here. It is only for his own sake that these conditions get handled. I think it is worth finding out more about any suicidal thoughts.


    Debbie Corney
  38. Random guy Member

    Oh dear, playing doctors, are we?
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  39. Tony Ortega - Village Voice - Runnin' Scared.

    Depending on what you have opened/unzipped, there may be a single .txt document that can be opened up into a word/text processor.

    If you have opened up the archive with a multitude of folders and files within it, it will take a considerable number of software tools to deal with it all. I suggest you leave that kind of material alone unless you want to flatten a number of steep learning curves on strange, unfamiliar software.
  40. NCSP Member

    Extremely interested!!

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