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    Up to half a million quid for data protection breaches, depending on seriousness of course, according to this...

    Although the volume of affected individuals is relatively low (compared to some of the gigantic breaches we've seen in the press in the last few years), the level of detail is high and involves personal finances. Even a fine of a few tens of thousands would seriously knock them back and they'd need to luck out on a few more moonbats-with-money, like Stephen Cox, to get back on track.

    The thing is, without massive press attention, it would need someone to bring the data evidence to the information commissioner's attention and to show that the servers were wide open for anyone, without proper password protection and without any specialist tools required (i.e. complete and utter negligence). The cult would just score an own goal with the ICO if it went to the cops and tried to make out that they'd been hacked. I mean, its like the equivalent of "securely" placing personal data in a cardboard box in the back alley behind the org. All it takes is someone to walk down there and have a look inside and make copies without depriving them of the original data. Pretty weak case for "data theft" in terms of blaming anyone outside the org.
    Of course, this is all just opinion and the usual "I am not a lawyer" disclaimer applies.
  3. timthephoto Member

    they will, in their own fucked up minds believe the situation can be changed by lies.
    stupid culties cannot help themselves, they think lying about stuff will "make it go right"
  4. Anonymous Member

    Patty -need you even ask?! Of course we're interested.
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    Stupid fucking clams, they pulled it in.

    We run this.
  7. DeathHamster Member

    Ruth Lorenzen, who ran the iTheta list, was a real gung-ho type--until Scientology drove her away. She did have a site telling her story, which was well worth reading, for a view inside the machine. Unfortunately it seems to be gone now and redirects to

    Here's a Wayback link (but the "new" Wayback is pretty flaky--"sucks donkey balls" might be the best technical description):
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  8. Anonymous Member

    A concordance for the 'eBaumsWorld' email leak from Scientology can be found here:

    Numbers are the ID numbers of each email - to find a specific email, search the text file for 'ID: <number>'.
  9. DeathHamster Member

    Heh. The official CoS site is
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    Mr. Cox has been a made-to-order martyr for a while. He's been lecturing on "A Course in Miracles". I took that course years ago when I was young (it's a book and I did it in a group book-club style), and based on the responses from people around me at the time, I could tell it wasn't thought of very highly by people I respected. It was nice, kind of fun, but I never got too into it - which is probably how it's done for best results. If you type into google "a course in mir..." one of the auto-completes is "a course in miracles cult". Near as I can tell there's no structural organization to get pulled into and no money suck, though.

    So he's a searcher and a philosopher and seriously looking for meaning in life. He's probably a very philosophical out-of-the-box thinker with a gentle soul. Rife for manipulation, and too soft to think badly of people he gets to know.
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  11. AnonyVix Member

    I opened the large text file in Wordpad - notepad is no good because the file is too big.
  12. So, Scientology Birmingham has sucked Cox dry. It's not right and it's not clever.
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  13. Sponge Member

    I, quite literally, fell off my chair.
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    Perhaps someone who is feeling charitable would contact Doggart Design Ltd and inform that that this isn't a good idea. Login details for all their clients are in there.
  16. Anonymous Member

    LOL, idiot clams never learned how 2 cyber.
  17. CarltonBANKS Member

    He has bought and orgy of domain names, and this is one of them:


    I may be wrong, but i suspect Sadie Doggart / Christian Harland or someone at the org (not Graham Doggart) may have made that genius move.

    They achieved what they set out do to - I mean, it's a really good way to backup those FTP details; even Google Cache has a copy!

    So.. what would ICO make of this?

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  18. Anonymous Member

    These random clients don't deserve to get screwed by the carelessness of Graham the idiot web designer.
  19. The Wrong Guy Member

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  20. CarltonBANKS Member

    It may not have been Graham - someone else in the org, like Sadie Doggart (his sister?),Christian Harland or Emanuela (also Scientologists). It's unlikely Graham Doggart would have made such a mistake.

    They aren't random clients in many cases, they are Scientology businesses that fund Birmingham Scientologists. A lot of them are linked to Scientology

    (Of course, no one deserves to be screwed over)
  21. timthephoto Member

    i for one think that all these people are victims, as such they deserve our compassion not derision.
    (and maybe a nice informative link or two)
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  22. eddieVroom Member

    Standard Scilon incompetence.

    I picked up a job in 2002 as senior engineer with a VAR/Consultant/Field Service company in Van Nuys (Pacific Netcom, now defunct), and it became apparent over time that it was not only a Scilon business, but I found myself servicing, quite literally, the "who's who" of W.I.S.E. members in Greater Los Angeles.

    Awkward... lol

    Anywho -- these jokers, over the years, had opened Terminal Services to the whole frickin' world on each and every NT server out there, and all with the same Admin password. And that was just the tip of the iceberg. Now, having actual Wog-style professional ethics, I started to correct the shockingly bad security issues out there.

    So, they did the only logical thing -- they fired me because the clients started to question what the hell they'd been paying these guys for over all those years of billing (I'd been seeing their company sticker on equipment all over town for years before hooking up with them). To this day, I still don't know if they ever figured out that I was meeting people like Magoo, Graham and Keith Henson IRL, and was a "regular" on a.r.s. and the like.

    edit: and yes, I've actually stood right behind Rick Moxon and Helena Kobrin in an elevator in Century City. More than once.
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  23. DeathHamster Member

    He hasn't died of virtual stab-wounds yet. You should have used a virtual chainsaw.
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  24. xenubarb Member

    Just sprinkle him with salt and watch him dissolve into a puddle of goo.
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  25. Anonymous Member

    I thought him walking into sunlight would have the same effect.
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  26. Anonymous Member

    They're raising money to fund dangerous quack woo and they're a cult.

    All sources of finance flowing in Miscavige's direction will be exposed and publicized.

    Regardless of the nature of the characters involved, the orgs can't survive without the money.
  27. eddieVroom Member

    Yeah, lol, might have been fun to try. Instead, I decided to keep my mouth shut, eyes and ears open. You never know what some random anonymous guy might stumble into with a little luck.
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  28. Anonymous Member

    Tazer him before this.
  29. CarltonBANKS Member

    any code monkeys ITT?

    can someone please split the large (approx 10MB) text file in to smaller text files.
    • one email per text file
    • as each email starts ID: 123 maybe the software could create a new file every time it 'sees' ID: xxx
    (I've been looking for a script to do this, but can't find one)
  30. AnonyVix Member

    Still looking through the emails in text file. Lot's of stuff some lulz, some facepalm, some sad, some angry, some shocking, some scary. Kinda like /b/ without the tits. (so far). ;)

    * ▲
    *▲ ▲
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  31. Zhent Member

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  32. Anonymous Member

    Huh. I just did the google search as a test and received the same results.
  33. grebe Member

    When a "leak" is in the public interest, I don't like the idea of punishing someone for leaking the material even if the punishment would be lulzy.

    It's one thing to leak private info that's none of our business. It's another to leak info about shady business dealings, lying to banks to get loans, telling cancer patients that vitamins and touch assists are better than modern medicine, and pressure to disconnect from loved ones.

    Someday I might want to leak something to expose a bad situation. I'd like to avoid going to jail, if possible. So I'd like for people to want to waive the data protection rules when they actually can use the leaked info to draw attention to fraudulent or abusive behavior.
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  34. Ty, Carlton, Awesome post and look inside Scientology procedures for the unaware Public.....

    These public internet leaks are for the greatest good on the greatest number of dynamics for the protection of scientologists currently being used and abused and for all public to see what this Scientology 'Religion' is really all about.....


    Scientologists have no choice but to lie and defraud people, it's LRH policy, directly from source, his unchangeable 'Scriptures'.......

    The internet keeps track of scamming vultures like you phony, greedy, lying Scientologists......

    Caveat Emptor.......:)
  35. Shhhhhh.....

    Don't tell anyone.........
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  36. Anonymous Member

    Maybe he should look at all those expenses under Scientology? Just a thought...
  37. Chipshotz Member

    I want to 'like' this more than once.
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  38. Anonymous Member

    I guess they think that tuberculosis can be beaten with auditing or touch assist?
  39. Re: the quoted e-mail in your post: wog bad news is very bad news. Scientology bad news isn't even news, if you're a scientologist.
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