A Cry for Help from a Desperate Mother

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    I figured that this would probably be the best place to put this posting due to the sensitive nature of this forum and my request. My story is long and I know I may be asking a lot from a group of strangers, but I am really running out of ideas. There are videos of my son, who is in foster care, in another state, which I am afraid may be in the hands of pedofiles. I found links to the videos, originally posted on YouTube, entitled *First and Last Name* Taking a Shower. I believe those videos to have been taken by his older foster brother, not the foster parents.

    My son is not safe in that home and I am doing everything I can to get him removed from that foster home, but my rights have been terminated, by default. Long story short, I signed off my rights so he could be adopted many years ago by his grandparents in MD. I did not realize, at the time, that that TPR was conditional. When the adoption fell through, I could have taken back custody of him. Because DCFS did not contact me to tell me this, I lost my chance and they permanently terminated my rights without even contacting me to ask me if I was interested in taking custody of him.

    On July 1st this year, we reconnected, spoke on the phone. On the 3rd, he sent me a text that he was going to go for a bike ride, that he was going to text me when he got back in a few hours. That was the last I had heard from him until the 22nd when I received a text stating simply "call social services". I had been sending multiple text msgs, numerous daily phone calls, all going unanswered until I got that text from him. At the same time that I got that text msg, his Facebook page got deleted.

    That night my husband called the MD police in his area and they did a wellness check. Although they did not state as much, I believe that they separated the parents from the boys, but did not separate the boys from each other. Even though I have not spoken with my son in years, I know him. I know how he acts and how he thinks. For more than 3 weeks now that foster home has cut him off from ALL outside communication, INCLUDING from his Social Services caseworker.

    Sadly, it would do me no good to call them since she won't even talk to me. I have been told, on more than one occasion, that I have no legal rights to him, that I am less than dead to him. That not only can she NOT give me any information on him (INCLUDING if he is alive or dead) but that she will not act on any information that I give HER on him, which I think is just completely stupid.

    I am trying to find those videos that the foster brother made, but although I am good at research, to a point, we are talking about Google and the regular internet. I know nothing about the Dark net or Dark web. I was sexually abused myself growing up and the stuff I have been looking at and reading all day has been making me want to lose my lunch and I haven't eaten because of it.

    There were a total of 7 videos, by my count, posted on Youtube of him in the shower. The more I could find, put on disk and send to the MD PD, the sooner I can get my son into a safe foster home. This home has not ONLY cut him off from all outside communication, but they also forced him to take down his own youtube videos and then, of course most recently, his Facebook page.

    Don't get me wrong, my kid is a survivor. He was diagnosed with Leukemia when he was 6 years old, which was one of the mitigating factors that led to him living with his grandparents in the first place. I wanted to do what was best for him and I knew that their home and way of life was better for him than mine was at that time. I was not into drugs or alchohol or anything, but I did need to do some growing up and because of the abuse I had suffered as a child, I was not emotionally prepared to deal with his illness.

    Now, I want nothing more in my life than to try to make up for the mistakes I have made in the past and try to protect him. I don't expect to be able to get him back, I know what having my rights terminated means. I just want help to try to find those videos, hell any videos of him would help my case, to get him safe.

    Here is my thinking: The 7 shower videos would prove that the foster brother was bullying him at best at worst using him to create child porn. It would also prove that the foster parents were accesories after the fact. They covered it up rather than turning him and the evidence over to the police, such is their legal duty as foster parents. The 10 other youtube videos that my son made may prove that the videos were, in fact, made in the home. There had to have been a reason why they made him delete them.

    See, my father (bio dad, not step, which is who hurt me growing up) was a PI, so he did teach me a thing or 2 about deductive reasoning. Give me long enough to think about a problem and I can usually figure out what happened, or pretty close. Kind of like the game of clue, but in real life. I usually have it figured out WhoDunIt in most crime shows halfway through.

    I know they forced my son to delete his own Facebook page because of the text I got. He was not texting me through a phone, but some type of computer set up, which means he had to have unsupervised access to the computer, 30 seconds would have been enough. The first cache off of Google was June 1st, so the videos had been going on for a while, total of 7, but the foster did not take away the computer and phone until 24 hours after he spoke to me. Had it been BECAUSE he spoke to me, it would have been that night, something happened between the text and when he planned to text me, maybe and argument between son and foster. My guess the words "I'm going to tell my mom" came out and THAT is what prompted the cut off.

    I do NOT know if he is being physically abused, BUT I can say with all the certainty of a mother, I feel it in my soul that my son is being emotionally abused, bullied, psychologically abused, possibily sexually abused and the possibility of his medication being withheld has been discussed between my husband and myself. Since I can't talk to him and he can't make any calls himself, not EVEN to 911, no one really knows what is going on there.

    I can give ANY info you need either here or in personal message. I have all the good info I am not supposed to have. text number, landline, physical address, his name, his date of birth, the foster monster's name. About the ONLY thing I don't have is any IP address.

    I am begging for help. I put a posting on FB on the 15th asking for help and ppl have been sharing it like crazy, but still nothing. No one has seen him, no one has been able to make communication with him at the home. He is in Maryland, USA.

    If ANYONE can help me locate those videos or has ANY ideas on how to get him out of that foster home, I sure would appreciate the help. He is only 14 years old and though he is a smart kid, he is in an impossible situation and I promised I would be there if he needed me. Now he needs me and I feel so helpless.

    (not real name)
  2. fishypants Moderator

    Send the evidence to law enforcement and child protection authorities.
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    Send COPIES of the evidence to law enforcement and keep the original material (if those terms remain meaningful) for your lawyer(s).

    WWP is not a detective agency, at least, not officially.
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    My problem is helping to find the videos in question. I know you are not a detective agency, you guys are hackers, which, honestly, is what I need. I have been told that once something is on the internet, things like videos or pictures, that they can never truly be deleted, that they are always out there. Hell, you hear it ALL the time on shows like Law and Order and such. My problem is that I have no real actionable evidence. I have a set of foster parents that have cut off all communication to the outside world for more than 3 weeks now. All evidence of my son's web presence has been deleted (youtube and Facebook page) and they forced him to remove his Facebook, I know this because of the text I received, which was his call for help, "call social services", which leads me to believe that he is in SERIOUS trouble. (FYI Social Services won't help me because of my rights being terminated which is what they told me) My dad was a PI, like I said, which where I learned quite a bit of my own skills growing up. Skills like my need to do research, usually on random stuff, but it does come in handy at times. I have been able to use other skills he taught me, which is how I found out his physical location.

    I believe (keeping in mind it is just speculation) that what set all of this off is the night of July 3rd he got back from his bike ride he got into an argument with his fosters and he blurted out that he was going to tell me about the videos. The first Google cached page of them was from as far back as June 1st, so I suspect they had known about them for a while. When he threatened to tell me about them, that is when they cut off his communication to the outside world from then on. When the cops went over there for the wellness check they separated the boys from the parents but not my son from the older brother.

    See, my son made 10 videos on youtube (all rated G, just of his life in general) so I was able to see a bit into his life and the life of the foster home. So I was able to gather a bit of information as to the home life there as well. My son, who is 14, lives with an older foster brother who seems to be about 16/17, both white, living with a black couple. The mother seems to be the more vocal of the couple.

    I have tried going to the police, they did not or could not help. I have tried calling social services, his caseworkers supervisor in the past with no help. Matter of fact she told me that she could not tell me if he was alive or dead nor could she act on any information that I gave them. When his Facebook account was active I contacted everyone on his Facebook friend list and those I heard from called his AND texted the numbers I had multiple times with no response. I have called his lawyer numerous times with no response.

    I am at a loss for what to do. I don't have the proof that I need and I need help finding it. I am disabled and deal with pain on a daily basis, stress makes it worse. I also deal with insomnia, which, again, stress makes it worse. I have a 6 year old daughter that I am trying to care for but with the stress of this situation I am finding it very hard to. I am just thankful that I have a loving husband and inlaws that live below me that help on that account. Unfortunately I can not take my pain medication to deal with the extra pain I am experiencing because then I can not think to try to find those videos. I will continue to look for them, but it would help if I could get an experienced hacker to even point me in the right direction. There are, by my count, 7 videos out there of my son that could save him from these people. If I could find even 1 of them, it would be enough.

    I don't need a detective, I may not be certified, but I can do investigative work myself. I need a hacker. I need someone who knows the dark net, who knows how to find videos that were once on YouTube but now are not. I am begging for help, please. I ust need some actionable evidence to get my son safe.

  6. fishypants Moderator

    No, we're not that branch of Anonymous.

    The police could probably recover it, with a warrant.

    Try again. If necessary get a friend or family member (boy's grandparents? doctor? minister? teacher? social worker? the 'loving husband and in laws' you mention?) to talk to the police on your behalf and that of the boy.

    If the boy's social worker won't talk to you because you've abused that relationship, that does harm your credibility here as well as everywhere else. But still if you have evidence then the police have an obligation to act.

    But now you seem to be saying that you don't have evidence after all. Do you? Or not?

    If you don't have them then how do you know they exist?
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    Ok, Grandparents: Grandfather has passed, Grandmother has dementia, so they are out. Don't know who doc is, teacher, he gets moved around so much don't usually know who it is from one month to the next. Social Worker, have tried that route, was told since rights terminated, they won't/can't help (been told both). It is not a case of burning that bridge, it is a case of that bridge is not available to me cause of legal means, according to the supervisor.

    I have never claimed to have the evidence, that has always been the issue. From the beginning I have been asking for help in getting the evidence, which is why ppl were telling me you were not a det agency. I do understand that once evidence is presented to the police they are obligated to act. I ust need to find the barest shred of actionable evidence.

    I can understand if no one wants to get involved. All of this time, since my son has been out of communication and I had been making a stink, since July 3rd, when I started msging his FB friends and calling Social Services and calling the foster home, no one HAS wanted to get involved. No one wants to get involved in the life of some foster kid. So what if he MIGHT be in trouble, it could cause problems in their own life. They might have to take time out of their own life to help someone else. Don't worry, I understand. NO ONE has wanted to get involved to help my son. Because I have no proof that he is in trouble, other than my own mother's instinct and his 3 weeks of silence (trust me, it is NOT his choice to not be talking to me) and his web presence be wiped and his cry for help when I told him if he ever needed me, I would always be there for him. His ONE chance to text me and he sends me "call social services" because he does NOT know that they won't listen to me because the conversations I had with them transpired AFTER his communication was cut off. He is a foster child having been bounced all over in the system, which I did not know because they were not telling me what was going on with him. I didn't even find this out until 3 years after my rights were terminated about his being bounced around the system. So him telling me to call social services is not something he would do lightly.

    All I am asking is for help from the one group of ppl that I thought would be willing to help. Not just hackers, ppl who know the net, the dark net, inside and out, but Anon, ppl who have been known to change the world to stand up for what is right. I am not asking you to hack into some goverment organization, just help in finding a video file. I am just trying to help one little boy, to keep him safe. Why is it ok to use your skills to fight pedo rings, but not save one victim? Is one victim less important than a dozen? If this older brother was taking videos of him in the shower, what is going on that he was NOT taking videos of?

    I have been there. I was sexually abused growing up. My own bio mom looked the other way. It went on for 3 years because she did not want to stop it. So much happens in this world because no one wants to get involved. I thought, I was hoping, that Anon was different. Was I wrong?
  8. TorpedoAlex Member

    link, Google cache to the deleted YouTube video with his name (First and last) on it with the title *In the Shower* that is how I know the videos even existed. I have never seen the videos, however, my son has a pretty unique name, so I know it is him. When I Google him, He is the ONLY one with his name I have EVER found.
  9. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    TorpedoAlex looking at child porn or downloading child porn is a crime. The last thing we are going to do is search for those pictures. This is the advice from the pedophile hunters of Anonymous: Go to law enforcement.

    You can submit a report anonymously, although I don't understand why you would.
    Don't tell us the reasons why you can't do this, do it.
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  10. fishypants Moderator

    So that's your evidence then. OK.

    1) Print it out twice.

    2) Take a copy to the police, or if they won't take you seriously because you sound too mad, then get your "loving husband and in laws that live downstairs" to take it to the police.
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  11. TorpedoAlex Member

    Like I said, I know how to do research I know how to investigate, which is how I found the links to the DELETED videos. BUT by the time I found the, they had already been deleted. I am just trying to find copies of the actual videos themselves. I can find my way around the regular internet no problem and find any info I need there. If it is there, I can find it, but I know nothing about the dark net or deep web or whatever and I know nothing about trying to locate videos of this nature. I was hoping someone would know here how to retrieve deleted YouTube videos, which would make things a lot easier. If I could get just 1 of them, I could burn it, ship it to MD state PD and get him safe. But, like I said, I can understand not wanting to get involved. No one does. I am sure I will find it eventually. In the meantime, my son will continue to remain in that home until I can find it because I will not give up on him until I can find a way to help him. Not only did I promise I would be there for him, I love him and I have to keep him safe. Whether I have rights to him or not, I am still his mom. No matter what any court papers say, I will always be his mom and I will never stop fighting for him until I know he is safe.
  12. fishypants Moderator

    So show

    to the police.

    What's the problem?
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  13. Disambiguation Global Moderator

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  14. fishypants Moderator


    If they exist and if they show what you think they show then you would be committing a serious crime if you watch them. There is no "but I was doing research!" defence to the crime of viewing child pornography, as Pete Townshend found out to his cost.

    If there's any truth in what you're saying then it's a matter for law enforcement only and nobody else.

    On the other hand, if you're making it all up, then I'm glad you're wasting our time instead of theirs. It's good to be useful. :)
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  15. JohnnyRUClear Member

    FWIW, I believe you, Alex. Most people, probably including those replying thus far ITT, think that the police or other "authorities" are the answer for trouble, but in many situations, that is not how it really is. It sounds like you're finding yourself in one of those situations. Perhaps the police can help later, but not at this moment, per your description of the current situation.

    Regarding this site: As was pointed out to you, we're not hackers here -- at least, not all of us. This isn't "Anonymous HQ" or whatever (and "Anonymous" is not a hacker group, for that matter, despite many saying that it is). Some who post here are also active participants in the "Anonymous" subculture (not group). Some aren't. And in any case, trying to find videos of an underage boy in a shower isn't exactly the kind of activity which many are going to readily do. I hope you can understand the difficulty there!

    I'm not sure about the videos being available online. Do things ever entirely disappear off of the Internet? I don't know, but I suspect that sometimes they do. In the case of videos posted to YT, perhaps not; it's a very popular site and it may be that there is a copy made, somewhere else, of every video that gets posted there. I don't know that for sure. I would think it's quite possible that YT itself would have a copy. But I don't know that for sure either. I also am not familiar with any "dark net" or whatever, other than being aware of the existence of TOR and other efforts to escape detection and tracking. So I don't know what all you might find there. Hopefully someone else can help you.

    The one thing I feel very sure about here is that if I had a kid in a situation like yours, and the only message I got from them was "call social services", I would be freaking out too. You have my sympathy, even if I can't do much to actually help.
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  16. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    If youtube gets a report of pedophile videos, they take down the videos and leave the channel up to gather data on the user and turn it over to law enforcement. If it got reported then Youtube has a copy. But go to law enforcement. I disagree with Johnny
    .I agree with Johnny that social services are not helpful and can be a hindrance but there is no substitute for LE in an exploited child case. The FBI has a lot of problems but they are not confused when it comes to child porn.
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  17. TorpedoAlex Member

    I am angry and I think anyone would be, well, not just angry, but more frustrated than anything else. I am angry that these ppl are treating my son this way and are being allowed to continue to do this. I am frustrated that it seems I can't get any help. I did take Disambiguation's advice and filed a report with the cybertipline. Yes, I did leave my contact info, I did not leave it anonymously. I WANT to know if anything comes of it and it someone is willing to help him. Hell, I even posted a posting on my Facebook page, that WAS linked to his (until fosters forced him to delete his page) asking for anyone that had seen him or heard from him to contact me. That has been up for a couple of weeks now with updates. I leave updates msgs to him, whatever on it. I was sending him private msgs to his FB page too, until it was deleted. I just hope he had a chance to look at some of the msgs.

    On the one hand I feel like maybe his life would have been better if we hadn't reconnected because I was most likely the catalyst that set all of this in motion on the other hand, those videos, they were made way before we connected, I had nothing to do with them and I may have just been the strength my son needed to stand up to his foster monster which made her cut him off from the outside world. She was able to control him just fine until he was presented with someone who he would trust without question. Especially I am angry and frustrated at myself. I made him a promise when I spoke to him on the phone. I told him if you need me, I will always be here for you. Now he REALLY needs me and I feel like I am failing him. Like the solution is out there, somewhere, but I just can't find it. He put his trust in me and I am failing him, I want to help him but I don't know how. Everything I am doing is failing.
  18. Anonymous Member

    Based on the information you have, why not open a dialogue with Google/Youtube, in addition to finding some LE will to listen to your story?

    If you can supply Youtube with enough information about the videos, it's possible that copies could be found. If found, they can then go directly to LE.
  19. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    You Tube is stone deaf and don't listen to actual humans. The on;ly way you could get those videos is by a subpoena but its good to know they may be there for a conviction.
  20. TorpedoAlex Member

    I will give it one more hour, I have been on hold with Google/YouTube for almost 5.5 hours thus far already. I was advised by a lawyer to call the DSS child abuse crisis line because of the risk of the videos. Explain to them my story and just maybe they will be able to do something. That even though the county where my rights were terminated won't help that the DSS (Department of Social Services) in the county where he is may be more willing to listen to me, even though they were terminated due to the situation.

    Will let you guys know if anything comes of that as well.
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  21. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Thank you TorpedoAlex, plz let us know. My heart is with you.
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  22. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Alex, it sounds like you are doing what you can. Your feeling of guilt is understandable, but it's based on outcomes which were beyond your control, not on any action of yours having been inherently wrong. Don't beat yourself up for what someone else does. Hindsight, and all that.
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  23. Anonymous Member

    When I suggested making contact with Google/YouTube, my suggestion lacked a particular.

    Whenever someone attempts contact with an Internet Corporation, via telephone or e-mail, the myth of "instant communication anywhere" is exposed as a fail.

    I was meaning to suggest that a formal letter to Google Corporate via the good old postal system would be the way to go, with a cc: to your lawyer.

    Here's an address I found:

    1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy
    Mountain View, CA 94043
    United States
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  24. Peking Member

    National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children might be of some use.

    NCMEC I had a wander round their site and it looks like they might be helpful with the videos in particular as these fall into the child exploitation category.

    I wish you the best of luck with this.
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  25. Alex,

    In Maryland they have been, for the last 6 years or so, allowing TPR'd parents to have a plan of contact and visitation with their child/children thought the kinship program. Even those who have been criminally charged with abuse and neglect in the past, as long as the visits are wanted by the child and supervised at the start. Sometimes it starts with just phone contact being allowed. Many have obtained over night visits. Some have actually gotten their children back home through the kinship program because they are a blood relative, which is one of the main criteria. As long as the TPR'd parent is not doing drugs or mentally unstable and the child wishes to see the parent ( which they will interview him or her to determine that ) the process can be begun.

    You mentioned, I think, that you live in another state. That might hinder the child being able to be eventually placed with you but maintaining a relationship, if deemed in the best interests of the child, is considered a right that all TPR'd parents have now.
    Contact for Additional Information:

    Sean Bloodsworth, Kinship Care Coordinator
    Maryland Department of Human Resources/Social Services Administration
    311 W. Saratoga Street
    Baltimore, Maryland 21201
    Telephone: 410-767-7912
  26. RavenEyes Member

    Post #9 by Disambiguation (moderator) contains the link for NCMEC ^. :)

    Alex, please utilize that link to submit your report. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children will loop in any/all other agencies/LE/etc. to investigate the situation. You don't need any copies of any videos. To search for and possess these could prevent your TPR from ever being overturned and could also lead to legal trouble for you - regardless of your motive.

    If the foster parents have prevented the caseworker from having contact with the boy, it's almost guaranteed the child has since been removed from that home and LE is involved.
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  27. System Member

    hope all goes well i can understand why you came to us but note like they said we are not that branch of Anonymous and plus police tend to hate us to begin with
  28. TorpedoAlex Member

    ok, I did send the video links to the cyber tipline, as suggested.

    The kinship care is something different. My son was originally in a program like that.

    Ok, I am going to try to give you a fuller picture: My son is <MOD EDIT: ITS NOT ADVIABLE TO PUBLISH HIS NAME HERE :(. You can Google his name and I am SURE you will find my post from my Facebook page, at least my previous one. I have a more private one up at the moment that has all of his info on it including the address of the foster home and the phone number. It also has the name of the videos that I found, it has, in detail, fact and speculation, from the moment that I made contact with him until I called the local CPS 24 Child abuse hotline for his area. I have been in contact with his in abstentia guardian ad litem (meaning the lawyer that is covering for him while his own is on vaca) that stated she was going to try to get in contact with his regular caseworker since she would not return my phone calls. She is going to inquire as to why she has not been checking up on him. She is also going to ask if it is ok if I can send him a cell phone that I am willing to pay for, for him to use for keeping in contact with Social Services, his doctor, calling 911, if need be, or me, if he so chooses, and if I would have assurances that the foster home would not take it from him, destroy it, sell it, etc. I would buy the phone, pay the bill, etc, DSS would not have to cover any of that and neither would the the foster home.

    I did sit on hold with Google for over hours on hold and finally gave up over frustration. I ended up having to charge my phone 3 different times. (thank goodness for unlimited minutes, so much for average wait time of 37 minutes) so I could not verify the race of the subject of the videos, nor the upload dates, which would have told me, proof positive, if they were my son. Which would have given me actionable evidence and I could have told CPS that there WERE videos of my son and they WERE made when he was housed in that foster home. Which, at this point, he is still in that home.

    He has my cell phone number and he does know he can call me collect if need be or he can always borrow someone'e to text me that he is safe if he is no longer there. So I have to continue to operate on the assumption that he is still there. When I assumed they had moved him, that was when I got the text from him, from the same texting number, for me to "call social services". If he even had access to a phone to call out, he could have called them himself or called 911 to summon the police, but he does not have that access. Which makes me wonder, if he got seriously hurt, like seriously cut would they take him to the hospital or would they refuse him medical treatment to keep their secret?!? How far will they really go?!? THAT is what really scares me.

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  29. White Tara Global Moderator

    What you are going through is excruciating beyond measure. All the actions you have taken I hope will proove fruitful. I removed your sons name as we also need to protect his privacy here on such an open forum. I understand why you posted it but its truly not a wise thing to leave :(

    You have to keep going in all these processes, become that parent who will not take no for an answer. Keep reporting, phoning, until They are forced to take more substantive action, if from frustration alone. Its the squeaking hinge that gets the most attention.
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  30. TorpedoAlex Member

    That is what I am hoping. That is part of the reason why I posted his info on my FB page. Maybe I won't be the only one to make a stink. But, since my rights are terminated, I am left between the proverbial rock and a hard place. I asked that ppl help out and use the info creatively, keeping in mind that my 1 year old son is in the home, but please do not tell me what you plan to do (plausible deniability) so I can't know what, if anything, anyone is doing on that front and Social Services won't inform me if they do anything on that front. So on one hand I can't know, on the other hand I won't know and this has been going on for weeks now. Frustration, at times, does not begin to describe how I feel.

    Sometimes I envy ppl who drink or do drugs, at least it would give me something to relieve the stress, but I have never been a drinker. Even when I had a bad tooth ache, I tried the whole, try alcohol to deal with the pain, I felt like I was in a scene from the fly before I was 3 hours in. "help me, heeeeelllllpppp mmmmeeeee" Yeah, that went over real well.

    I have meds for my back, for pain, and, yes, they would get me high, but it does not keep me from thinking about my situation, if anything it just makes me a really bad speller, keeps me more awake and stresses me out more, so I rather not take them, unless the need strikes. And I don't take anything for depression or anxiety. Of all the times to NOT have an addictive personality uggggg. The closest I get is I smoke my cigs, give myself a bad headache (which I am pone to anyway) and have to pop more migraine medication (which is tylenol, aspirin and caffeine). For someone who has been on narcotics for years now, you would think I would have I would have a different reaction. I rather only take them once or twice a week, if I can manage.

    With all of my pain issues it's not like I can go for a walk or a jog, so I get stuck doing research, which is how this crap all started. ALL I have left is my mind. I read, I research, I get bored, so I read. Books (kindle, computer, whatever). I have read 5 in the past few weeks, and that is in between all of the research.

    And, yes,, I understand about removing his name. Not like you will find anything now on him, other than my postings anyway. His foster monster made him delete it all.

  31. White Tara Global Moderator

    Do not go there, he needs you to stay strong. You may have had your rights rescinded, however you remain a concerned citizen who they cannot shutup until they do something or resort to telling you what they are doing if only to get your constant complaints/reports to stop.

    Please keep trying. :(
  32. JohnnyRUClear Member

    If you need more to do, I could use a hand with an unjust legal situation IRL over here. Plenty of online work you could do, and it's for a good cause, if only a personal one thus far. :) Just PM me if you get bored.

    Also, *bump*.
  33. System Member

    just because you delete something on the web doesnt mean it's gone, once something is put on the web it's there forever just need to know where to look
  34. TorpedoAlex Member

    yeah, that was kind of my school of thought on the videos, which is what brought me here in the first place.

    Anyway, on another note, I was thinking on another plan of action. This is not a request of any sort, just a sort of keeping you guys in the loop type of thing. The foster monster's name is <MOD edit! name removed> and I have run her name through Google with no luck. I know, because of that her middle initial is A., so I have run her name through more than a dozen different background search sites with little luck. With the research I had done on her, I had know that she had already been in San Antonio, TX and a couple of places in NJ, in addition to her current location of Elkton, MD, but most of them, if they even had her in their system, still had her located in NJ, which is before she moved to TX.

    I have gotten used to asking why over the years and that is the question that started bugging me last night, why all the moves in her life? Normal ppl do not make moves like that, 3 different states in their adult years. Most ppl don't have the money to. I know that the home she is in now is a family home, previously owned by family, but why TX, something is not adding up. So I did find a site that did find her in Elkton, MD and give me an answer to what the A stood for in her name and the price is right (I can afford $1), so will be looking into that site. MAYBE I can get her foster license yanked. If the license goes, all of this will not even be an issue, Social Services will be FORCED to move him.

    I got the feeling last night like I am playing "Where's Waldo?" but Waldo isn't even in the damn picture. Like somehow I am somehow missing the forest for the trees, I am somehow missing a piece of puzzle that I should be seeing. I know the answer is there, I just have to find it. (and I am SERIOUSLY getting frustrated with my "j" key not wanting to work half the, old comp) I mean, this isn't like some cop show where you know the famous guest star is obviously the guilty party (we all see that one coming) or the medical drama where it seems that the answer always is some rare disease that 1 in a billion get, but is always used on every medical drama at least once and they save the patient in the nick of time. It makes for great TV, but this ain't tv.

    I will deny it if ever asked, but sometimes in my moments of insanity, I wish I had my bio dad to help. I am talking true insanity cause he was one twisted individual, but he also had a way of getting things done and figuring things out.

    Will keep you up to date if I figure anything out.

  35. TorpedoAlex Member

    OH, and that was supposed to be 14 year old son, not 1 year old. Sometimes my number keys don't always work right either, my apologies.
  36. HellRazor Member

    Am I the only one who thinks that the OP is either trolling or is an obsessive stalker?

    Maybe the child's foster parents and social workers are "disconnecting" for a good reason.
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  37. White Tara Global Moderator

    Anything is possible, but its better to give the benefit of the doubt just in case there really is a child in trouble somewhere.
  38. HellRazor Member

    For the OP‘s sake, I hope I am wrong; for the child's sake, I hope I am right. There are no winners here.
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  39. RavenEyes Member

    No, you're not the only one. Where I live, parents who are TPR'd from their kids have zero access to them, including texting, etc.

    Edit: I have not had time to read the OP's lengthy posts. I didn't even really scan them. If I have time in the next day or two, perhaps I will, but just a sentence or two that I saw as I went to leave this thread - I call bullshit.
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  40. Peking Member

    Alex the foster mother may be moving around often for any reason, one I can think of offhand is her husbands employment in which case it would be perfectly normal.

    You say you are good at research, that being the case why are you here when there are other agencies who are much better qualified to assist you?

    Why haven't you found them?

    Why do you repeatedly publish names here when the policy is anonymity?

    Why do you want to have the foster mother's licence revoked?

    This is beginning to look like something other than what you say it is, and if I am wrong then I will deep fry my shoes and eat them.
    When you posted this initially I was skeptical and said so due to certain contradictions I saw, however I decided to give you the benefit of the doubt and removed my original post.

    Now I'm even more convinced this is hokey pokey of some sort, and not the good sort either.
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