A Current Affair March 9, 2010

Discussion in 'Senator Xenophon And Scientology' started by Anonymous, Mar 8, 2010.

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    A Current Affair March 9, 2010

    Watch online on Channel 9/MSN's official site: Scientology under siege on MSN Video
    They just did a good piece outlining the Four Corners story and interviewing a spokeswoman for the CoS. My recording was crap because I had to adjust the antenna while it was going... did anyone get a better recording? Putting it up on vimeo anyway
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    Re: A Current Affair March 9, 2010



  3. doz3r Member

    Re: A Current Affair March 9, 2010

    Finally the Channel Nine network (formerly owned by James Packer the well known scilon) joins the party with a rather good piece to follow up last nights 4 corners episode. Channel Nine is well known for doing puff pieces every time bad press starts to circulate about the happy fun cult.

    Not so tonight.

    The cult wheeled out someone called Julia Hargrave hopefully got her name right, who went into the standard "that was not my experience" speil when denying the allegations made last night.

    "Whats true for you" tech.

    Hopefully they will post a link on their website to the clip later tonite.

    A Current Affair website link (not a link to the story) A Current Affair > The latest news on Australia's most current affairs

    Will continue to monitor what is fast becoming the perfect shitstorm.

    So. Much. Win.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Re: A Current Affair March 9, 2010

    The Cult Spokeswoman claimed that the exScientologists are "less than 2%" of the total Scientology population...

    When in actual fact there are more exes out of the cult and critical of the CoS than there are members in the CoS. The ARIS survey shows there are less than 50,000 Scientologists in the US, even though they claim to have membership in the millions.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Re: A Current Affair March 9, 2010

    the interviewer asked some good questions
  6. Belladonna Member

    Re: A Current Affair March 9, 2010

    Feedback from random people:

  7. Zhent Member

  8. Belladonna Member

  9. EyeOnSci Member

    Re: A Current Affair March 9, 2010

    Excellent points highlighted from the Four Corners piece.

    The cult spokesperson certainly comes across as full of b s.

    Anons were highlighted nicely.

    Now more folks will search for and watch the Four Corners vid!

    So much win!
  10. Anonymous Member

    Re: A Current Affair March 9, 2010

    damn my youtube upload rejected I didn't realize it was over ten minutes
  11. Anonymous Member

    Re: A Current Affair March 9, 2010

    Whew ... win exhaustion! So much so fast. I will keep on fapping.
  12. El Diablo Member

    Re: A Current Affair March 9, 2010

    The 2-2.5% of people the cult spokesperson spoke of may have been a veiled reference to the percentage of "SP's" Hubbard said existed in the general population.

    Also, on the denying that Jordan Anderson was asked about sex with animals...and implying that is flat out a lie...

    ...WELL! Some of us may remember a little document that was posted to wikileaks!

    Here's a copy >>> Whole Track Sec Check (point 13 on page 7)
  13. Sponge Member

    Re: A Current Affair March 9, 2010

    Here's a quickie html version of the Whole Track Sec Check questions:
    Scientology's "Whole Track Security Check" : Indybay
  14. Sponge Member

    Re: A Current Affair March 9, 2010

    Ooo we have a new spokeshole Julia Hargrave, 40 years in the cult.
    And what a lying old trout she is. I like the way the interviewer takes her to task when she does a lot of the "I have no knowledge of that" type of bullshit. Like, aren't you supposed to be the spokeshole, bitch?
    What's up with Cyrus Brooks and Vicki Dunstan? Where are they? RPF?
  15. Anonymous Member

  16. Anonymous Member

    Re: A Current Affair March 9, 2010

    vimeo one is still waiting to be processed
  17. Re: A Current Affair March 9, 2010

    There is so much win, it's hard to get the time to sleep. It seems like Consensus was right: The battle has reached its endgame. In this thread, a senator has put in a complaint about the Athena School not disclosing their Scientology links.

    Australia for first continent clear of Scientology.
  18. Sponge Member

    Re: A Current Affair March 9, 2010

    [ame=]Scientology on A Current Affair - March 9 2010 on Vimeo[/ame]
  19. Belladonna Member

    Re: A Current Affair March 9, 2010

    The host did a better job on the interview than I would have expected.

    Nice to see the anons, and also lol'd at the shot of the anon with the full head alien mask when they were talking about infiltrators in their ranks (has that happened in Sydney, btw?)
  20. Sponge Member

    Re: A Current Affair March 9, 2010

    9News. A Currrent Affair.
    Scientology under Siege.
    Transcript of the interview with Scientology spokesperson.
    Scientology under siege on MSN Video
    Interviewer: Tracy Grimshaw. 9 News, A Current Affair.
    Interviewee: Julia Hargrave, Church of Scientology.

    (note: JH starts fidgeting with her fingers when she begins answering those questions which she knows she has to lie about ...which is most of them, and she blinks far too much).

    >>> Interview begins >>>

    Late today I spoke with Julia Hargrave, a councilor and senior member of the church of scientology who was an assistant to church founder L.Ron Hubbard. She was also a member of the elite unit known as Sea Org within the church.

    Julia thank you for your time. Your church stands accused of alarming, damning allegations of bullying, abuse, human trafficking among others. What is your response to those allegations.

    JH: Well, I have been a member of the Church of scientology for over 40 years. I have personally worked with L.Ron Hubbard and many of the current management...people and those are absolutely not my experience[sic].

    One of the accusations last night was a woman who was paid so little that she could not afford birth control pills and consequently got pregnant and was compelled to have an abortion.

    JH: I don't know that woman and I no instance of that type of thing occurring. I can only speak of the organization I work in here in Australia that the staff members are very well cared for. They have all their medical and dental expenses, anything that they need and I know of no occasion where that has been a problem.

    Let me get this straight. Are you qualified only to speak from your personal experience because we did ask for a spokesperson who could speak about the church as a whole and we understood that you would be that spokesperson.

    JH: Ok, er I just don't know of that instance that you are discussing now with regard to birth control pills.

    What is it about the Sea Org that would be repellant to children?

    JH: It isn't that it's repellant, it's just they need to attend schools, erm.. we don't all the facilities for large numbers of children and so it's just more practical. But er.. it's an individual choice, if they wish to have children then they can do so.

    And yet a 14 year old, Jordan Anderson, was recruited at that age to Sea Org and as part of her recruitment process was asked whether she'd ever watched porn.... a 14 year old... whether she had ever had sex with animals.

    JH: That.. is something I.. find very hard t-to believe....absolutely it...I know of no precedence on that. I don't not believe that is the truth, quite frankly. It is.. it's not part of our..erm... recruitment procedure. At all.

    The scientology spokesman last night also admitted that members are not allowed to stay in touch with other members of the church after they have left the church. Do you not concede that that tears families apart.

    JH: That's actually not a true and I don't believe it is what Mr.Davis said exactly. Many people... many people decide to leave the church and they're very free to do so and stay in communication with other family members who are in the church. Er.. It's only if the person begins to attack the church. That's a different matter entirely.

    Given that some of the other allegations, that your church is facing, is of brainwashing is it not open to us that young Fiona Peachy was brainwashed by the church?

    JH: That would be completely a false statement. Fiona is a very determined young lady, and she...erm... does what she wishes to do. She's a very free individual, and she does what she chooses.

    We heard last night that when young Jordan Anderson finally wanted to leave the church and go to her mother who was parked outside, she was kept inside the church building for four day and was interrogated before she was finally allowed to leave.

    JH: Mmm, I know that's absolutely to be non-factual. Erm.. she was not outside the church for 4 days. She was in communication with ..erm.. her ex-husband and it was known very well, when Jordan had finished her routing out procedure... it was not interrogation but it was erm.. church policy to complete cycles of action before she left and then she did so freely.

    Why would these families lie? Why would these people lie? What is their incentive?

    JH: Well, I can only give my opinion on that and I would say that some of those people who made those allegations are themselves suing the church and I could imagine that they my think the TV exposure will aid their case and help them to win. They're a very small minority probably less than two and a half percent of the whole church population so it is a really very small minority group and er.. I think they <shrugs> are possibly doing it for their own vested interests. That's my opinion.

    <<< interview ends <<<

    (Let me know if i've made any typos and I'll fix them.)
  21. RightOn Member

    Re: A Current Affair March 9, 2010

    great that they mentioned that Hbbard was running from the law. (also mentioned it in the other report)
    huge for COS members ot hear.
  22. peterstorm Member

    Re: A Current Affair March 9, 2010

    She's the only parrot they could find? Ok they put women in the front rows to look nice but this is ridiculous.
  23. peterstorm Member

    Re: A Current Affair March 9, 2010

    No Ma'am. That's Ron's opinion.
  24. Optimisticate Member

    Re: A Current Affair March 9, 2010

    Food for thought (no rice and beans pls).
  25. Re: A Current Affair March 9, 2010

    When Australia is free of Scientology Anonymous has to make a video declaring Australia officially "Clear".
  26. peterstorm Member

    Re: A Current Affair March 9, 2010

    Nice. Smart journalist lady is smart.
  27. Hombre Moderator Skandinaviska

    Re: A Current Affair March 9, 2010

    Oh wow, I haven't seen such obvious lying since... Well, yesterday, but still, that was a horrible liar.
  28. Marty Rugburn Member

    Re: A Current Affair March 9, 2010

    R there dox of the questions re: porn and bestiality to the 14 yr old in anyone's possession?
  29. Anonymous Member

    Re: A Current Affair March 9, 2010

    So if you are one of MANY, leave the church and keep quiet, you can continue to see your family...

  30. Anonymous Member

    Re: A Current Affair March 9, 2010

    The church claims 8 million members. Julia Hargraves is saying that a 'small minority' of members, around 2.5%, are either suing or making allegations about scientology. If you parse out the numbers - that would mean by their own membership calculations around 200,000 members are either making allegations about scientology or suing them.

    And the scientology spokesperson and senior member considers that a small number?
  31. Vir Member

    Re: A Current Affair March 9, 2010

    Ha! Scientology and math doesn't go well together, as you'd expect from a "science" founded by a drop-out.

    The 2.5% obviously is a reference to the between 2.5% and 20% of the human population which Scientology teaches should be exterminated or put in quarantine camps to protect the rest of us. That works out to hundreds of millions of people. Hitler and Stalin would be so proud of her.

    And you just know that if these people were not suing the "Church", the PR line would be "well if these allegations are true, why aren't they suing?"

    The reason they put this woman on to speak for them is precisely because she doesn't have any personal experience with being in the Sea Org, so it's easier for her to lie about what goes on there or just claim that she doesn't know. She does seem to suspect that the allegations are true though - look how she is saying that some things are factually untrue, but then go on to confirm that they are indeed true after all just by re-wording them to sound better. It wasn't "interrogations" it was routing out and completing cycles of action - which in reality are, you guessed it, mainly interrogations.
  32. Anonymous Member

    Re: A Current Affair March 9, 2010

    Well she says 2.5% of the church population so I don't see that as obviously a reference to 2.5% of the 20% of the human population. She was presented as a senior spokesperson for the church and she should be held accountable for what she says.
  33. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Re: A Current Affair March 9, 2010

    Awesome Sponge, thanks for the transcript of Jabba's sister's spew, looks pretty good (no no no not her! Yuckers! *shudder*) XP
  34. TrevAnon Member

    Re: A Current Affair March 9, 2010

    Look at it from another side. The list of ex-scientologists who have spoken out is now nearly 1,000 people. If that is 2.5%, then there can be maximum 40,000 Scientologists.

    Oramidoinitwrong? :D
  35. Schwabe Member

    Re: A Current Affair March 9, 2010

    Nice contradiction:
    1. Many, many people decide to leave Miscavology
    2. People speaking out and lying are 'only' 2.5% of whole Miscavologists.

    Since 2. is only part of 1. and guessing that only 1 out of 10 are speaking out (yet), about 25% are leaving.

    Edit: LOL, this would result in same total numbers, independent thoughts in just the same minute
  36. mirror neuron Member

    Re: A Current Affair March 9, 2010

    That woman reeks of pure evil. I know they isolate themselves from reality--but HOW can scientology choose such ludicrously smarmy spokespeople?
  37. Anonymous Member

    Re: A Current Affair March 9, 2010

  38. Scatman Member

    Re: A Current Affair March 9, 2010

    Those are baseless and very false statistics.
    The scientology org where I initially worked had 13 staff. Only 3 of those 13 people still have involvement with the "church". That gives a 77% rate of departure.
    Of those three, only two have done any services in the last 3 years.
    Julia Hargrave's statements constitute wishful speculation at best and lying at worst.

  39. Vir Member

    Re: A Current Affair March 9, 2010

    She says less than 2.5% - it would make sense to her that Scientologists have less SPs in it than non-Scientologists, but they would still exist. By the way, it's not 2.5% of 20%, it's between 20% and 2.5% who are low-toned and must either be cured or exterminated. 2.5% is a lower bound, because those are SPs and considered incurable by Scientology. At the current population level, Scientology thus says that between 167 million and 1.3 billion people need to be exterminated or quarantined.
  40. Anonymous Member

    Re: A Current Affair March 9, 2010

    And the Greek Orthodox church needs to consider a future hagiography: Saint Nicholas Xenophon, who drove the clams out of Australia.

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