A debate on disconnection (with a fail OSA troll)

Discussion in 'Martin Ottmann' started by moth, Nov 10, 2013.

  1. 100% agreed.

    Ok, if you say so.

    Yes, yes. yes, you are right, I am the ONLY one using rhetoric, you caught me.

    Yes, you are right. Can't argue that.

    Says who? You a cop?


    Yes they are so ignorant, agreed.

    I really wish I was as smart as you. Is that too much to ask for?


    I so lost. I get that.
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  2. I have no money to spare, but my original offer still stands.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Note the technique of splitting up a post into small chunks, devoid of context, and the attempt to respond with contenf-free one-liners. Study tech at work here folks!
  4. Cassie Member

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  5. Thanks.
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  6. OMG!!!! THAT is exactly what I was attempting to do and you spotted it!! You are good sir, that is all I can say. Really good.
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  7. RavenEyes Member


    How old are you? Sincere question. Just interested in a range, not your birthday. :)
  8. Anonymous Member

    Such warmth, compassion and empathy.

    That's what we expect of the wonderful homo novus, after years of being drilled in victim blaming.

    If you're not an OSA troll, you're making an excellent impression of it.
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  9. Anonymous Member

    I miss Herro.

    Now THAT was a troll. Or wazzit?
  10. Moths live about a week or two. Sorry, won't be in this world of yours very long at all.
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  11. Oh you! You are the warm and compassionate one. Not me.

    "Years" sounds bloody awesome but moth's only live two weeks

    It was established by a panel of experts that I was a troll long ago my friend, nothing is going to change that. Unfortunately. but only a fool would disagree with a WWPer.
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  12. RavenEyes Member

    Just sayin'.

    I actually had a valid rationale for asking, but my care-o-meter is at "meh" right now. :(
  13. Did this "Herro " person also not agree with the popular dominant point of views here? Why did he post here? Was he a Scientologist? Just curious.
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  14. If you're going to go, go with style.
    I suggest painting you're head all the colors of the rainbow and getting a good canvas.
    Then a nice little wooden chair.
    Sit on aforementioned chair in front of the canvas, then get a 12 guage.
    Boom, all the colors of the rainbow.
  15. That is very moth's dream.

    Your flirting!

    Let me guess , you are into astrology?

    I hope your "mehs" pass and you get your mojo back. Hurts me very deeply to see you anything but blissful.
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  16. Anonymous Member

    And now we have the technique of latching onto a comment for the derail.

    Let's summarise.

    - Troll wanders onto WWP and tries to challenge one of the abuses attributed to the cult.
    - They present no dox, none whatsoever, but initially start out by posting a fair amount of lines/paragraphs.
    - After ignoring posted evidence and cogent reasoning, they continue to reiterate some talking points.
    - They are reduced to content-free one-liners and good roads fair weather.
    - We see the occasional Scientology shibboleth slipping through.
    - We see quoting snippets from others (to make it seem like they are responding) only to follow with one-lines so lacking in specificity they could have been appended to any comment.
    - We see them reduced to one-liners that aren't even coherent anymore.
    - We see the technique of latching.

    I've seen this game before. Anyone remember Zenu, Tildacity or lilyfirered? Think you clowns would get a new playbook every once in a while.
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  17. You first then all your friends here, and then i will go, scouts honour.
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  18. You really get into this conspiracy theory game yeh? Hilarious. Hopefully you don't take it seriously. I do not. I have never played any of those xboax or warcrafty games but I guess that is what it is like, always pretending with a straight face that you are facing the enemy and "bringing it" to them.
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  19. No please, after you.
    I think I have found you're muse moth...moth muse...
    You could be a work of art.
  20. Anonymous Member


    Teh Tech was perfect when LRH wrote it.
  21. Anonymous Member

  22. Oh no, I'm quite sorry, but manners dictates that you and your friends here indubitably must go first, so, after you.

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  23. Anonymous Member

  24. You are about to shuffle off this mortal coil.
    Dont let misguided self preservation get in the way of art.
  25. RavenEyes Member

    "Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world." ~Harriet Tubman

    quote]Your flirting![/quote]
    Wow, you don't get out much, do you? Also, I think you mean "you're".

    No, my interest was a wee bit more academic. But, since you asked...what's your sign? :confused:

    My mojo's just fine, as is my bliss. :)

    "They say your style of life's a drag
    And that you must go other places
    But just don't you feel too bad
    When you get fooled by smiling faces"
  26. Thanks Harriet

    Whenever a door opens I fly in or out, usually in.

    I have no respect for a person who can only spell a word one way.

    I doubt it.

    Cancer babies of the world unite.

    That is good news.
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  27. JohnnyRUClear Member

    This thread brings to mind that folksy, unfinished literary classic "Crossing the Gator Swamp Blindfolded" by Shirley Eaton.
  28. OTeleventy Member

    I dunno.
  29. The Internet Member

    You said people can convince others of just about anything using words. Just look at Hitler. He used words and that resulted in the death of millions.

    If that was not your meaning, perhaps you might focus your criticism on some category slightly smaller than "words." Perhaps you mean, "erroneous assertions," or something like that.
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  30. The Internet Member

    I gotta say, "Hitler used words," is the funniest argument I've read on the Internet this year. That's a keeper.
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  31. Anonymous Member

    Moth, why have you not registered as a member?
  32. don't
  33. Moth what is your point ?
  34. Anonymous Member

    He has none ....................he's pointless!
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  35. Wel lets drink beer and smoke a joint than
  36. Anonymous Member

    Well, were you really expecting anything better?
  37. Know that I was and am lauding the power of words, I admire and respect that power language has. Hope that clears up any misunderstanding.
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  38. It is your own creativity and spin you are amused by not what I said. I said that that event in history was a vivid example of how language was involved and pulled people into things that they might not have become involved in if the language were not so compellingly used, that the power of rhetoric played a part in lots of people killing other people in horrific unthinkable ways. I now regret using this example but I did.
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  39. moths only enjoy two week lifespans (or less), so no point
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