A debate on disconnection (with a fail OSA troll)

Discussion in 'Martin Ottmann' started by moth, Nov 10, 2013.

  1. Is that QT?
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  2. A.O.T.F Member

    Jesus! Who the fuck is this Dipshit?
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  3. The Internet Member

    Scientology is a totalitarian political ideology for its members and North Korea might be an apt comparison. A third party, Scientology Inc, becomes involved in everyone's intimate affairs. If your daughter offends Scientology Inc, you will be forced to disconnect from her even if you don't want to, lest you be destroyed by Scientology Inc. You are destroyed by loosing your "eternity," which depends upon the group's good will toward you.

    You may say this is similar to other groups. However, Scientology is waging war against wog psychiatry and infiltrating our wog government in hopes of getting us all under the thumb of Scientology, Inc.
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  4. I find this ridiculous. No one has ever since I was born forced me to do anything. And you think some club I belong to is going to tell me what to do? That I would go along with it if I did not want to? Ridiculous. And if you want to get into brainwashing or some other magical thinking please do not. I have never been brainwashed either.

    Recently in the new a hollywood actress told Scientology to go get stuffed when he was unsatisfied with how things were going. THIS WHAT ADULTS DO!!!!

    Ridiculous. I honestly try and get people do do things I want them to do every single day, coz I got so many brilliant ideas dontcha know!! and no one has ever once become my little slave and done what I want, it is really annoying. But godamnit! people are stubborn and just do what they want. It is very annoying. Oh well, free will is a bitch!

    Melodrama. can't buy into that.

    Maybe it is just me, I did not buy into the Harry Potter movies, and don't subscribe to magical thinking or nefarious magical villains lurking under my bed.

    So what!!!! So is every other large company and corporation and religion. Each does it is't own way.Let them try. Prediction…massive failure and Scientology is only a distant memory in 5- 10 years or less.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    12 more days of this shit, wtf have we done to deserve it?
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  6. And if it is reversed and my pretend daughter (I don't really have one) is in that situation and she cuts me off, well that is just not something i have a say in. She (my pretend daughter) is living HER life not mine. My liking what she does or does not do, is not the most important thing.
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  7. LOL
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  8. Anonymous Member

    If you love your pretend daughter is the thought of never seeing her again something you can live with?
    You are one heartless SOB if "yes" is your answer.

    Replace the pretend daughter with a real family member and think about how it might feel.
    A parent for example, or just any one of them you love and care about.

    If you are not made of stone you should have a sick feeling in the pit of your stomache right now.
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  9. " I release the need to determine how things "should" be. "


    The internet,
    I am bored. Do you have any work for me on the intarwebs which would pay monies so that i can have a nice christmas? this is downright depressing.
  10. because i am bored to tears with this.... here is something random from google random search...

  11. The Internet Member

    You are artsy and funny. Make a LinkedIn and a portfolio and spam hip publications until something bites.

    I am also bored with the guy who says everything is the same as everything else. If someone makes a convincing argument, he says, "Hitler used to make convincing arguments…" If someone says, "excessive social control over intimate relations," he says, "same as lots of groups." He even says the US is basically like North Korea because both have governments which execute people. So no reason to get upset or excited about anything anyplace. QED.
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  12. Thank you.
  13. RavenEyes Member

    Spoken like someone who is not a parent. Easier said than done, my friend. Might look logical written on paper, but fortunately, the human spirit, soul - whatever you want to call it - doesn't work like that. Well, except for a small group of people who have experienced brain trauma/damage or who are sociopathic/psychopathic and therefore lack common human attributes such as emotion, the ability to empathize, etc. Or people who have been brainwashed/manipulated/drilled into losing all or a part of the emotional make-up that they were born with.
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  14. The Internet Member

    Sometimes you have to plan ahead. For example, airport food. Super over priced. So best to eat before arriving at the airport if you don't want to get raeped by the vendors. If you're there and you're really hungry you will cave and buy their crap because being hungry sucks.

    Same thing with Scientology. It is much like airport food. We are here to warn people to plan ahead and to take precautions so they don't end up sucking Hubbard's cock out of desperation --desperation induced by being in a strange cult that keeps written records concerning your masturbatory fantasies.
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  15. The Internet Member

  16. It would be unpleasant and would be a challenge to not suffer over.

    AND I am heartless.

    No. You think about what you want to think about and I will think about what I want to to think about.

    Checking…nope , nothing. Your attempted mind control did not work.
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  17. Scientology does not scare me, they have nothing I want or need. Nada.
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  18. Agreed. Theory in use and actual practice are often not the same. But people here have asked me theoretical questions and I have done my best to take some of the less insulting and condescending ones seriously and answer them sincerely, but of course they remain hypothetical, far from experience.
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  19. You have established that you have nothing intelligent to contribute, as evidenced in this thread, which with the exception of a few people is a waste of time, judging by your own ignorance which you have exhibited in abundance. Go home and talk to your mom and dad or a trusted friend.

    BTW, everyone has life experience.
  20. moth is a blood sucker.
  21. Anonymous Member

    I think this thread should be stickied as an example of what attempted OSA trolling looks like tbh.
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  22. You seem agitated about something, what is it?
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  23. So anyone who disagrees with YOU is an "OSA troll"?If disagreement = "OSA troll", then yes I am by your definition a "OSA troll" (whatever that is.)
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  24. The Internet Member

    This isn't about you though.
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  25. A lot of things, to be honest.
    None of your business. :p
  26. flitters away like a handful of leaf bits

    moth away
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  27. Anonymous Member

    You're quite transparent. Trying to troll a website full of trolls is a silly idea on your part.

    We've played this game before:

    I liked the idea in that thread of gathering up all the evidence in the thread and posting it to the OP. Worth doing here imo.
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  28. Anonymous Member

    I notice that thanks to this Chanology project, Scientology is having a harder time picking up new members in the US. So even though I doubt Scientology will be a distant memory in 5-10 years, at least it won't have the political strength needed to run bogus detox programs.

    So even though you feel we ought to leave Scientology alone to fail all by itself, I think we're making a huge difference, simply by keeping the conversation alive.
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  29. Anonymous Member

    The Tom Cruise leitmotif.

    --Penelope, Nicole, Katie
  30. Of course you don't you idiot. Sea Org members cant have kids.
  31. I am reposting this from Tony's blog, where I originally posted:

    Do you ever wonder how much impact you are really having on this website? I mean aren't Scientologists supposed to be busy scouring the world to rid it of evil? Why would someone assign you to this menial task? I'm sure you've wondered, on your many posts, how shuffling paper, pushing pens or writing internet comments would possibly help clear the world.
    Assuming first that you are a Sea Org member, which you have never denied. You must not be able bodied anymore. Otherwise you'd be performing more important tasks that involved moving around. You must be ill. Don't you ever feel like you're just being stuffed in front of a desk so no one else has to deal with you? Doesn't it bother you that no one gives a shit about you after everything you've done for Scientology?
    Even so much so that you are forced to be subjected to entheta. Entheta so evil that it has gotten others declared an SP just for talking to a single person. Doesn't that make you feel like you are considered worthless? That you could be subjected to such entheta without anyone around you feeling remorse for you. You must not be very important to anyone to be doing something like this
  32. The Internet Member

    I figured the Scientologists outsourced their message board handlings to the Moonies. The Scientologists in return help the Moonies by trolling Richard Dawkins.
  33. When they began the "Defrocked apostate" campaign, I could have sworn they were uniting with the Mormons.
  34. Will the Sciloon troll's head explode if I say HUBBARD WAS A SACK OF PUKE?
  35. Sadly, no. They are pretty well trained to be sociopaths. So they don't really feel anything. Except anger and rage and fear of other sociopaths.
  36. anonamus Member

    I don't think you're an OSA troll. You fail as a troll, and you fail as an OSA bot. Actually, you just fail.
    Maybe you were an OSA bot until you came here, but now your stats are lower than Miscavige himself (and you know he isn't particular high), so I imagine you'll be scrubbing toilets with a toothbrush in RPF for the next few years.
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  37. The Internet Member

    If my theory is correct, that entheta handling is a cross cult activity, then maybe try a Moonie troll. I'm not sure how cuz I've not looked into Moonies too deeply, but I will take a peak.

    What was the false note for you? The "frocking" bit? Is that more a Mormon thing?
  38. From what I hear he is as high as Tony Montana in the pile-of-cocaine-on-desk-scene. Below is a reenactment of Miscavige's morning.


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