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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Oct 25, 2013.

  1. The Internet Member

    I'm not criticizing any "short span." I'm merely pointing out that quantum mechanics describes phenomenon at the quantum or subatomic particle level. Brains are bigger than photons and don't "entangle" in the same way.

    Not so much the electrons. Action potentials in nerve cells are propagated when sodium ions move across the cell membrane.

    Many things are a mystery. But that doesn't mean that ESP is true.

    I think you mean to say, 7 different types of pigment molecules in the light capturing part of the bacteria. Bacteria themselves have many more than 7 molecules in them. Humans have 3 different types of color reactive proteins in their eyes but human eyes are made of many more than 3 proteins.

    Many people believe ESP is real and they are not mad. They're just mistaken. They're likely the victims of wishful thinking, selective attention, confirmation bias, social reinforcement, flawed memories, etc.

    I would be very happy if ESP were true, if living outside the body were true, if life after death were true. Anyone who can prove any of that stuff will get a big hug from me. But so far, the evidence isn't there.
  2. What is it with you and ESP? Did you debug anything lately? Compiler generated code can be ugly. I understand you suffer from a trauma. Try this:
    There is only little ESP in there. I hope it helps.

    As for you ignoring quotes and pretending that you can't read. Oh well, have a tea and join the party! *lol*

    No kidding. You forgot astronomy. Not quite sure what your reply was related to. I get the feeling you just had an out of body experience. Potent stuff!

    Yes, the american called himself Galileo Galilei. Some homo fashion designer as you can see clearly on his website.

    If you want to bullshit be funny at least. You're not even that.
  3. Anonymous Member

    The main complaint against Columbus wasn't that he would sail off the edge of the Earth, but that he was assuming that the Earth was much smaller than measurements predicted, that you couldn't get to China by sailing a relatively short distance across the Atlantic.

    And they were right.
  4. tinfoilhatter Member

    Didn't one of the librarians in the great library of Alexandria use trigonometry to estimate the size of the earth? If i understand the story correctly, he was off by a few hundred miles. So people had an idea back then that the earth was not flat, and was also kinda big.

    Glad to see a thread get derailed with intelligent stuff for once.....
  5. sunshine!
  6. The Internet Member

    ESP means "telepathy," a concept the OP was presenting as somehow related to quantum mechanics.
  7. Anonymous Member

    I knew you were going to say that.
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  8. Anonymous Member

    I want something useful like quantum-entangled beer mugs.
  9. Anonymous Member

    Why muck about with quantum entanglement when we can already achieve high levels of entanglement with wire coathangers?
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  10. No wonder that you are stuck in a loop! You just can't unwind. *rotfl*
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  11. The Internet Member

    Ah so you are here for the lulz?

    The quantum woo promoters share a quality with Hubbard --the "not sure if serious" quality. I think it is a form of weaseling, i.e., talking bollocks while avoiding criticism for talking bollocks.

    Quantum woo is big money so it's serious and not just lulz. Its used to sell quackery like homeopathy, chiropractic, and Scientology, to the public. So for that reason, I hope you get cancer and you turn to quantum woo for your special healing experience. Cuz then it will be my turn to *rotfl*
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  12. Anonymous Member

    quantum emeter.jpg
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  13. Anonymous Member

    Scientology and Quantum Physics

    Spiritual Psychology
    The Scientist, Amit Goswami, has written a paper entitled Quantum Psychology[2] which he states will integrate all of Psychology and most of psychotherapy. However he states that the old breed of Psych’s will not change to the new discipline that he is creating due to vested interests but lay people will. He also says that in maybe a few decades from now the younger breed of psych will take over and use the new paradigm based on spirituality and leave the old. Although he has written this paper he is still working on the project which will give further insight into this new scientific approach.

    This new approach will endanger the Official Scientology movement in the society as there is no place in spirituality for harsh discipline such as holes, prisons or other harsh ethics disciplines, so we will maybe see the “church” start to decay and die unless they drastically change their operating basis.

    Society will begin to see DMs Scientology as part of those movements on the fringe of lunacy and give it a wide berth. For those interested in the paper I refer to you can view it here.

    Aspects affecting Scientologists
    What LRH wrote and his development and creation of the subject of auditing can never be underestimated and will live on for years to come. But we live in an ever changing world and the new science promises a New World Paradigm, a New Mindset that will change the world forever, undoubtedly. David Miscavige as the official leader of the Church of Scientology is destroying the image of that movement and is turning it into a cult that the general public despise and avoid. In the LRH PR series, he wrote your public image is vital.

    In the now obsolete Newtonian materialist science it entrenches separateness and difference amongst people and nations and has been in part causing wars around the world for thousands of years. Quantum physics changes all that and says we are all connected and if you hurt another you in actual fact hurt yourself. So DM is actually hurting himself.
    In the next 10 to 20 years the following subjects and disciplines will become obsolete and will be replaced by subjects based on the new physics: Politics, Newtonian Physics, Economics, Medical Science to name a few. See the clip:

    Quantum physics embraces virtually all areas of human activity as mentioned above and Scientologists could look at the paper just written by the scientist Goswami entitled “Quantum Psychology” and the developments to be developed by him. Particularly the articles “Health Healing and Quantum Physics” and “Quantum Psychology” which can be seen at this link

    LRH wrote in the Data Series[3] that the Medical Profession was a program for healing on planet earth but it is a failed program. Goswami wrote that the medical profession will not embrace the new healing techniques for maybe 10 or 20 years. I think this leaves the door open for Auditors to expand their field and enter into the healing field as well.

    LRH studied and embraced Eastern Philosophies early in his life and developed a science of the mind and knowledge of the human spirit from it together with his own studies and intuitions. There is no doubt that he would have embraced quantum physics if he were still around today. But he is not and I don’t think DM has the intelligence to do that. DM is embracing violence and degradation of some of his staff which he thinks will correct them. This may have been OK on the ship when LRH did it for short periods and we accepted it but it did not last for long. But then DM is not LRH. Throwing students overboard in Corfu for their mistakes could have been in part why the Greek Authorities kicked us out of the country as photographs of this were displayed by the local press and were not accepted in Greece in 1968.

    I think there is much for Scientologists to learn from this new science and I think it should be embraced. The Independent field may wish to further their knowledge from Spiritual healing into physical healing as well embracing the subjects as mentioned above and in the process increase their income.

    related articles
    1. ^ Scientology 0-8
    2. ^ Amit Goswami
    3. ^ Data Series Notes
    4. ^ L Ron Hubbard 1952 The Axioms of Scientology
    5. ^ The Factors 1953
  14. Anonymous Member

    There are a lot of woo-woo things out there. But quantum woo has a special significance as it's where Scientology and the CIA formed a partnership in the 1970s. The connection was made through a Scientologist quantum physicist at Stanford, Hal Puthoff.

    Basically, you take L Ron Hubbard's writings about operating thetan abilities, like "going exterior", and you add some words from physics books, like "quantum" and "entanglement" and "collapsing the wave function" and "duality" and voila! Quantum Woo!

    The US Department of Defense has some higher ups who have been suckered by quantum woo. This is probably why we should be more than a little worried about the CIA and the NSA and their development of a massive surveillance state.

    Screen shot 2013-11-03 at 1.56.45 PM.png

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  15. tinfoilhatter Member

    Why has this never been pursued via Waste fraud and abuse? this may be the smoking gun needed to reign in the out of control intelligence branches. Has any of these projects yielded results? How much of the tax payers money has been wasted? These are the type of questions that kill political careers, and cause oversight laws to be written.
  16. The Internet Member

    Another curious example of the woo brigade pretending Martin Gardner was supportive of woo.
    This blog comment smells of a marketing firm using positioning to sell naturopathy. Positioning involves creating a dichotomy between good things and bad things and then placing your product beside the good things. The two sets are arranged to appeal to certain audiences --in this case, people who see the value in skepticism but who are not immersed in the history of skeptical ideas, who are aware that Lysenkoism and Scientology are bad, and who prefer North America to Europe.

    Positive memes: Naturopathy, healing power of nature, North America, Canada, ancient Greeks, Martin Garder's "Fads and Fallacies in the Name of Science", Charles McKay's "Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds."

    Negative memes: Chinese communism, medical quackeries, Europe, the Queen, germ theory of disease, osteopathy, homeopathy, chiropractic, mesmerism, Lysenkoism, Scientology.

    It is no surprise that parts of the woo community want to distance themselves from homeopathy, chiropractic, and Scientology. The inclusion of osteopathy is interesting and makes me think the author is Canadian rather than American.

    The blog comment makes no fucking sense to anyone who understands all the words in it. However, marketing is a busy and lucrative industry because positioning actually does impact human feelings and behavior.

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