A disconnected persons post from ARS.

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    A disconnected persons post from ARS.

    This is not mine, but was so poignant I felt compelled to share.

    "My Dear Anonymous,

    Any anonymous has the right to publish this letter in full. I beg some
    anonymous to do a digital voice thing like on YouTube and post this
    with full text.

    I have been fighting this fight since 1987. You cannot imagine how
    much your efforts bring joy to my heart.

    I will not bore you with the details of my story. Save but one, my
    parents lived and died as Scientologists. I have been disconnected
    since the age of 22 and because I turned my back on Scientology I do
    not even know where my parents are buried or the exact nature of their
    deaths. I am now 43.

    Your Project Reconnect is one of the most beautiful occurrences in the
    world. Please do not stop. I myself an jealous of those who still have
    family living that they can reconnect with. I would give anything to
    see my mother and father one last time.

    One word of advice, if I may so indulge.

    In much of the video on YouTube I see people making fun of the beliefs
    of Scientology. I think this is the wrong route. The religious and
    cosmological beliefs of Scientology are no more and no less silly than
    the beliefs of Christianity, Islam, Hinduism or Buddhism.

    What I think you may be missing is that the typical person enslaved by
    a cult lives in fear. They are afraid of retribution from the cult
    structure in which they are enslaved, and brainwashed by that cult
    structure to fear the outside.

    The individual is frightened and confused. They are in a catch twenty
    two; they are someone in an abusive relationship.

    I only ask that as anonymous you live up to the standards of humanity.
    I ask you to do something difficult. I ask you to do something for me.
    Welcome the individual into your arms with brotherhood and sisterhood.
    Welcome them to rejoin humanity.

    Declare and prove they have nothing to fear from you and give them
    strength to rejoin their families and turn their backs on the
    destructive organization while allowing them to keep their spiritual
    and religious beliefs.

    Having said this, I understand that some operatives will try to feign
    openness in order to discover your identities to "Fair Game" you and
    harass you with Scientology paid PI's so be very careful. I have been
    "Fair Gamed" and I can tell you it is no fun. I wish I could go to the
    protests, but still after all this time outside of the cult I am
    afraid for my life. I stand with you in spirit and mind, though still
    too frightened to stand with you shoulder to shoulder.

    You are anonymous
    You are legion
    You do not forget
    You do not forgive
    And please remember to love"

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