A Friendly Reminder: SECURE YOUR ROUTER

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by david_miscarriage, Feb 26, 2008.

  1. A Friendly Reminder: SECURE YOUR ROUTER

    If you have a wireless router, secure it!

    The best way is by a combination of password and MAC Address Access List (prevents computers you haven't whitelisted from even talking to the router)

    WEP1 passwords, the default, are not strong enough. use at least WPA or WEP2 or whatever, as they have 64/128bit encoding and are far, far more difficult to crack

    even if not to keep the scilons out, it's good practice.

    if you don't know how to do this, google about securing your wireless router along with the manufacturer name. if you have a netgear and need help i can write that up later today

    if you have ever logged into any of the IRC channels, they probably have gleaned your IP at some point. while the likeliness of harassment is low for those who do not put themselves out there like the old guard and the site admins for the various critic sites, some people have reported wierd activity when all they did was post on these forums or go in the IRC. i don't think the forums have been compromised, the first group probably got IP-harvested by visiting some other scieno website.

    If you so much as have an account here, you're technically an SP, so get tightening on those wireless networks.
  2. Re: A Friendly Reminder: SECURE YOUR ROUTER

    God advise, you have no idea how many people just let their wireless networks whore all over the neighborhood...
  3. Steve SP Member

    Re: A Friendly Reminder: SECURE YOUR ROUTER

    I bought my son a PsP for Christmas....

    He told me he was going to play on the internet with it.
    I told him he couldn't becasue we have nothing set up for wireless.
    He then told me he was already on the internet!

    Turns out that someone near us was guilty of this very sin you are describing, as sure enough he was online!


    I tried it later when he had gone to be and it turns out I had a coice of using 4 different people's connections.
  4. notamouse Member

    Re: A Friendly Reminder: SECURE YOUR ROUTER

    When I moved I had no less than 7 networks visible to me and not one of them was open. I was hoping to leech some free nets before my own service arrived but no such luck.

    But anyways, the advice in the OP is just plain good rules to always follow.
  5. Re: A Friendly Reminder: SECURE YOUR ROUTER

    Already done, David Miscarriage # 2
  6. ||||| Member

    Re: A Friendly Reminder: SECURE YOUR ROUTER

    some quick corrections and additions to the OP:

    Never rely on MAC access lists. Every time your network card communicates with your router, your MAC address (which is send unencrypted with every packet) will be picked up by anyone bothering to monitor your wireless network signals and he will have a privileged MAC address he can use. It takes far more effort to whitelist all your devices than to circumvent access lists with a faked MAC address.

    Use WPA2 with CCMP (sometimes just called "AES encryption" or similar) and ignore everything else. Both WPAs are infinitely more secure than WEP, but WPA and apparently some WPA2 configs still use TKIP, which is deprecated and not secure. Consult your router manual or Google.

    Set a proper router password and make sure that neither your WPA2-PSK passphrase nor your router password are prone to dictionary attacks. Use UPPER- and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters but make sure both are easy enough to remember so they don't end up on a piece of paper in your wallet or something retarded like that:

    e.g., use "315=EpiCwiN!" instead of "2Y_h9l@C=f7".

    Also, don't bother hiding your SSID since it's hardly effective at all. By default, most routers use some generic SSID that could be used to determine the manufacturer and/or model and may in some cases lead to clues whether your router is vulnerable to exploits of critical bugs in its firmware, so it's not a bad idea to change the SSID to something else.

    tl;dr - Use WPA2.
  7. n0name Member

    Re: A Friendly Reminder: SECURE YOUR ROUTER

    Deny all direct Connections from your Router to IP Ranges of Scientology and Affiliates.
  8. saerat Member

    Re: A Friendly Reminder: SECURE YOUR ROUTER

    but they would have to be in my area to do anything with my router yeah? :confused: or have I always thought wrong.
  9. ||||| Member

    Re: A Friendly Reminder: SECURE YOUR ROUTER

    Any attacker trying to break into your wireless network has to be close enough to receive signals from your router or access point. He doesn't need to stand right in your plain view and announce his intentions while doing so, though.

    While it's pretty improbable that scilons would even target you or anyone else part of anonymous specifically given anon's sheer size, it's still good practice to watch out for your privacy as the OP noted already. Securing your wlan takes almost no effort at all and it's one more thing to stop worrying about, once you're done.
  10. saerat Member

    Re: A Friendly Reminder: SECURE YOUR ROUTER

    ah gotcha... my nearest cult building is so far away I dont think they will bother =F
  11. rapterj3sus Member

    Re: A Friendly Reminder: SECURE YOUR ROUTER

    Use WPA or WPA2 with a STRONG PASSWORD (random, special characters, >25 characters)

    anything else will just slow them down, mac addresses can be spoofed to look like a legitimate client effortlessly

    128bit WEP encryption will be broken it's just a matter of when, sometimes in a matter of seconds

    Even WPA and WPA2 encryption can be broken through brute force attacks on weak passwords
  12. ThornAnon Member

    Re: A Friendly Reminder: SECURE YOUR ROUTER

    I put my router on WPA2 w/ AES, and then realized that despite what the manual says,
    my Xbox 360 wireless network adapter doesn't support WPA2 at this time.

    So I bumped it down to WPA w/ AES.

    Now I find out that Nintendo DS units can't use WPA, only WEP.

    Well, damn. I'm keeping it on WPA until my brother notices (he's the one with a DS).
  13. clyde Member

    Re: A Friendly Reminder: SECURE YOUR ROUTER

    New to the board, Hello. Consider running Tor and using the 'onion routers' check it out.
  14. OneLetter Member

    Re: A Friendly Reminder: SECURE YOUR ROUTER

    Try Airport by Mac. You can set it up so that no one can even see your signal, let alone even access it without the password and having their wireless card address added to a certain list.
  15. flubbardly Member

    Re: A Friendly Reminder: SECURE YOUR ROUTER

    I would never do anything illegal, but I could imagine running Tor on a non-Windows OS over the unsecured wireless of some Paul Fetchy tards down the block. If dudes forget to flash their router's firmware in a few years, flash it up for extra securitay.

    just sayin :lrhtalking:

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