A good hook

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Xenuclosedthepool, Feb 27, 2008.

  1. A good hook

    Hi there, I was curious as to what documents, videos, websites, whatever you guys were using to hook your friends, family, etc into caring more and reading more about Scientology.

    Any suggestions are happily taken.
  2. avatar2008 Member

    Re: A good hook

    I'd be glad to help. Give me time to collect the links from the stickies and other posts in the forum.
  3. Re: A good hook

    Road to 2/10. Brings a tear to LRH's eye. :lrhcries:
  4. anon87 Member

    Re: A good hook

    Way to happyness and Dianetics.... OH SHI-

    I've pestered my friends and family enough about moral crusades over the year - haha if she hears one more thing about richard stallman my mom is going to kill me! When the conversation turns to something i can illustrate with a point about scientology then of course thats the example i use at the moment (mainly 'cause thats what i'm thinking about), some one's talking about secret bases - did you know about gold base? IS CRAZY! talking about internet groups - haha ANON IS TEH WINS! Run away inflation going to cause the next major economic crisis - SHOULDA VOTED ROON POOL! lol don't want to freight train the poor sobs with scilon nonsence now do we, chuck in a few ponrauls and a dozern DESU DESUs in just for good measure...

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