A Grassroots Campaign Project to Raise Social Awareness

Discussion in 'Projects' started by RezK, Apr 2, 2014.

  1. RezK Member

    Calling all Taggers, Sketchers and Artists alike to donate some leisure time towards a noble cause in raising social awareness in and around Winnipeg. The project at hand is one of making printer-paper sized posters with simple slogans. Slogans are listed at the end of this message, pick whichever one appeals to you most.

    The idea is to sketch a standard one page artwork outlining one of the slogans from the list below. Ideally the poster will resemble a complex artwork - a Tag if you will - from a distance, however, once the viewer gets closer the message will reveal itself and be read.

    Please notice the last word of each slogan is decidedly offensive and therefore intentionally capitalized and emphasized. So please try to super-impose this word and make it the focus point of your poster so it catches the eyes of the reader first and foremost. The idea is to offend the viewer first so that s/he feels compelled to pay attention and read the whole message!;)

    The one page artworks are to be photocopied in large numbers and posted around the city on light posts, bulletin boards, trees, bus-stops etc. WITHOUT CAUSING ANY DAMAGE to any public or private properties.

    If you are kind enough to donate your time and make one of these posters, please scan it or take a picture and upload it on your Facebook page. Others will make paper copies and post it at as many public places as possible. Thank you and have fun!


    => Rent in Winnipeg has more than doubled over past 20 years while welfare rent payment in the same period increased only $12; if you find this justified, you are SELFISH!

    => If you believe you are better or worse than someone else simply because her/his skin colour is a shade lighter or darker than yours, you are an IDIOT!

    => If you did not vote last election cause you think your vote doesn't matter, you are IGNORANT!

    => If you believe marijuana does more harm to our society than alcohol, you are a MORON!

    => Four out of five cops are white in Winnipeg while the general population is less than half white; if you find nothing wrong with this picture, you are NAIVE!

    => If you don't vote cause you think voting isn't cool, you are a DUMASS!


    If you find this project appealing please Share it on your FB and convince at least one friend to get involved and do the same. Have fun!
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  2. tinfoilhatter Member

    I like your idea, but tagging is a great way to get into legal trouble.

    Use chalk, or have custom stickers made.

    The awesome part about stickers, is that for some stupid reason, janitors don't pull them off. They are real quick to get "tags" cleaned up, but stickers seem to last longer.
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