A letter to CoS branches - please print and deliver!

Discussion in 'Projects' started by perthfag_k, Feb 6, 2008.

  1. perthfag_k Member

    A letter to CoS branches - please print and deliver!

    Hi all,

    This is a letter to explain and justify the rally to the members of local CoS branches. I feel it has the right tone and content.

    You may need to adjust a few things to make it suit your location - it is intended for locations where the CoS only have a minor branch, not even one of "org" status.

    Content of letter:
    To the members of the ____ branch of the Church of Scientology,

    You are no doubt aware of a rally regarding the Church of Scientology being held on the 10th of February. We would like to take a moment to explain and justify our intentions.

    First things first:
    We do not hold any ill feeling whatsoever to the everyday members of your branch.
    Also, do not wish to suppress your right to believe in or practice Scientology.

    The rally aims to raise public awareness regarding unethical and immoral aspects of the CoS, primarily within the RTC. These include the relentless efforts to draw money from its members, the harassment and intimidation of critics, the infiltration and manipulation of governments for personal gain, the damage done to families and friends when people are declared SPs, the treatment of staff and neglect of children (particularly in Sea Org).

    These are not lies invented by SPs, but facts and events which have been documented throughout the world in court records, books, magazines, films, documentaries, the media and on the Internet. Despite claiming to support freedom of speech, the CoS has taken great lengths to ensure that its members and the general public remain unaware of this.

    We have chosen to disguise our appearances at the rally for we are well aware of the tactics the CoS has employed against others in our position: bull-baiting handlers, infiltration by private investigators, following people to their homes, and so on. Once again, these are documented facts and events. We sincerely hope that such actions will not occur at this rally, but have chosen to disguise ourselves regardless.

    Once again, we hold no ill feeling to you or other everyday members of your branch, and we do not wish to deny you your right to believe in and practice Scientology. We simply wish to raise public awareness regarding an issue we believe is important – and in the end, is that not what free speech is all about?

    We intend this to be an entirely peaceful rally, and do not wish to cause a confrontation.
    I am sure these are goals which we share.

    Thank you for your time.

    A few notes:
    • Avoid fingerprints on the letter or envelope.[/*:m:1qdawe7j]
    • If you're going to mail it, make sure it will arrive on time.[/*:m:1qdawe7j]
    • You could slip it under the door or into mail slot after hours.[/*:m:1qdawe7j]
    • Or don hat and shades, and hand it to a member directly and say "I've been asked to deliver this letter. I do not know anything about its contents."[/*:m:1qdawe7j]
    • And then walk away and duck through a shopping mall, food court, etc.[/*:m:1qdawe7j]
  2. Atomosk Member

    Good piece of writing, but the obvious risk of envelopes are the anthrax bullshit that the Co$ will pull.
  3. Grey Anon Member

    I would walk up to the building and as I pass by the windows I would act like some was walking away as if they gave it to me. Then I'd walk in and say "some dude just told me to give this to you guys" and walk out.
  4. anonsicle Member

    I think that Anon is too nice in this letter. I understand that Anon is versatile and is not soft in any sense but is being somewhat tame for this event but it seems that Anon is no longer merciless and spiteful.

    I am an Anon that couldn't care less about anyone or anything which is true to the Code which i understand Anonymous must move away from for this cause as the usual Anon tactics won't work here but you can't let Anonymous come across as soft by basically saying 'its no biggy, let us do it pl0x. dnt hurt us plz' which you're basically relaying when saying "we don't dislike you or your beliefs, its just the RTC etc" because this makes for good argument to Anon having a heart. There is no heart, we do it for the lulz (even though 'serious raid is serious'). Give them no warning. They don't deserve anything from Anonymous.

    "Anonymous is devoid of humanity, morality, pity and mercy. Anonymous works as one, because no member of Anonymous is as cruel as all of Anonymous."

    My two cents, /b/tards.
  5. anonEmouser Member

    The intent of the letter is specifically to be soft and unthreatening. This will cause some cognitive dissonance with what the CoS leadership has been feeding them: namely that Anon is nothing less than a pack of violent, rude, bigoted haters with poor impulse control that may freak out and start attacking them for "no good reason."

    Tory and other ex-scilons have stated that the best draw, the best lever to oust members from the cult's clutches has always been positive messages and compassion; attempting the badger (mushroom!) them out will just get their heels dug in more.
  6. Shadowflare Member

    Anon can still practice it's trademark cruelty and send a letter like this. I think it's actually an effective way of undermining the hateful stereotypes the CoS is using to depict Anon to its members. And seeding some doubt in the minds of their victims would be a mighty blow. Anonymous' cruelty is best left focused on the real enemy, which is the CoS, RTC, etc. To them Anon must show no mercy.
  7. Ash Member

    It might be worth taking a few copies of this to the protests and handing them to a couple of members, if you see them.

    Well-written - bravo.

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