A man will be punished by dripping acid into his eyes in Tehran on Saturday May 14

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by iraniam, May 12, 2011.

  1. iraniam Member

    Iran Human Rights, May 12: Acid will be dripped into the eyes of an Iranian man sentenced by a court in Tehran to qesas (retribution) on Saturday May 14th.
    According to reports from the Iranian media Majid Movahedi who was sentenced to retribution by blindness in both eyes after he in 2004 blinded Ameneh Bahrami, the woman who spurned his marriage proposals, will be punished at Dadgostari hospital of Tehran on Saturday. According to these reports Ameneh herself is going to drip acid into Majid’s eyes and there will be specialists present to conduct the punishment if Ameneh denies doing so.
    A court in the Iranian capital Tehran sentenced Majid to "blindness in both eyes" by dripping ten drops of sulphuric acid into his eyes, in November 2008.
    The sentence was approved by the Iranian Supreme Court in February 2009.
    Mahmood Amiry-Moghaddam, the spokesperson of Iran Human Rights (IHR) strongly condemned what he called a barbaric and grotesque punishment and said:”The international community must not let this barbaric punishment happen". He added:”Leaders of the Iranian regime should be held responsible for the barbaric and grotesque punishment of dripping acid in Majid’s eyes. By letting Ameneh conduct the punishment the Iranian authorities want to put the blame for this inhumane act on her shoulder".
    Mahmood Amiry-Moghaddam asked the doctors to denie taking part in the barbaric punishment and said that by doing so they will be breaking their professional oath.
    Commenting the discriminatory laws against the women in Iran, Amiry-Moghaddam said:”By being a woman, Ameneh is also a victim of the Iranian regime’s gender apartheid politics. Iranian authorities encourage violence against the women. According to the Iranian laws a woman who is not covered properly can be lashed up to 74 times, so the authorities are also responsible for the growing violence against the women in the Iranian society, as in Ameneh’s case".
    Majid Movahedi is convicted of pouring acid on the face of Ameneh Bahrami (27), a girl with whom he allegedly wished to marry. This happened in 2004.
    As a result of the injuries Ameneh lost the sight on one eye and most of the sight on the other eye. Ameneh has been going through several surgical operations on her face and eyes.
    In 2008, a court in Tehran sentenced Majid to eye for eye retribution. He was sentenced to lose the sight in both his eyes as well as economic compensation to Ameneh.
    Iranian Supreme Court approved the sentence in February 2009. According to the sentence issued by the court, ten drops of acid sulphuric will be dripped into each of Majid’s eyes!
    The punishment will be conducted on Saturday May 14th.
    Thursday 12 May 2011

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  2. xenubarb Member

    How very Old Testament. Welcome to 911 A.D.
  3. Anonymous Member

    what, they can't afford nitric acid?...
  4. Diablo Member

    sounds fair...barbaric, but fair.
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  5. RightOn Member

    geez, I hate to state the obvious, but that is literally an eye for an eye
    or eyes in this case
  6. حمید Member

    If you look at the age of them, you can clearly see how the influence of the Islamic republic of Iran, not only failed to promote and continiue the guidelines of human rights but also has actively been countiniously degrade the eforts has been taken in the direction in order to create and spread hate in purpose promote funduments of Islamic Republic rooted in the wild thoughts of cleric theocracy to survive on the life of others. You can see the terrifying public executions by justifications which are proved to be wrong by the countinious never ending executions. The root of the System of Iran is rotten in complete meaning and if it is not dried out we are going to see such difficult questions occupy the thoughts by show when they can be learned as disgusted by masterpieces of litreture based on long time of suffering experienced. Can you deny university students


    would be the victems of a Regime if its stystem was not based on Terror, censorship.......
    What are these boks here if not censor justifications to create and


    spread hatred.
  7. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Barbaric? Oh yeh, I mean for fucks sake, staring into the sun would have the same result, or a quick snip of the optic nerve, but where's the entertainment value in that? Personally I think that acid-throwing fucks, the 'honor' killers, and all sad/sick bastards that take out their twisted shit on women etc. should simply be shot and done with. Its cheap and saves the populace the expense of having to look after them later, in prison or where-ever. I have zero sympathy for curs like this but don't condone torturing either.
    Not just my opinion.
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  8. Anonymous Member

    I lol'd.
  9. xenubarb Member

    Let us not forget the case in Saudi Arabia where they were seeking a surgeon willing to sever a healthy man's spinal cord in some primitive bid for "justice."
    Revolting! (and they couldn't find one last I read)
  10. حمید Member

    Yes, Of Course how surgeon is a Sargon
  11. حمید Member

    As I admire the goodness you want to see, I am too disgusted seeing it. I have some questions for you.
    1- Would you accept to perform the act to satisfy her?
    2- Dose she get satifayed by you doing it?
    3- Is she willing to perform the act of doing?
    4- Dose she get satifayed the act being done?
    Do not forget she can not see and is reliable to others for the image of an act have been done. What image is not that if with expressions the same disgusts me and you do not want to see.
  12. Puppetmama Member

    While I find the perpetrator unforgivable I don't condone torture in any circumstance. OP - When you provide these stories could you also provide places we might write where we possibly might influence the outcome or at least add our voices to the swell of global opinion.
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  13. Smurf Member

    Good luck with that. So far, the Iranians haven't bothered to listen to outcries over human rights abuses.
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  14. Puppetmama Member

    I know you are right, but damn, it is hard to read this shit.

    The Irani's haven't given up.
  15. Anonymous Member

    And this is why we don't care what they do to each other.
  16. حمید Member

    I believe we will have to see to them being carefully bothered accordingly.
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  17. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Would I drop acid into somebody's eyes? Not a chance. Would I put a bullet in his head, hm, I can't really honestly answer that but it could be possible I suppose. I know if someone fucked with one of my clan it'd be a given.

    I have no idea if this would be a satisfying thing for her, maybe in that culture it brings some sort of solace.

    I don't know if she is or isn't, could very well be her own idea to do it.

    I would imagine it depends on the type of person she is. It is not just men who can be twisted, women can be just as vicious given the circumstances and culture. Underlying belief systems that condone any of these actions are reprehensible imho, be it Islam, Hindu, Christian, or Scientologist.

    am not really sure what you're saying in your last sentence, if you meant that the thought of it (image) is digusting to you, yeh, its pretty evil shit.
  18. حمید Member

    This means you want to protect your clan from such and clearly you hesitate doing the disgusted yourself willing others to do it

    If this case being the first case, the second makes it a culture and with more cases, a treditional culture. Have other cases as treditional cultures helped if the case is to scare from being repeated?

    This is about crime and punishment. The punisment itself being a crime, makes how Justice itself, is not in the purpose of crime by all you imagined above.
  19. Smurf Member

  20. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Hm, I am try to understand your somewhat fractured english, but as to your first comment, no, I would not expect others to do what justice needed to be done, but in all fairness I would accept certain judgements from our own law system, it is very different here~ thankfully.

    There is an old musical called the Mikkado, one of the songs goes "Let the punishment fit the crime", I sort of agree but within myself have a moral line I will not cross if it was to mean torturing a person etc. no matter how fucked up their crimes were, which is why I made the comment about 'just shoot the mother-fuckers'

    Again, you lost me on your last sentence.... *sigh*
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  21. JohnDoe Moderator

    Anonymous Just to point out that there is a massive difference between the Iranian people and the Iranian regime. Smurf is spot on, the Iranian regime ignore the outcries over human rights abuses.

    It may be that you are referring to the regime, but I just wanted to clarify:)
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  22. Anonymous Member

    He is a prick and probably deserves all he gets. However, recent excursionas in DNA eveidence have exonerated death row inmates in many places. Eye for an eye gives big bang for the buck in the short term, but is somewhat lacking in the ability to restore some semblence of life in the rare, but routine (sadly) case of mistaken identity/ predjudice/ crooked DAs, etc.
  23. حمید Member

    The purpose of punishment, if not, to provide a time given in purpose of differentiating right from wrong, is then merely a crime in the name of Justice.
  24. Ogsonofgroo Member

    A truism, and justice wears as many masks as there are countries, some is just, much is not, especially in places where people are always fighting and warring against eachother and have lack of basic human respect for life and dignity.
    It is a huge subject, not one I choose to get too deeply into on this forum, as I have other directions to follow. This does not mean I turn a blind eye either, or shun adding my voice to cries against injustices and corruption, it is just not a battle I have chosen atm and there are many, many other places with similar or worse going on.
    For most there are sites specific to the causes that people will discuss at length their views(and don't need to be Anon to do so), I am not here to be distracted from the initial purpose of this site, to fight against a vile and corrupt mind-sucking cult. Taht is all.
  25. zudok Member

    idk why we cant have shit like that here. especially for rapists
  26. ZeroC Member

    An eye for an eye will leave the world blind.
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  27. thefatman Member

    As barbaric as it is I'm amazed that he's getting this punishment for doing it to a woman. Isn't the traditional punishment for female victims of crime over there to just stone them to death?
  28. Skinnies Member

    Aye, Ghandi quote.

    Exodus 21:23-25 (English Standard Version)
    "But if there is harm, then you shall pay life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, burn for burn, wound for wound, stripe for stripe."

    Todays iranians are like the BC Jews, ( I have nothing against Jews ) but I mean jesus christ, it's been 2000 years, I can't stand this primitive bullshit.
  29. Anonymous Member

    Sounds like the usual way the world continues to go on, as ordinary as the next day, with people walking their dogs oblivious to it all.
  30. xenubarb Member

    Every individual gets to choose which causes they support. This one, the RSPCA, cares for the least of us, the animals we force to depend on us for existence. Sometimes that "contract" goes terribly wrong. Society owes this to our companion animals.

    I could introduce you to two strident, hairy-legged socialist bitches who would screech your ears off because you were helping domestic animals instead of feeding the homeless or teaching teh stoopids.
    One in particular is always trying to get me to be an advocate or a big sister or some damn shit for kids who need mentors.

    I am the last person you want mentoring your children.

    The point is, one man's cause is another man's perceived waste of time. You've seen it here. We should be shaving whales instead of stomping clams. Whatev. Each to their own.

    If I had a giant robot suit my port rockets would be dedicated to the people of Iran. I'd come over there and stomp a few religious police for you. And laugh.
  31. حمید Member

    I happened to hear what she had to say. Unfortunatly, responsibility of judgment has been put upon to her, which consequently under circumestances has changed as a wish from her. These circumstances has been the expressive judgments from you, me and others to have encouraged her judgment for retaliations. What a shame!
  32. حمید Member

    Perhaps those who believe to have helped her in choosing "retaliation" as the right decission, (and don't need to be Anon to do so), could care more about her and describe how "guilt" of this is going to effect her life in future once the show is over.
  33. zudok Member

    Prison is like a giant time-out and doesnt work for a lot of people whys everybody getting butthurt about results and the fact this douche gets whats coming to him
  34. anonymous612 Member

    You'll forgive me for not having much sympathy for someone who willingly and intentionally poured acid on someone else. IMO, this is a surprisingly fitting punishment and I'm all for it.
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  35. حمید Member

    This is not for a sympathy, both are the victims of a wrong system. It is rather to stop a continioution of a behaviour which can end up in a glorious treditional culture.
  36. Anonymous Member

    "Hammurabi approves of this punishment."
  37. حمید Member

    So do both the victims and many others. But remember this is not "Gilgamesh" in search of "gole ghamesh". It is not as a union between Afganistan, India to to prevent Irans fingering of Pakistan, India. It is not even about the an Iran Bank in not builded UR.
    It is about what is wrong what is right.
  38. zudok Member

    I agree with the fact of human rights violations as a whole there but as i said previously this needs to happen. If the states had similar punishments i guaran-goddamn-tee you there would be less crime. I mean if someone broke in and robbed your ass and you found out and the judge ordered for you to smash their shit and take their stuff, id be happy
  39. iraniam Member

  40. حمید Member

    If you have not noticed the fact of continuous scary shows have failed to even decrease the risen crimes, you are then, just trying to arouse your breath just like khamenei to survive the given time.

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