A man will be punished by dripping acid into his eyes in Tehran on Saturday May 14

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by iraniam, May 12, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    No sympathy for the bastard, but as a state approved punishment it is backward and medieval much like the ayatollah.
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  2. حمید Member

    And those dastards you called bastards, truly are to be educated, starting with khameni frist.
  3. zudok Member

    american media loves to keep people in fear but that doesnt stop anybody. it actually brings a rise in crime; we have the highest rate of gun related crimes compared to any other industrialized country. americans are immune to violence and most have a god complex thinking theyre the shit and, and i quote, "aint scared of nuthin" which is fucking stupid in my opinion.
  4. zudok Member

    all im saying is prison as it is does not work. people arent scared of jail because they (a lot anyways) have dont give a shit attitude and commit even more crimes and run gang operations and when they get out, do the same shit. if there was a better sentencing such as the "eye for an eye", or even a moderate version as i explained before, i think most would think twice before doing shit
  5. JohnDoe Moderator

    Just wondering would you want the rest of the supposed 'justice' that goes along with this type of punishment in Iran? EG stoned for adultery, hand cut off for stealing, imprisoned & tortured for writing a blog?
    Or speaking of rape, a female victim of rape in Iran has to produce 4 male witnesses of the rape, otherwise she will be accused of adultery.
    Our country may have an appalling record on conviction and true punishment of rape crime - but given how things are in Iran, I think, I for one, am happy to stick to our form of justice for the crime.
  6. zudok Member

    A: already explained myself. See: my other posts. B: tl;dr, but you should to understand that theres more to what i said.
  7. حمید Member

    There are talks of this to have been postponed.
    Let's hope that we can learn that our solutions do not need to put shame to humanity by the degree of our savage desire.
  8. Anonymous Member

    So how come there are so many homicides and mass murders in states that still have the death penalty?

    Death Row is full of people who knew the punishment before committing the crime.

    They didn't think twice before doing shit.
  9. zudok Member

    They stay in jail for years upon years though and just sit and become another waste of money. Besides if you got enough jewgold for a good enough (jewish enough) attorney, capital murder becomes manslaughter. The punishment should fit the crime. Death penalty is only good enough if theu rush that shit (durp with forensics). Or what about our lovely insanity defense cuz every american has adhd and bipolar? Who the hell gives a shit im not gunna feel sorry for them. Im just sayin. Like i was watching locked up extended stay and black person had life without parole for robbery? Fucking stupid. Jail doesnt scare the people who are dumb enough to do stupid shit like that and then they whine and "find god" just to get out early and do the same shit. You cant tell me im wrong here its known facts. Dox will be available upon request of any major police department when inquiring of repeat offenders thox
  10. BrakTalk Member

    I hope they don't actually go through with this. I of course don't condone what the man did, but the whole "eye for an eye" thing? I dunno... I think a 20+ year prison sentence, a few good 'ol fashioned ass kickings from the inmates, and a few good pounding in the ass from Bubba while living the prison life would have been plenty sufficient. I'm not much into the savage barbaric-ness of the whole thing. It's actually quite disturbing that things are still being handled this way in some parts of the world. Vengeance in these forms is akin to "2 wrongs do make a right" - well, IMHO, they don't, sorry.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    It's also known fact that capital punishment doesn't prevent crimes. Also don't guns make the environment safer. Still a lot people believe it. Sad.

    As there are so brilliant ideas what to do with the acid pissing idiot, I may add one. Send him to the experts of fair justice and imprisonment, to Guatanamo.
  12. حمید Member

    I would love to discuss this if you write under your member name to be clear from and discourage unserious comments by others.
  13. anonymous612 Member

    You don't really understand how Anonymous works, do you?
  14. حمید Member

    Not really. I would appreciate some information.
  15. subgenius Member

    gosh i hope they got the right guy
  16. anonymous612 Member

    Here's a hint.
    Anonymous says things Anonymously.
  17. Anonymous Member

    Anonymous works by carrying buckets of acid to the local 'Church of Scientology' buildings, for purposes unknown lulz.
  18. anonymous612 Member

  19. Anonymous Member

    He's from the Iranian forum...
  20. حمید Member

    You have only been giving a clue that is no better than:

    what ever! thanks 
    Any way I do not think a hint in this matter will help.

    I belive strongly that, the current system being governed with its advocateing governer have failed to grant the existance of necessary structural needs of a judiciary society which are crusial to prevent conditions that such an act would not have commited. It is therefor, both are victems. If tranquility of a society is to be granted in a judiciary society, it is then respected by structural practices in respect to its judiciary system to have prevented the conditions not respected.......

    I start it if you are intrested, welcome with.......
  21. subgenius Member

    I agree.
  22. JohnDoe Moderator

    Hehmmmm, and your point is . . . .? :D
  23. حمید Member

    Here is another case.

    Mother, a teacher, cries out, she has not fostered them so.

    She says the children have hade problem since childhood. Execution is not fair for, what, if they have done, not to have killed any one at all.

    How obvious is not that the poverty has not been involved in this action which is indeed truly disgusted more disgusted when the system have not done any thing to prevent it.
    Of course there must be a punishment but to what price. It is very hard to follow the guidelines of democracy but how hard is to establish it with all the resurces which are accesible to a system. You can clearly see the system established in Iran is having it very hard to folow the guide lines of democracy having taken it wrongly as freedom of executing people to death to hide behind it being easy.
    The future of these two brothers are in the hand of ill literacy of democracy.

    They have only few houres!
  24. subgenius Member

    So what are YOU doing, my friend?
    Other than posting here. Serious question.
  25. حمید Member

    In the video you can hear that people are gathering in front of the jail to protest. I do much more on my behalf, more I am here to care for you too dear. I do not think it is reasonable to waste our time precious, to hinder an action imposed by a terror system rather spending it on change which give us the time saved to perform it.
    You have by now only agreed to the above statment. May I ask you, how do you think the nature of punishment shoud be and what factors should be involved in determining its proportionality, if you can not be there but willing to help.
  26. subgenius Member

    Didn't answer the question.
  27. حمید Member

    Are you trying to test my temptations, or you could not answer the question? You know there is no way I get personal more than the need to be distracted a trust by, until a Good jolly day.How shameful is not that?
  28. Anonymous Member

    Well said. It's cruel and unusual to put acid in somebody's eyes, even if he is a crazy nasty ass. Anyways, I heard the punishment was suspended.

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