A Message to Anonymous. Nevada Governor 2014 David Lory VanDerBeek

Discussion in 'Anonymous News' started by Anonymous, Sep 7, 2013.

  1. Anonymous Member

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  2. Anonymous Member

    lies and deceit? or truth and freedom?
  3. Anonymous Member

    I think i like. Wait and see.
  4. Anonymous Member

    I like the whistle blowers not being assassinated at @ 2:00 part and others. To put it mildly, its pretty ballsy of politico.
    Hoping he is not a Fed/Sabu.
    Less talk about Obama, more about the stupid gov't spying and prosecuting (including all of the earlier Pres and those in congress now) would be appreciated.
    Time shall tell.
  5. Anonymous Member

    He doesn't want anon to contact him?
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  6. Enturbulette Member

    I like his phrase "founding parents" instead of founding fathers for a change.

    also that he brings up electronic voter fraud.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    Yes, he's a douche. I don't care. He is intelligently enturbulating, I like what he says, and I would love it if he won whatever he is running for (sorry, I have a short attention span but I know it is in Vegas). We-- you know, WE --- need people to step up, put on a suit, and run for office. I am a fan, and I will support.
  8. Anonymous Member

    Never heard of the guy, but this is what I found:

    From :

    More at link fwiw. Interesting that he is talking to anon, imo. Also interesting that he got he got elected given the un- pcness. Personally, I like that he is against the Patriot Act.
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  9. Anonymous Member

    Okay- so maybe my cursory search is wrong...but I dare say that the thread title led me to believe that he was indeed the next gov of nevada (which reminds me of another thread involving Snowden and people that only read titles, ahem.)
    He is running for Gov?
    Also, Sharron Angles name popped up...
    the deal is what?
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  10. auzie anon Member

    this is a good idea.
    this guy sounds legit. as anonymous we have a right to stand by him, as long as he stands for just causes
  11. A.O.T.F Member

    Does he know that we'll have to get into his life - Thoroughly ? We'll be taking our time, he'll have to prove himself worthy.
  12. Anonymous Member

    original intent and state's rights, my kinda guy.

    But that delivery was really awkward.
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  13. Anonymous Member

  14. Anonymous Member

  15. Anonymous Member

    onomimous. bit of an accent there. of how he sounded it out at 1:37 but hey we get the message.
  16. Anonymous Member

    this guy is a true anon
  17. JohnnyRUClear Member

    If you know his name, how is he anon? I guess he's anon on the inside? :)
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  18. incog712 Member

    Too bad he's such a moonbat. No free hookers and blow? No endorsement.

  19. Sica Member

    i agree i think it's eyes on from here on out but if he is just then he will have to burn cuz if he cant back this up he is potentially putting a lot of lives at risk
  20. Berserker101a Member

    Well done! I like this guy.
  21. anonLX62 Member

    i let you have him first!:cool:
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  22. nightfire Member

    This guy just asked anonymous to hack voting machines.... lulz NYPA!
  23. anonLX62 Member

    Acorn was good for that, they going by another name now days!
    sorry unknown by me:cool:
  24. Sekee Member

    I suspect that he’s targeting anonymous because of claims that anon stopped Karl Rove rigging the last presidential election.

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  25. anonLX62 Member

    oh that why Obama got in! his is so tinny some one had put the fix in backdoor!
  26. Berserker101a Member

    He's right though...
  27. Berserker101a Member

    Well said.
  28. Berserker101a Member

    Indeed. He just doesn't know it yet...
  29. Boris Korczak Member

    A question to David Lory VanDerBeek:
    What crimes has Anonymous committed that you know of? BS .
    Yapping just for a sake of yapping should not come from a governor or any other elected official.
    What caused it? Something you smoke or something you drank?
    Whatever it was - quit immediately.
  30. You do know why he is doing this, right? He wants to impress the voters and seem like he knows what the fuck is going on when he clearly doesn't know shit.

    He;s an idiot. Let him Darwin himself out as everybody laughs at his dumbness.
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  31. Boris Korczak Member

    Do you think we will ever stop electing idiots?
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  32. Existent Member

    Time will Tell
  33. Berserker101a Member

    It always does.
  34. Hugh Bris Member

    The key word there is 'electing'
    Rational ignorance wins the day every time. There's no downside to a bad vote, hence no reason to put much effort into figuring out which of the idiots is less stupid than the rest.
  35. energystar77 Member

    Probably not
  36. Highwind Member

    Here is a video of said governer with his message. Not sure if its been posted yet.
  37. A.O.T.F Member

    David Lory VanDerBeek

    Oh Dear ...

    Why Journalists Are Blasting Obama’s ‘Censorship’ Policies Toward News Coverage

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  38. Darth Alor Member

  39. DeathHamster Member

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