A new Lord Haha (George Galloway) preaches on Iranian State TV

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by Unregistered, Jun 26, 2009.

  1. "It's proof of democracy, Iranian style. It must be proof of it!"

    Only England could produce another slime to stand in the filthy shoes of Lord HaHa.

    What makes it worse, this fellow traveler, George Galloway, is a British Minister of Parliament, representing the of Bethnal Green and Bow and is broadcasting his crap on Iranian Press TV, a organ of Iranian State TV. Quite the pity he is bright, articulate and has good charisma because some will listen and believe.

    Quite the little apologist for thugs and murderers.

    [ame=]YouTube - George Galloway Continues to Lie for the Iranian Regime[/ame]
  2. Visionary Member

    Is he from Scotland?

    Just wondering, by his accent.

    (not intended to offend anyone)

    Anyone who speaks on that lie factory is suspect as hell though, lol.
  3. skollie-IRAN Member

    Yep, that's a scottish accent.
  4. that noob is asking to get trolled lololol
  5. Visionary Member

    Is he still in office?

    Bethnal Green and Bow (UK Parliament constituency) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Interesting fellow.

    George Galloway - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  6. Jaymax Moderator

    George Galloway ♥s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

    Daily Kos: State of the Nation

    Saw this mentioned in NightOwl's terrific Green Brief

    Word fail me - this guy was supposed to be a (admittedly wingnut) fighter for the oppressed masses.

    Combined with the Stop the War Coalition's (once upon a time a centre-left group) statement on Iran, I'm convinced the far-left in the UK has now completely lost touch with even their own carefully constructed reality

    The rest and video etc at Daily Kos: State of the Nation
  7. Galloway has said some reasonable things in the past, and in particular, is notable for (at least, outwardly) making some attempt to help in the Middle East and Gaza.

    Except that really, being a total sellout and douchebag counters whatever little goods he's done and beats it down to the ground. Not to mention, the whole 'zionist' thing is being swung around gets kinda old.

    And... the fact that he uses the same debunked poll to "prove his point" is funny.

    And... yeah, I donno. Defending a fundamentalist dictatorship is pretty low. Like, low as you can get. You can keep going on and on...

    Without getting too ad-hominem, Galloway previous was married to a Palestinian and, last I heard, she ended up getting divorced from him due to adultery on his part.
  8. I am always amazed by the Left as well as the Right, though more-so the Left. They have gone so far out onto the political fringe that they loop right back around and merge with the Far-Right. What further amazes me is when their dollies of the moment, get caught with their hands red with the blood of martyrs (again), they can't help but to continue feverishly licking at the bottoms of the dripping hobnailed boots.

    It's disgusting actually, the political equivalent of a junkie begging for his fix.

    There are none so blind as those who will not see.

    Just an afterthought, I wonder what a through audit of his campaign contributions would turn up?
  9. Sidewinder Member

    George Galloway.......
    I guess it's now up to you Brits to vote out this puppet...
  10. Newbunkle Member

    Ugh, not George "Shall I be the cat?" Galloway. He crawls into bed with the worst of the worst to further his own agenda. I can't believe he's out there embarassing us - its bad enough he does it at home. :(
  11. Not that prick again, I was sick of him back when he did his rants on Lebanon 2 years back.
  12. How does this moron keep getting elected? The fact he is in office shows the people that elect him in are as stupid as this fucker is. Just saying.

    Cowards, the whole lot of them.
  13. Newbunkle Member

    There are always a few kooks and extremists around who support people like him. I think his constituency is just a statistical anomaly.
  14. Hirundininae Member

    Bethnal Green

    Galloway's constituency is predominantly Bangladeshi / South Asian. Consequently he made a tactical decision to run as MP for Bethnal Green on an anti-war in Iraq ticket (Respect Party). Those who opted to participate in State elections in Bethnal Green really had little choice of candidate. Galloway marketed himself as a protest vote. He is by no means popular - and as a representative has been accused of abandoning his constituents for his career.

    Reflecting on his career (one strewn with controversy) one central theme that arises is his anti-imperialist stance. He has always been vehemently anti-America.

    His recent remarks though unfortunately analytically deficient are of no surprise as his career has been built on such controversies and shall continue to do so until retirement.
  15. as i am a person who watched internation politics very closely, im not surprised this retard opened his mouth on this...

    now...i think he should give a nice lil speach in my back yard...

    ill invite the whole city to come watch...

    oh, and American
  16. Galloway is a national embarrassment.
  17. Newbunkle Member

    George Galloway at his best:

    Warning: This video may induce vomiting.
  18. George Galloway sewn into sack with Rush Limbaugh - World rejoices!
    Pollution Alert Sounded Along Thames
  19. Galloway is a first rate orator...which is unfortunate because this isn't the first he's demonstrated himself to be a fraud and a sellout.
  20. Nickdfresh Member

    I'm so heartbroken I can't even watch. After believing in Galloway and his denunciation of the US Congress over the "Oil for Food" scapegoat-puppet show, and his debates against Neocon Christopher Hitchens who supported the US War in Iraq, he now supports the fascist assholes controlling Iran?

    When did Galloway become such a bitch-apologist for tyranny? "Those who hate Iran?" Really? How much does he love Iran? He's another kneejerk leftist reactionary Marxist-tool hypocrite, and he's worse than his nemesis -Christopher Hitchens- ever was...
  21. He always has been
    Too True

    The Dictatorship of the People / Proletariat / Party / Religion is still a Dictatorship and there can be no freedom under a Dictatorship; no deviation from correct thinking under a Revolution, be it French, Chinese, Islamic or Bolivarian.
  22. Jakomeyu Member

    What about the American?
  23. there must be an exception to the rule .
  24. Trisphat Member

    well just after the French revolution, France was definitely not a democraty. Many people were slayed for their opinions or just in vain. It takes time; so much time that there was un emperor after... Revolutions do not bring freedom to the people. There is no difference between a revolution and a military coup. The Shah got overthrown because the army didn't want to fire on the people. Lately there has come up a new phrasing: "velvet revolution". Just see the following events in Georgia and in Ukraine. I am not saying that it is impossible to change a regime. There are plenty of examples: East Germany, Romania, Hungary... It takes time to overthrow a dictatorial junta and things will be painful for long time when they do it. South america gives plenty of examples where the wounds are not still today healed (Chile, Argentina...).

    I doubt that there wil ever be any proof of vote rigging. That Galloway jerk is just pouring out sick propaganda that makes me ill. Though he is right on one point: people voted. Where the ballots counted, who knows.

    The question is in fact not anymore were the elections fair? The regime is loosing credibility in the face of the world (that was probably already the case before) but it is also loosing the faith of the Iranians and that is the only thing that counts.

    I trully hope for the sake of all Iranians that the situation will evolve to the best.

    Greetings from the contry of human rights
    (may you have the same rights ASAP)
  25. Jakomeyu Member

    i heard nick griffin supports the iranian government as well
  26. Hitchens is no Neocon. Hitchens's support for the Iraq war was based on humanitarian principles and the right of the Iraqi people for freedom from oppression, similar to his position against the Iranian theocracy now.

    Bernard Kouchner, co-founder of Médecins Sans Frontières, another noted humanitarian, also supported the Iraq war on humanitarian grounds. Another "neocon"? Please. This does not mean that these folks support the way the war was undertaken or the lies told to justify it.

    Hitchens on Iran: - Axis of Evil: Christopher Hitchens

    Compare that to his thoughts on Iraq: - Axis of Evil: Christopher Hitchens

    I'm not sure how anyone can be against the oppression of the Iranians and yet "neutral" on the oppression of the Iraqis under Hussein's regime.
  27. JohnDoe Moderator

    Who is he?
  28. Yes. From Dundee. Was an MP in Glascow. Went to the Bagdad Bob School of Journalism.

    I found it difficult to hear all of his radiant truths about the election :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: -- I think there must have been some static on the connection: sounded like slithering and hissing sounds. Toward the end I noticed the picture dropped out too; looked like slime sliding down the screen.

    Hopefully Jabrwoqui TV can fix its ... er... technical difficulties soon. :D
  29. Yeah, he's suing us.
  30. A broken clock is right twice a day. :D
  31. Jakomeyu Member

    a far-right neo-fascist British politician
  32. JohnDoe Moderator

    Oh I bet the regime are delighted! They've got a far-left lunatic who thinks he a cat supporting them, and now a far-right neo-fascist! Well all I can say with friends like this who needs enemies???!!!!!
  33. Srpska Member

    ITT: Amerifags have never heard of George Galloway.

    He pretty much embodies the unholy alliance between the authoritarian Left and the Islamist Right.
  34. Jakomeyu Member

    he recently gave a speech in the european parliment condeming European governments for speaking out against Iranian human rights abuses when far-right groups are being denied freedom of speech. he also tried to request aid from Khomehni back when he was head of the National Front in the 80's. On the other hand, I heard the BNP condemn Iran for supporting an "Islamic takeover" of Europe, and a threat to Israel, whom they apparently now support considering that their main focus is on Islam rather than Judaism

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