A New Miscavige Video....

Discussion in 'Media' started by Anonymous, May 26, 2011.

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  2. CarterUSP Member

    Truly hideous.
    I noticed one of their high stats is 45% academic improvements in tests last year. If I was teaching a class in which only 45% of the class improved, I'd be considered a failure.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    I taught for almost 30 years. With academic improvements of 45%, I would have been fired!
  4. Anonymous Member

    It's very fresh on Youtube. It needs comments and down stats.
  5. Anonymous Member

    latest scientology tactic to try to keep they're tax exemption
  6. moarxenu Member

    There are two other videos equally as hideous from the same channel, also just posted. They have like three views. Harpoonz pl0x.

    We should transcribe these vids and debunk them line by line.

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  7. zudok Member

    i love how they start out about "founded by or ran by scientologists" or whatever and then theres that awkward pause.."oh and uh..also these various other faiths. and in order to save our asses from looking way too stupid, look at this shitty graph: 60% of volunteers are from other faiths...." trying to pull a fast one are we? lul yarite. because thats still 40% scientologists. how many of that "60%" are each? hmm id say at least a third xian (because they like to play "holier than thou") what about the jew? muslim? non? it doesnt even matter. if this wasnt blatantly posted as HOW SCIENTOLOGISTS HELP, people would use shitty deduction to see: charities, good + various religions coming together, good + flying numbers, cool = scientology, good.
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  8. the anti Member

    the more you try to prove how good or great you are, the more sinister your actual intent
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  9. zudok Member

    gawd is great and good, so sayeth the mealtime prayer....hmmmm.....
  10. The OP video is most relevant. I saw all 3 earlier when the YT account was open, but the other 2 up at this point are not as interesting. Bump the new Scientology YT page if you want, but I do not want.
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  12. Smurf Member

    Damn... Sue Taylor's sure got chunky & white in her later years....

  13. AnonLover Member

    damn, all vids gone already?
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  15. zudok Member

    Id like to see how they filled out the butthurt form. Baawwwww wwp is making fun of us....again
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  16. How Scientology helps? Let's take Narconon e.g..

    The Narconon scam is quite hideous indeed,the reality of this LRH Quack program (ALL Scientology, btw) is that not only doesn't it help, it hurts addicts and their families very deeply with their extremely over-priced, medically dangerous, batshit insane, unfounded "therapy" program.

    They lure addicts in with lies about 75% success rates and charge about $30,000.00 for a monthlong program with no professional drug counseling. These monies are paid upfront in advance, there is no disclosure that it's all Scientology (Purification rundown and Scientology courses, nothing else).

    They claim it's secular (another lie), they use underpaid, improperly trained staff with no experience in real addiction counseling. A large % of monies coming in goes uplines in Scientology for licensing fees and materials to the tune of millions of dollars profit for the lying cult.

    It's usually the last hope for family financial help after scraping 30 grand together for addicts who may leave after finding out it's all Scientology BS and Narconon simply blames the addict.

    Good Luck getting a dime of your scammed funds back. Then Scientology has the balls to claim they are the experts and count this ongoing, enormous scam as a benefit to society.

    FBI? Where are U?
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  17. Anonymous Member

    Here's another one. Just posted:

    David Miscavige Opens New Church of Scientology in Nashville Tennessee

    Let's vote this one down as fast or faster than the prior three.

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  18. adhocrat Member

    had to leave a thought, too.
  19. Anonymous Member

    End note: Comments are being "moderated."
  20. BrakTalk Member

  21. yeah, that they're not allowed to practice or even think about at all, other wise they will be out ethics and will be sent to the rpf.
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  22. are these all in the same channel. i feel my pooning fingers twitching with joy.
    edit: all videos except the on in post 17 have been removed by the user.
  23. BrakTalk Member

    Yep, I noticed that as well :(

    I didn't get to see them either. Was looking forward to trolling around on them :(
  24. Enturbulette Member

    Ugh. It kind of depresses me that they have these lovely airy spaces to occupy (#17) while their minds are filled with such stacks of noxious crud.
  25. Anonymous Member

    Did anyone save the videos, or has them in their cache?

    We should do what we did with the SquirrelBusters video - take it and give it to the press to humiliate the cult and Dwarfy McCabbage.
  26. Puppetmama Member

    Miscavige is talking out of one side of his mouth in the Nashville one. It almost looks like he had a stroke.
  27. LocalSP Member

    Bell's Palsy maybe? Sort of like Katie Holmes.

  28. I believe this second vid is another copy of OP's original video that was removed.

    How dare Scientology put out these videos with their own incredibly abusive history that has been well documented and exposed.

    This abusive little prick, David Miscavige is one of the biggest human rights abusers in the country and has no right to give history lessons on humans rights unless he wants to talk about the Scientology RPF slave labor camps, child labor abuses, kidnapping, wrongful deaths, extortion, blackmail, bribery, assault and battery, fraud, tax evasion, subporning perjury, perjury, brutal family disconnections, fair-game policy,..... etc.....etc.....etc...

    LRH taught him well.......

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    Prove me wrong.
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    David Miscavige and the Scientology Volunteer Ministers

    The latest is a disaster relief video for NYC 9/11, London 7/7, Katrina and other international sites.

    Quite grim as it appears to be completely staged/scripted.
  33. Anonymous Member

    I can't see this video, nor can I see the video posted by MoarXenu. I get the "removed by use" message. Am I doing something wrong?
  34. Anonymous Member

    If you read the entire thread, those three recently posted videos were taken down. Perhaps due to all the Vote DOWN votes that were cast after they were posted on youtube.
  35. Anonymous Member

    Oh, sorry, I was quick to jump the gun. I'm not very patient. Thanks for the answer. Bummer that I can't see them.
  36. DeathHamster Member

    London 7/7 they say?
  37. Anonymous Member

  38. Puppetmama Member

    I love DM's slight speech impediment on "inalienable" (repeated numerous times) that makes it sound like "alienable". Alien indeed.
  39. Anonymous Member

    It's the sexism that impresses me. It's always "All MEN" not 'people' or 'human beings' or 'men & women,' just "men" and "man." LRH word-for-word, high on amphetamines.

    16:10 on the NA west coast and not a comment in sight.
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