A new slant on ‘The Basics’

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Anonymous, Sep 19, 2013.

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    If you get the reference in the title then this thread is probably for you, otherwise probably not. When the Basics were rereleased in 2007 as part of the Golden Age of Knowledge, much commentary in OG circles was how this was a money-spinner for the cult. This commentary has continued into Chanology and, while correct, there is another aspect to all of it that hasn’t been discussed afaics.

    As most of you know, the cult does all their activities ‘by stats’. This includes selling courses and getting course completions. But back in the old days Extension Courses were not counted towards the stats as they are today. For those who do not know, Extension Courses are pages of questions that related to a specific Basic book or Basic lecture set. Some Extension Courses relate to new courses (eg: Marriage courses), but these are little more than a repackaging of existing Hubbard materials all dressed up in new and shiny covers.

    Extension Courses have been pushed hard at the missons and orgs, and often at the expense of other more costly courses. Extension Courses now count as a course competition, and finishing one will get your name The Auditor magazine. The cost of an extension course varies from region to region, but most are about $20-$30. While most courses, such as the Communication Course, require a fair amount of staff involvement to deliver (or, as with TRs, a twin) the Extension Courses, by contrast, require very little staff. A single registrar can grade Extension Courses for dozens of people.

    Another aspect to the Extension Courses is that, in order to do one, you have to buy the given book or lecture set that goes with it. As other commentators have noted, the reason for The Basics was to raise cash. The Extension Courses have given a means for orgs and missions to be able to sell those Basic books and lecture sets, while dramatically reducing the amount of staff needed to deliver courses.

    This aspect behind The Basics has not, afaik, been previously discussed. The interesting bit, for me at least, is in how this whole strategy (enacted since 2007) allows the orgs and missions to cope with a reduced staff while still being able to make an income. This whole line of thinking seems more relevant now given the cult’s current difficulties in getting events to happen.
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    Interesting, your post gives creed to my stance that the whole clamcult is really a book-cub blow out of all proportions.

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