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  1. If you have a spare computer and Internet access at home you can help iranians by turning it into a powerful server in less than 2 minutes without formatting stuff in it. You burn and start your computer with a downloadable CD and voila! The server will automatically start a system with lots of services ready to use.

    The system is called HWB Server and ofcourse it has a live CD which is downloadable.
    I'm VERY new to this and it took me just a couple of minutes to set it up.

    Follow the instructions on this site step-by-step.
    HWB Server - HackersWithoutBorders
  2. So do I just take the file that is downloaded and burn it on the cd?
  3. can someone please verify this?

    I have a linux box that I just took down and some ip's I could throw to this.

    I'm looking for an admin to post response here. If this is a reliable way, I can have an IP up very quickly.
  4. gurgled smu

    looks good, I'll try it in a few hours. Live CDs are pretty easy to slap together these days. And all of the servers on this disk have be applied as Live CDs for some time.
  5. Correct! Then start the computer with the CD instead of HDD (check your BIOS boot sequence).
  6. Don't hesitate to ask!

    Just post your questions here if you pump into trouble setting up a HWB Server.
  7. its a 174 MB ISO, burned fine with ImgBurn (windows) The Official ImgBurn Website

    you just boot it hooked up to your inet and then do what it says in the "And Now?" and "Distribute" sections of the the page HWB Server page. HWB Server - HackersWithoutBorders

    Pleas note this turns the box in to an open proxy from hell... that would normally be bad, but its a live CD and your running on a residential isp... worst thing they contact you and to let you know they think you've been hacked :) play dumb.
  8. Member

    I am not familiar with this one, will have to check it out.

    In the case that this is good and safe to use, do note that you don't have to reboot your computer to run it - running it from a VM might be enough:

    * VirtualBox (Free, cross-platform)
    * VMWare (Commercial, cross-platform)
    * Microsoft VirtualPC (Free, Windows 7 only)

    For those of you who already run it: Try to see if you can configure the proxy to be accessible only from Iran IP addresses. If there's no easy to use option, you may have to look into IPTables.
  9. Anybody have any idea of how to configure this to only make it useful to people in Iran?
  10. 2 servers ready to go

    How do I know the person I am helping is valid?
  11. Read the post above. Some basic knowledge of ip networking and the Linux command line will get you everything you need to set this server up and make it only accessible to Iranians.
  12. merge the

    I couldn't manage to allow traffic only from Iran. I had to try to solve it by configuring the firewall (iptables) but that took a while and it didn't even work. This is useless if you cant get to work only for Iranians.
  13. donjoe Member

    But what help are simple proxies anyway? Just to hide from the authorities what sites Iranians are visiting? I think it's much more important to give them a way to prevent their postings from being read and modified by the government (which IS doing such things), something like strong encryption...
  14. Then teach them to use Freenet. This is exactly the sort of situation Freenet is intended for. It's long since become a Hellmouth of pedophiles and other unsavory types. This would be an excellent opportunity to take it back.
  15. Also, the Iranian government is firewalling large portions of the internet. Our proxies will help Iranians get around that.
  16. Please provide tutorial on IPTables

    I'm a Windows person. Can somebody give a link on how to configure IP tables to accept Iranian traffic? What are Iran's IP ranges?
  17. tt23 Member

  18. ech0 Member

    I think the purpose of the HWB Server is that it can be hosted in Iran so that Iranians can communicate to each other in small forums.

    Even if the internet is shut down to the whole world, the iranian people can still communicate with each other.

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