A puddle of leaks

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by Puddle, Jul 11, 2009.

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    Re: The Auditor UK, issue 348 (2010).pdf

    Works for me.
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    Form letter from Jon Lundeen, Captain ASHO Day

    Evidence of the paranoia they instill in the cult members:

    "We are working like mad to keep the planet here long enough so we can apply the Scientology Technology that you as a trained Scientologist know how to apply." --Jon Lundeen

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    Super Power, Cornerstone newsletter (2010).pdf

    Super Power, Cornerstone newsletter (2010).pdf
    (includes updated list of Cornerstone Members )

    Named contributors with their photographs and blurb:
    • Joop Remmerswaal
    • Izzy Chait & Mary Ann Chait
    • Omari Kalaev
    • Mike & Coleen Carberry
    • Gulya Skovorodina
    • Aik Giordano
    • Michel Eugster
    • Timea Vojtilla
    Aren't these all strangely foreign names?
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    20100201 FSO ED 9330 10000 on or thru Solo NOTs campaign, expanded targets


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    Re: A puddle of leaks

    Thanks puddle
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    Re: A puddle of leaks

    Thanks, Puddle, we are comfortably wet.

    I see there is a space for charging Sales Tax on their "Donations" for courses and stuff.

    Do you have to pay sales tax on donations to American charities?

    And yes, I noticed in the last year or so the names are strangely foreign.

    All these poor frail deluded people, holding up worthless bits of paper.
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    Re: FSO donation rates (2000).pdf

    This is a pretty detailed price list that is worth having at least a gander at. Will prove very useful.
  17. Puddle Member

    Re: A puddle of leaks

    Well, it IS warm, so you shouldn't get any chills from being wet. ;)

    Which document or leak are you referring to? (just give the post number)
    (then maybe I could answer your following question)

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    Re: A puddle of leaks

    In many states they have to pay sales tax for the sale of books and tapes.
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    Re: SMI, How to Open Your Mission Manual (2000).pdf

    Thanks Puddle, I've been looking for this manual.

    lol page 47


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    Re: A puddle of leaks

    By request... for Sponge...
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    Re: A puddle of leaks

    Fuck, They're spreading like cancer. The cult of scientology of tampa buys ybor square.


    Fuck, They're spreading like cancer. The cult of scientology of tampa buys ybor square.
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    By request, 4 hi-res image scans of "the original crusader". (He appears 4 times in this IAS IMPACT issue.) Of course, hi-res scans of magazines come up with grainy images when zoomed in, but zoom out and the images look great.
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  27. Re: A puddle of leaks

    Who the fuck reads these damned magazines? These mags aren't even good enough to move my bowels, and I'll read just about anything on the can.
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    Re: Flag Land Base AO News (2010).pdf

    Says here that LRH says "Scientology is the science of knowledge". Oh? Not a "religion" of knowledge.

    Just remember that when a clam tries to back away from the notion that it is supposed to be a "science".
  29. Anonymous Member

    Re: Flag Land Base AO News (2010).pdf

    Page 6 - Man looking with pleasure at a menu comprised solely of different types of shit.
  30. Anonymous Member

    Re: Flag Land Base AO News (2010).pdf

    Page 9 says that we might have 10,000 scientologists on level OTVII within "months". That's great - the whole planet will then be under Scientology domination. Can't wait. Remember - might be within months. We might all grow 3 asses, too.
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    Re: A puddle of leaks

    make lousy TP too
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    Re: FSO donation rates (2000).pdf

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    Re: A puddle of leaks

    Thanks puddle for keeping the lleaks pouring
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    Re: 19730924 HCOPL 24 Sept 73RA, Religion, All auditors, Ministers, Ministerial Board


    Thanks. I find this to be personally interesting, and it brings back memories.

    When I was in, I made an effort to have this followed and enforced. My efforts came to naught. More than that, they were actively resented, resisted and (big surprise) got me into trouble.

    The nature of the response was interesting to me, or at least interesting to me at the time. After all, this is a HCOPL, a green on white found in the Green Vols. It is supposed to be policy.

    So imagine my surprise when I brought this to the attention of the ED and she purported to be ignorant of it? And that, having been made aware of it, she was NOT going to follow or enforce it.

    I did an investigation, and found that this HCOPL was not on the checksheets for any of the auditor courses or the minister's course. It was simply ignored.

    The ED later gave me a vague explanation (and she was clearly very uncomfortable) that while, yes, this was a valid HCOPL and was Ron's policy, "International Management" decided which policies were included on various checksheets and (unspoken) therefore followed. Basically, if IM wanted to ignore a HCPOL, it was to be ignored. The ED was in no place to argue. Neither, supposedly, was I.

    Anyone have the HCPOL or the HCOB that says that because auditors are ministers, they are supposed to wear ministerial clothing, including a collar? Yea, I tried to get them to follow that one too.

    I know, embarrassing. When I was in I saw stuff that was wrong (far more important stuff than this) and tried to make it right. Idiot.

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    Re: FSO donation rates (2000).pdf

  36. Puddle Member

    HCOPL 12 Feb 1969 RELIGION

  37. Kha Khan Member

    Re: HCOPL 12 Feb 1969 RELIGION


    And to think I also tried to get this followed and enforced. Then again, I thought we were a religion. :eek:
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    Re: A puddle of leaks

    By the time you were speaking up about these issues you had already been subject to horrific psychological abuse. Taking that into consideration along with the fact that you are now actively countering $cientology is proof positive that you are anything but an idiot. You rock.
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