A puddle of leaks

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by Puddle, Jul 11, 2009.

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    WISE Connection (April 2007).pdf

    WISE Connection (April 2007).pdf

    Includes articles:
    • Understanding the Credit Card Trap by Sandra Simmons
    • How to Increase Your Sales by Mark Hale

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    Re: A puddle of leaks

    Thanks for all these leaks.
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    Re: Ability mag, Nashville, Issue 7, May 2010.pdf

  9. Puddle Member

    Re: A puddle of leaks

    You're welcome, AO'N.
  10. Puddle Member

  11. Puddle Member

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    Re: Flag Tech News, FLB, Vol XXIII, Issue 2.pdf

    Thanks again. I do appreciate the heads up on this as I don't always download all the leaks.

    I just finished the Washington DC completions list from their most recent mag that was just leaked by the amazing and awesome Puddle.

    Their stats are just fabulously LOW.
  15. Ron B DED Member

    Re: A puddle of leaks

    Puddle's computer blew up after scanning 3 feet tall stack of documents. So Puddle probably won't be posting anything for a while. He asked me to forward along these links and list of contents. This list completes Puddle's leaking, at least for now.

    Mods, after you verify I'm not a troll (yes, I know this is my new sock's first post) please lock this thread after a day or so.

    Download links:

    MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

    MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

    MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

    MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

    MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service


    19700520 LRH ED 102 INT, The Ideal Org.pdf
    19851122 HCOB, Field Staff Member Repair & Revitalization List.pdf
    19880814 FSO ED 1944RC, Flag Land Base Arrival Routing Form, HGC.pdf
    19891008 FSO ED 1944RC-2, Re-sign Routing Form Div 4 & 4A.pdf
    19900806ra SPD - The Standard Student Points System.pdf
    19910906 IGN Bulletin 14, International Amnesty Guidelines by Mark Rathbun (1991).pdf
    19910906 RTC ED 450, Auditor's Day 1991 General Amnesty by David Miscavige (1991).pdf
    19940502 SPD - Personal Income Taxes.pdf
    19950713ra SPD - Legal Rudiments Checklist for US Missions.pdf
    19970507 IMEC Program Order 375, An LRH ED 339R Implementation Program.pdf
    20020216 FSO ED 6891 Introduction to the Flag Course Rooms.pdf
    20021202 FSO ED 7196R, Home Solo NOTs Auditors Project, to all mid-otviis leaving Flag.pdf
    20060719 FSO ED 8569 Selecting for Solo NOTs.pdf
    20081124 ASHOD ED 3127, ASHO Processing Services.pdf
    20100207 FSO ED 9336, March 13th 2010 Targets for the Tampa Bay Area.pdf
    A Guide to being an FSM for Flag Accomodations (2007).pdf
    ABLE Int binder of Narconon Chilloco pre-purchase PR pack.pdf
    ABLE pledge form and business cards.pdf
    ABLE, What will it really take to salvage Planet Earth.pdf
    AOSHUK Donation Rates (2009).pdf
    Ability mag, Los Angeles Org, special edition, Ideal Org grand opening (May 2010).pdf
    Ability mag, Nashville, June 2009.pdf
    Action mag, Seattle issue 390 (2008).pdf
    An Intro to Flag Auditing, your Hat as a preclear (2006).pdf
    Belleair Mission staff work schedule (date unknown, circa 2000-2007).pdf
    Cause mag 23 (2005).pdf
    Celebrity 370 (2005), Isaac Hayes.pdf
    Centre mag 78 (2003).pdf
    Clearwater Chronicle 23 Feb 2006, Dark Cloud of Scientology may loom over candidate's chances.pdf
    Code of a Sea Org Member (2002).pdf
    Course Room Asst Hat Folder, contents of a
    Cramming Order because member hasn't read the Basics yet (2009).pdf
    David Singer Enterprises, Singer System of Practice Success.pdf
    David Sonenfild, Hat Writeup, Body Registrar, Cincinnati org 96-98.pdf
    Delphi Academy of Florida, Parent Newsletter (2010).pdf
    Educational Essentials part I, Heron Data Sheet 6680 (1996).pdf
    Emeter - Mark Super VII Owner's Manual (1990).pdf
    FLB Advance Sceduling Registration Packet (2005).pdf
    FLB Advance Sceduling Registration Packet (2009).pdf
    FSO Accomodations Rate & Packages (2007).pdf
    FSO CSW re hill ten and changing staff schedules (2005).pdf
    FSO Requested donation rates for training & processing at Flag (2001).pdf
    FSO Requested donation rates for training & processing at Flag (2004).pdf
    FSSO Donation Rates (1998).pdf
    FSSO, Maiden Voyage 2004, OTA packet (2004).pdf
    Field Auditing, The Senior Profession (1999).pdf
    Field Auditor Weekly Report Form (2002).pdf
    Flag AO Solo Briefing vol 4 issue 5 (2006).pdf
    Flag Accommodations CD w FLB photos.pdf
    Flag Accomodations Donations (price list) (2002).pdf
    Flag Crew letter offers discount on unpaid acct bals (2007).pdf
    Flag Crew recruit survey (1988).pdf
    Flag Land Base drawing or map (old).pdf
    Flag Local News, Vol 3 Issue 5 (2009).pdf
    Flag Services CD in 5 languages (2006).zip
    Flag, A Simple & Concise Guide to Being a Flag FSM (2005).pdf
    Flag, Clear to OT, Enlightenment Binder (2005).pdf
    Freewinds 78 (June 2010).pdf
    Freewinds Christmas brochure 1988.pdf
    Freewinds Log, Issue 33 (2009).pdf
    Freewinds Log, Issue 34 (2010).pdf
    He will read and write in 20 hours guaranteed, postcard Applied Scholastics (2005).pdf
    Honorary LRH Personal PRO Manual (1996).pdf
    Hubbard College of Admin of FL, Application & Enrollment Form (1999).pdf
    Hubbard College of Admin of FL, Course Catalog (2001).pdf
    Hubbard College of Admin of FL, EPOCH Business Analysis Questionnaire (1988).pdf
    IAS Field Disseminator info with prizes (2010).pdf
    IAS event packets (2006, 2007, English, Spanish).zip
    IAS featuring Carlo & Jackie Di Lorenzo (1990).pdf
    IAS, Your role as an FSM (2005).pdf
    IHELP License Agreement (1990).pdf
    IHELP Membership packet (1991).pdf
    IHELP, Pro Field Auditor Weekly Report Form (1997).pdf
    IHELP. Enrollment & Disclaimer Form, & Trademarks (1995).pdf
    ISN issue 46 (2010).pdf
    L. Ron Hubbard, A Lifetime of Creativity (1994).pdf
    Letters show 349 Class VIII & 1070 Class VI auditors made (2009).pdf
    Living mag, Tampa Org, Issue 411 (2009).pdf
    MasterTech promo.pdf
    Mission Weekly Report Form (1995).pdf
    Narconon Chilocco briefing (1988).pdf
    Narconon FL 1991 solicitation w copies of letters to NN Int.pdf
    Narconon Trois-Rivieres Newsletter (Feb 2010).pdf
    Narconon, re Native Youth by Humanity Philanthropic Fdn Inc (2008).pdf
    National Bulletin Board, newspaper for Scientologists (Dec 1988).pdf
    New OT VIII Newsletter, Issue 67 (2009).pdf
    New OT VIII Newsletter, Issue 68 (2010).pdf
    OT Ambassador's OT Committee Org Board (2004).pdf
    OT Invitations - Clearing Crs, R6eW, OTI & OTII (2002).pdf
    PTS SP Course, HCOPL 23 May 1989RB Issue I, rev 5 May 2001.pdf
    Pinellas Co Government Org Chart by Pin Co Citizens Committee (Dec 2006).pdf
    Postulate seminar by Gerhard Schwandt, handouts (2006).pdf
    Power or Elite FSM Application Form (2000).pdf
    Proclamation, Clearwater Mayor Brian Aungst proclaims 13 Mar 2002 to be Narconon Day.pdf
    Promise of good behavior to MAA or Ethics Officer (1996 CSI).pdf
    Purification, A Scientology Guide to Life Improvement.pdf
    Ron mag, The Humanitarian, Freedom Fighter (1997).pdf
    SHSBC Auditor Certainty Course (materials) (1999).pdf
    SMI mission info
    SMI, More miscellaneous stuff for mission staff.pdf
    Selection slips (2000-2007).pdf
    Service Completion Award promo, US & UK (2009).pdf
    Shrink Assault, Bitter humor look at the psychs evil empire by Lorenzo Samuel (2000).pdf
    Source mag issue 175 (2006).pdf
    Super Power Briefing packet (2000).pdf
    Super Power, Cornerstone Newsletter (2009).pdf
    Tampa Org Student Letter Bombing (2007).pdf
    Tech Sec Hat Writeup, contents of a folder.pdf
    The Auditor (AOSH UK 345, 2009).pdf
    The Auditor (AOSH UK 346, 2009).pdf
    The Auditor issue 342 (completions only) (2009).pdf
    The Auditor issue 344 (completions only) (2010).pdf
    The Church of Scientology, An Intro to Church Services (1999).pdf
    The Secret Government, MJ-12, by Milton William Cooper (1989).pdf
    WISE Connection mag (June 2006).pdf
    WISE International Business Directory (2002,2003).pdf
    WISE International Business Directory (2004).pdf
    WISE membership agreement, Company member (1996).pdf
    WISE, LRH Matarials catalog (2001).pdf
    WISE, The Standard Dispute Resolution Service Guidebook (1998).pdf
    WISE, The WISE Membership Benefits Guidebook (1998).pdf
    Wake Up Program.pdf
    What I Think of Auditors, by LRH.pdf
    Why Audit Babies (2005 Mace Kingsley).pdf
  16. Anonymous Member

    Re: A puddle of leaks


    Also, thread bump.
  17. DeathHamster Member

  18. Anonymous Member

    They finaly got it

    YouTube - Scientology Is Free For Use

  19. Anonymous Member

  20. pooks Member

    Re: They finaly got it

    Major fognitions!

    It looks like the delusional duo believe that Scn is about
    to under go a new renaissance due to the internet!
  21. Anonymous Member

    Re: They finaly got it

    If Scientology is all about disseminating Truth
    and shattering suppression, and the internet does both of those,

    what could possibly go wrong?
  22. Re: A puddle of leaks

    wow... good luck with that guys.... That's the whole point.. Put it all out there. ALL OF IT! including Xenu and everything. Let all of this stand up to Scrutiny. DO EET FAGGOT!!!
  23. subgenius Member

    Re: They finaly got it

  24. Re: They finaly got it

    lol, Scientology is undergoing a going under due to the internet.

    All of Hubbard's fraud and scams have been exposed.

    Go back to Marty's Place, a heavily censored little corner of the internet and pretend the masses are going to let you two frauds perpetuate Hubbard's utterly exposed scams.

    Don't forget to set up LRH's RPF and Childrens RPF that you two have supprted for decades.

    L. Ron Hubbard's policies concerning the treatment of children is in and of itself child abuse. Are you getting rid of all of this child abuser's policies? Will you get rid of introspection rundown that locks members in rooms with no communication for weeks at a time and so many countless other abuses Marty?

    Scientology cannot exist without Hubbard's scriptures, policies and insane processing.
    Scientology is an abusive, controlling cult that needs to be ended not saved.
    Every single scientologist has been a victim of Hubbard's insanity, including you two.

    Many exes are getting better and actually enjoying their lives and freedom now. Let it go, for your own sake as well as all other former and current scientologists Do you still believe in entheta, then you are still under Hubbard's control.

    The gig is up, it's why the orgs are empty. Help those still stuck, life can improve for them and you, don't try to feed and sell em more of Hubbard's regurgitated insanity.

    Google: L. Ron Hubbard / Fraud

    Read It, There's no such thing as entheta.

    Marty Rathbun / Mike Rinder: WAKE THE FUCK UP! IT'S OVER. Get help for yourselves.
  25. Anonymous Member

    Re: They finaly got it

    "If people could download Dianetics on the internet...,... the recreation of that 1950's grassroots wildfire movement is almost inevitable."
    - Mike Rinder

    Well guess what Mike,
    and Dianetics is available everywhere on ebay, amazon for a few cents.
    so where is the "grassroots wildfire movement"?

    We are not in the 50's anymore. The real sciences of the mind have all moved on, while Dianetics is and will forever be stuck in the 50's.
    That's the real reason why no one is interested in it anymore and there will never be a renaissance of Scientology.
  26. Anonymous Member

    Re: A puddle of leaks

    Ok, say you're an evil galactic roolaah, and birth control methods never ocour to you, and next thing you know, a few million year have passed and you realize that you better get off ass.



    1) Find billions of pilots with their own interplanetary space craft. Who'll pay for gas and their own snacks & stuff. Also, ones who don't mind finding a rough place to land on some very rough terrain.

    2) Freeze unsuspecting citizens by the billion and store them. Note: find big storage space. Also, select citizens who don't have telephones or any way to contact others to alert them to the fact that hundreds of billions are being killed, door-to-door.

    3) Get the billions of bodies into the spaceships. Maybe get extra volunteers for that day ... or maybe for about 50 years. That's a lot of dead bodies now that I think of it. SHI-! Why didn't I think of birth control! Note: Fire some body.

    4) We'll fly past planets with volcanoes on them, and try to locate the yet to be formed Mt. Shasta, Hawaiian Islands, and other places. I'm hard-headed that way. Go figure. We'll have to get the bodies underwater where Hawaii has not yet formed above the ocean's surface and cram them in a volcanic fissure at the floor of the sea. Tough day for the volunteers. Ha!

    5) We're gonna have to catch the souls and work on them for a while. Have the carpenters make some magnetic soul catchers (good name for my band) and enough catchers for 300 billion, and some way to suspend them over volcanoes. Wait, too easy - volcanoes with BOMBS in them! Hell yeah!

    6) Carpenter's will have to make the soul theaters too, and we're expecting all souls to attend. Note: Make a 'Plan B' if soul catchers fail. that would suck.

    7) Don't forget to tell everyone to stay away from my eternally powered force-field thing. I can hear mom now - "you only bought that 20 million years ago, and now you've lost it?" Even if I did lose it, what's the worst that could happen?

    8) Buy stock in syringes, glycol and alcohol.

    9) PROFIT!
  27. amaX Member

    Re: A puddle of leaks

    How did blind man read book and dictionary?
  28. Anontacular Member

    Re: A puddle of leaks

    With fingers read braille?
  29. Anonymous Member

    Re: A puddle of leaks

    Drone planes fly into sun. Problem solved. Xenu dumb
  30. subgenius Member

    Re: They finaly got it

    someone's reading my mind
    damned if i know who it is
    they're reading all of my files
    stealing back my best ideas
    --they might be giants
  31. subgenius Member

    Re: A puddle of leaks

    thanks for noticing what these mental dwarves say
    i'd say they are the world's tallest midgets
  32. subgenius Member

    Re: A puddle of leaks

    I love you guise
  33. OTBT Member

    bumping old leak thread, due to the high quality leaks, and sheer volume of leaks.

    Noobs, please feel free to browse around this megathread.
  34. Mark Cabian Member

    I second your bump, old bean.
  35. andonanon Member

    Wow my three favorite leakers, OTBT, Mark Cabian and Puddle all in the same place.
  36. Ron B DED Member

    Hey mods, can this thread be stickied, pretty please?
  37. OTBT Member

    +10 internets to you, old man, if you know these old references.
  38. Mark Cabian Member

    As old as the memes, sir.
  39. Zhent Member

    Bump. Splash.

    With Australia now underwater there has never been a better time for some puddling.
  40. AnonLover Member

    reliving the greatness that is this thread

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