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Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by Puddle, Jul 11, 2009.

  1. AnonLover Member

    BUMP 4 Materials Search: Does anybody happen to have a transcript on this one??

    (i dont follow the tape leaks as closely as the book/magazine leaks, so I'm not sure where i should look)

  2. AnonLover Member

    Transcripts found for this whole set here:

    clarify i was missing - whats now called "classic lectures" were previously known as "the personal achievement series"

    and this particular lecture was elusive to search out cuz it was originally called "Man, Good or Evil"
  3. Anonymous Member

    Are you sure about this? Not disputing you, this just seems curious to me.
  4. AnonLover Member

    Yes. there's a long history of scilons re-packaging & re-releasing the same shit under different names. The Personal Achievement series fell by the wayside when they launched the "Classics" series, which includes those same lectures plus other stuff. relevant promotion announcing this stuff was spread far & wide in late 2009 and hit the market in January 2010:

    Scientology Scriptures Recovered & Restored... [not a scilon link]

    Previously, the "Personal Achievement Series" was the half "designated for people new to the subject" so it all the same shit just different packaging & promotion
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  5. Anonymous Member

    ^ That is useful information to know. I've wasted more than a few hours trying to chase down older sets only to later discover they were being resold under a different name.
  6. AnonLover Member

    lol - you are not alone in that futility, thus i posted what i figured out in my latest quest.

    note2self -- next time a anon-friendly FZ'r like terril or similar comes to hang out amongst us, we need to pick their brain for matching up historically re-named shit before the trolls drive 'em off.
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  10. AnonLover Member

    Anybody know what book reference this comes from? (I need to make a proper cite for it, and it doesnt appear to be a tech vol document)

  11. AnonLover Member

    Nebbermind, found it in the critical library scripture index (once i spelled all the word right. sheesh)
    OEC Volume 4 // TECHNICAL DIVISION (1991), p. 1190 (§ AUDITORS)
    OEC Volume 7 // EXECUTIVE DIVISION (1991), p. 1220 (§ DEPARTMENT 21 // OFFICE OF LRH)
  12. Anonymous Member

    All HCOPLs (Policy Letters) would be found in the OEC volumes, which were leaked by To Sir With Love in this WWP thread:

    The OEC vols have an index volume. In there is a chronological index. So you can take the date of an HCOPL you're trying to find, look it up in the Index volume which will tell you which book it is in. In this case, I checked OEC Index (1991).pdf and found that HCOPL on page 1190 of OEC vol 4 as well as on page 1220 of OEC vol 7.

    You will rarely find an HCOPL in the red volumes. The red volumes mostly contain HCOB's (B=Bulletin, whereas PL=Policy Letter) which are printed red ink on white paper. PL's are printed green ink on white paper and published in the OEC volumes... with a green-colored binding.
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  13. AnonLover Member

    Thanks for pointing this out, ^^This is where i always go wrong and need to commit this to memory...

    for some reason i often get it stuck in my head backwards - i dig up my OEC leaks for HCOBs and reach for the tech vols for HCOPLs. go figure.
  14. Paulius Member

    not found. Thanks anyway.
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  15. El Ron Member

    Not anymore they aren't:
    06 The Free Being:
    07 Man The Animal And Man The God:
    08 Scientology - Its General Background:
    09 The Deterioration of Liberty:
    10 Introduction to Dianetics:
    16 Confusion and Stable Data:
    17 Leadership:
    18 Postulate Out of a Golden Age:
    20 The Road to Truth:
    27 Survive and Succumb:
    29 Confront:
    31 Money:
    32 Salvation:
    36 ARC Triangle:
    37 Man's Relentless Search:
    38 Responsibility - How to Create a Third Dynamic:
    40 Control of Hysteria:
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  18. comanome Member

    Can anyone repost this? I am working on a set of ePubs of the basic books etc. I will post them next month when I have them finished. Anybody want to help? I am using Sigil to create the ePub files. I want to get all of the Books, Red and Green Vols into ePub format. It is much easier to read than pdf, smaller too.
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  19. Anonymous Member

    Good plan. Especially if all that shit can be sent to orgs and publics and all that.

    But it's utter bullshit to read. LRH was a retard. I don't get the plan to catch every bit of bullshit he wrote and trade it like NFL stickers. I guess it would matter if I thought LRH was worth a crap.
  20. Anonymous Member

    Lab specimens. Like bugs under a microscope. Hideous, but fascinating.
  21. This link does not work, can you do it again? Please..............Thanks.
  22. jensting Member

    quite funny, seen together with the post above.
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  24. Some links are too old.
  25. Wuilmer Member

    Does anyone have a new link for this pack ?

  27. Hi, looking for a new link for both keys to competence packs

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