A puddle of leaks

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by Puddle, Jul 11, 2009.

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    Re: A puddle of leaks

    Keep up the excellent work Puddle!



    An' cheers!


    (sorry I can't help with the web-proxy thingy, I live in the woods (literally) and a primative time ala 80's-90's web-wise :( )
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    Re: A puddle of leaks

    Proxies obtained. Thanks, guys!

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    Re: A puddle of leaks

    Glad to see the rain.
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    Re: A puddle of leaks

    Thanks for this, Again, there is not a single mention of Plymouth except for the org addresses at the end. This is very interesting, considering it is meant to have an OTC committee, and they have been running a drive to purchase an Ideal Org (lol).... Hhhmmmmm
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    Re: A puddle of leaks

    10,000 ref.pdf
    22 pages of Flag propaganda with photos from other areas. 2004

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    Re: A puddle of leaks

    Thanks, Puddle!

    As always, it's fun splashing in you. (Ok, that doesn't sound quite right. It's late, I'm tired, and I hope you understand what I meant.)

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    Re: A puddle of leaks

    awsome, i can now water my harddrive
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    Re: A puddle of leaks

    I understand completely. Thanks for playing!

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    Re: A puddle of leaks


    I don't mean to derail, just thought this pic was cute.
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    Re: A puddle of leaks


    Document from Narconon counselor in 2005, includes:
    • what you will need while at Narconon
    • Narconon Program Services Structure

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    Re: A puddle of leaks


    Thanks for the splash
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    Re: A puddle of leaks

    Puddle, thanks for all the splashes.
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    Re: A puddle of leaks

    I went through the classics list and cross-referenced it.

    The ones where the lectures have been leaked that I can find are as follows:
    The Story of Dianetics and Scientology (London Clearing Congress)
    The Free Being (SHSBC)
    Man the Animal, Man the God (19thACC)
    Scientology – It’s General Background (Phoenix Lectures)
    The Deterioration of Liberty (Washington Lectures)
    Introduction to Dianetics (Dianetics Lectures & Demonstrations)
    Scientology Zero (SHSBC)
    Miracles In Dianetics (Life Continuum)
    The Future of Scientology and the Western Civilisation (London Clearing Congress)
    Confusion and Stable Data (Hubbard Professional Course Lectures)
    Leadership (Success Congress)
    A Postulate out of a Golden Age (Washington Lectures)
    The Road to Truth (SHSBC)
    Games (Unification Congress)
    Knowingness (Hubbard Professional Course Lectures)
    Scientology and Tradition (SHSBC)
    Code of a Scientologist (Special Hubbard Professional Auditor Course)
    Survive and Succumb (Theta Clear Congree)
    Confront (London Congress on Dissemination & Help)
    The Progress and Future of Scientology (SHSBC)
    Money (Washington Lectures)
    Salvation (London Congress on Human Problems)
    Man’s Relentless Search (London Congress on Human Problems)
    Control of Hysteria (London Congress Nuclear Radiation Control and Health)
    Responsibility: How to Create a Third Dynamic (Ability Congress)
    ARC Triangle (Special Course in Human Evaluation Lectures)
    Org Board and Livingness (SHSBC)
    The Difference Between Scientology and Other Philosophies (London Congress on Dissemination & Help)

    I don't these lectures have been leaked:
    Para-Scientology or Superstition
    Something Can Be Done About It
    The Hope of Man
    Conquered Territory
    Scientology and Effective Knowledge
    Soul: Good or Evil?
    The Machinery of the Mind
    The Wrong Thing to Do is Nothing
    Scientology and Ability
    Increasing Efficiency
    Health & Certainty
    Power of Choice and Self-Determination
    Operation Manual for the Mind

    This one was missing from the image folder:
    Child Scientology (Freedom Congress)

    42 in total.
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    Re: A puddle of leaks

    Ok. Doing rain dance now.

    Sorry, no have. But hasn't this been leaked before?
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    Re: A puddle of leaks

    Yes it has.
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    Re: A puddle of leaks

    Thanks Puddle. It might be easier to give some kind of an idea of what you have so people can ask for stuff like above. I personally would love to see things like the old PABs or Staff Status II or Exec Status.
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    Re: A puddle of leaks

    Sorry, no can do. Puddle is thrilled to rain a little here and there when the rain clouds are being seeding with new stuff, but never intended to become the librarian of old mudpuddles. Occasionally, if Puddle is feeling charitable, Puddle may provide a little targetted rain shower if requested. If anyone wants to do a little rain dance for some rain, a PM is preferable. And if Puddle is feeling charitable, the weather may very well change.

    I don't have SS II or Exec Status courses.
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    Re: A puddle of leaks

    Understandable. Thanks.
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    Re: A puddle of leaks

    Thank you puddle Great leaks
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    Re: A puddle of leaks

    I would oo PMed the person who wanted this but they ask for it anon. so I pasted it here hoping they would see it.

    For Staff Status II

    The Pabs are all in the Techvols

    And For many other courses and tapes go to.
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    Re: A puddle of leaks

    thanks pu-pu
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