a Reliable versus unreliable news media (Was: Terrorism?)

Discussion in 'Anonymous News' started by BrainStorm, Jan 18, 2015.

  1. BrainStorm Member

    Do you believe in the mass media? Well maybe you should try viewing other sources of news, before believing in what you watch on the News.

    Maybe you are young and still think politicians or TV News wouldn't lie to the public... well that is fine, the only thing I ask of you, is to not believe immediately in what they say, use your critical thinking.

    Instead of labeling ppl conspiracy theorists, go check some info first.

    There are many independent news sources out there, you just have to take some time to read through them. For example the attack on France, did you not question it? Did you believe in it?
    Some independent sources are AlexJones and RusselBrand.

    Here are also some links:

    (allot of videos have been blocked by Youtube for allegedly violating the terms of service, but they can't block them all)

    This sounds familiar no?
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  2. BrainStorm Member

    You can dislike anything anon8109, but at least voice your opinion. Use communication please :D
  3. anon8109 Member

    I don't engage with trolls or with conspiracy theory enthusiasts. A downvote is all that sort of thing worth.

    I hope you recover.
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  4. BrainStorm Member

    It's funny that some ppl are eager to criticize or offend others, just because they don't know or believe in something.
    We could even call it hypocrisy, Anonymous focuses on subjects that are also considered conspiracy theories.
    Wake up and smell the roses my friend. They are not roses! lol
    The only troll here is you.
  5. Anonymous Member

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  6. BrainStorm Member

  7. OP, your "independent sources" are shit for brains.
  8. BrainStorm Member

    Funny nickname mate, I hope you never have anyone in your family with cancer.
    My sources are shit? What are your sources brain cancer? Fox News? BBC News? Come on...
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  9. meep meep Member

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  10. BrainStorm Member

    Here are some reliable sources for the ones who actually want to know:

    Gerald Celente - He had early political experience running a mayoral campaign in Yonkers, New York and served as executive assistant to the secretary of the New York State Senate. From 1973 to 1979 Celente traveled between Chicago and Washington D.C. as a government affairs specialist.In 1980 Celente founded The Trends Research Institute (at first called the Socio-Economic Research Institute of America), now located in Kingston, New York, publisher of the Trends Journal which forecasts and analyzes business, socioeconomic, political, and other trends.

    Ron Paul - Is an American physician, author, and former Republican congressman, two-time Republican presidential candidate, and the presidential nominee of the Libertarian Party in the1988 U.S. Presidential Election.

    Harry Dent - The founder of HS Dent Investment Management, an investment firm based in Tampa, Florida that advises, and markets, the Dent Strategic Portfolio Fund mutual fund. Dent is also the president and founder of the Dent Research and H.S. Dent Publishing.Dent writes and markets an economic newsletter that reviews the economy in the US and around the world by focusing on generational consumer spending patterns, as well as financial markets, and has written nine books.

    Kurt Haskell - A Lawyer and whistle-blower, he witnessed and survived the Christmas day underwear bombing. A month and half after he said he saw a person get on the plane without identification, it was admitted in congress. He also ran for congress in order to try to change things, but was unsuccessful.

    Christopher Monckton - A Jornalist and political advisor. Monckton created and published the awarded Eternity puzzle, a geometric puzzle that involved tiling a dodecagon with 209 irregularly shaped polygons called "polydrafters".

    Emad Salem - An FBI informant, who was a key witness in the trial of Ramzi Yousef, Abdul Hakim Murad, and Wali Khan Amin Shah, convicted in the World Trade Center Bombing of February 26, 1993.
    After the bombing, Salem stated that the FBI knew about the bombing plot, and agreed to foil it by supplying fake explosives to him. Salem taped his telephone conversations with FBI agents. Those tapes were provided to defense lawyers, although they were not used in the trial. In December 1993, James M. Fox, the head of the FBI's New York Office, denied that the FBI had any foreknowledge of the attacks.
    There are many other sources, you just have to research more for yourself.
    If you want to deny any info related to this topic, please present your sources also.
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  11. meep meep Member

    A failed political hack, a failed presidential hopeful, Dent of Dent inc Dent books Dent and more Dent, a failed Congressional candidate, a very good puzzle maker, a FBI informant with phone transcrips so worthless that his lawyers couldn't use them.
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  12. meep meep Member

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  13. BrainStorm Member

    What does it mean to be a failed politician from a corrupt political system that has only two parties? lol

    You want to deny without any evidence? Show me sources, then we can discuss =)
    Or you can just post memes. Because memes are enough proof lol
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  14. BrainStorm Member

    Another meme for you
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  15. BLiP Member

    ' . . . non-linear warfare where the aim is not to win the conflict but to create a perpetual state of destabilised perception . . ."

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  16. BrainStorm Member

    Nice clip BLiP, thanks.
    Very negative at the end, saying that we can't do anything against it.
    But I agree with most of what he says.

    The 1% are not after money, they are after power. We have to start thinking by ourselves and looking for information, instead of believing in what mass media says.
    We have the internetzzzz, best tool against the confusion and panic they are creating.
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  17. BrainStorm Member

    Found the rest of that video:
  18. BrainStorm Member

    Another good one if you have the patience to see a 2 hour documentary lol
  19. BLiP Member

    That's not what Adam Curtis said in that snippet. He merely pointed out that the general response to the imposition of control on western populations has been a collective amd resounding 'meh'. No denying that. One can extrapolate from his observation that for so long as the vast majority continue to respond in that manner, there really is nothing 'we' can do about it. As Curtis pointed out in an earlier documentary - The Century of the Self - 'we' in the west have swapped our responsibilities as citizens for the molly-coddled comfort of pampered consumers. Those who are herded to the margins of society as a consequence form so small a group and are so reviled that their angst and 'alternative' media can be safely ignored. Instead, 'we' have to wait for the inevitable climate catastrophe and/or total financial meltdown before there are sufficient numbers to effect the necessary change. Then again . . .

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  20. Anonymous Member

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  21. BrainStorm Member

    lol indeed... That is one constant in history, societies only change dramatically, with drastic happenings. It's kind of stupid really, we can see what is coming but we prefer to let it happen before we decide to change. Like one of does badly made road intersections that we hear about once in a while, everyone knows they are dangerous and should be fixed, but are only fixed after there are some casualties.

    A very grim thought, but I still have hope.. if we can open enough eyes, we can change this.
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  22. BrainStorm Member

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  23. Anonymous Member

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  24. BrainStorm Member

    You are showing one source, the one I linked is a story put together from many sources...
    again, use your critical thinking.
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  25. A.O.T.F Member

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  26. BrainStorm Member

    LOL that guy is too excited D:
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  27. A.O.T.F Member

    His name is Mark McGowan. Also known as The Artist Taxi Driver.

    Mark has an incredible social conscience. And a heart as big as the sun. He is my brother, my friend. He is you and me. He is all of us. He's an epic guy.
  28. BLiP Member

    The caak Al Qaeda is a lie . . .

    . . . the people of the United States are more likely to be shot dead by a police officer than killed by a terrorist, in the UK, the people are more likely to choke to death on crisps than be killed by a terrorist. Yet the populations of both nations are terrified of terrorists. Why's that?
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  29. Hugh Bris Member

    Because the governments want us to be scared. Scared people are easier to control
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  30. A.O.T.F Member

    It's called propaganda - The ultimate control mechanism used by governments, intelligent agencies, and corporations worldwide. Sick twisted fucks, who do not want to lose control, to inherently cement their status quo.
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  31. BrainStorm Member

    AlexJones is Anonymous? lol this guy is a bit crazy I have to say, but he speaks well.
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  32. A.O.T.F Member

    Never, and i mean never, associate Alex Jones with Anonymous. BrainStorm. Not if you don't want to be chopped up into little chick-let size bites, and fed to the masses. IT'S A BIG NO NO, around here.
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  33. BrainStorm Member

    I am not associating anything with anyone, he made a video pretending to be anonymous, so I thought I would share.
    Why would I be chopped into pieces for that? I am a concerned citizen just like any of you.
    If Anons are defenders of the public, wouldn't that send the wrong message? Or should I be afraid of Anon also?
    If yes then maybe I shouldn't be here expressing my opinions.
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  34. A.O.T.F Member

    Anonymous regards Alex Jones as being somewhat of a fruitcaek. An attention whore. A fame fag.
    It's OK BrainStorm, you are new, you didn't know. I like you BrainStorm. You are a good contributor. Don't take what i said too personally, or, seriously. It was all meant to be tongue in cheek. All's good, carry on ;)
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  35. BrainStorm Member

    Indeed he is a fruitcake and all that lol... I just see his stuff because of the sources he uses.
    It's ok hehe, maybe I am becoming too serious with age =P
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  36. failboat Member

    Preaching to us that we need to open our eyes to media that is not main stream when you haven't even been here long enough to observe what media we consume is not going to win you a lot of welcoming supporters.

    The users of WhyWeProtest are not a complacent collection of basement dwellers waiting for You and Your Fabulous Ideas to finally spur us into broadening our media horizons. We are perfectly capable of finding credible, well-researched news sources - who may or may not be main stream media - without guidance. Intimations to the contrary regarding our information-gathering abilities may cause some of us to become offended.

    We probably don't need a thread where you take it upon yourself to post every video made by every conspiracy theorist on YouTube, without pretext or context for any of them, without any attempt at synopsis of the key points, and without any directives or objectives - for seemingly the sole purpose of showing us that there are a fuckton of conspiracy videos out there.

    No really, we know there are a fuckton of moonbats out there.
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  37. BrainStorm Member

    Its not preaching, never was intended to be, its sharing information.
    And the comments I have made was in reaction to the label "conspiracy theorist" and the troll comments.
    Just because I am new here and you have been here for longer, does that give some kind of stats? We all have different backgrounds, so we shouldn't assume stuff.
    I understand that I might have come across like some sort of fanatic... but I am a humble guy, or at least, try to be lol
    That is also the problem of online chat, if some discussions were to be face-to-face, I am sure there wouldn't be any problems.

    I share what I find and I would like for others to do the same for me.
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  38. failboat Member

    The least you could do is take the time to watch & write a summary as you post each one of these videos you claim to care so much about, so that those of us who don't have much time can decide whether or not we want to watch them based on your informed account. A lot of people are also kind enough to post times (hh:mm:ss) for the good parts if they post long videos, so that those of us with too little time to watch the whole video can skip ahead to the key parts.

    Sharing "what [you] find" may not always be the best policy here. If you share poorly-researched, speculative material, which material may or may not advocate for radical and/or illegal behavior, and you try to pass this material off as factual and/or actionable, then be prepared to be met with scorn, trolling, and general humiliation.
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  39. BrainStorm Member

    Thanks for the feedback, I will take that into consideration.
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