A thread about police brutality continued

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Oct 29, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Yeah because a PIG throwing a flash grenade into a rescue attempt sure means the PIGS are the good guys, right? STFU

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  2. Anonymous Member

    Let's focus efforts on doxing the fucking PIG who threw that flash grenade. Ignore the bawwwing of 612 who has a thing for guys in uniform. Even nazis.
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  3. anonymous612 Member

    The protesters turned violent. The police responded with tactics generally agreed to be the acceptable response to a violent protest. At best Olsen is collateral damage. You launch those canisters, it's not exactly perfect aim. People get hit with them sometimes. That's why you pay attention to your fucking surroundings at a protest so you don't end up surrounded by a bunch of people doing shit like throwing bottles at cops. Because when the cops turn around and gas the protest, you'll catch it too. Protesting 101: stay the fuck away from violent people.

    Did you really expect the cops to just accept a bunch of glass bottles (which are weapons, by the way, before and after breaking) to the face? You do know riot gear isn't some sort of magic entirely-encompassing superarmor, right? You throw a glass bottle at a cop's face, he'll get hurt no matter what he's wearing. But you don't care, of course, because the only people you think have any rights are the ones throwing fucking bottles at cops. No one else involved gets to have a massive shitstorm about them when they don't go home in one piece, right? Only your precious OWS.
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  4. 00anon00 Member

    We can have this conversation without dripping sarcasm,you know.
    Someone(s) in the crowd threw bottles, therefore every protester is a criminal?
    The right to public assembly and free speech are American. That doesn't go away. If you think the police were acting appropriately in that situation then read the Oakland Police policy on riot control.
    They were throwing tear gas and flash-bangs at small groups of people who were running away.
    I support police. They have a dangerous job, their power to stop crime includes weapons. If they don't use those weapons correctly they need to be off the force. If they injure people when using the weapon incorrectly they need to be charged.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    We could also have this conversation without the Republican moonbats, but it's not my server ;)

    I don't support the police. They don't stop nor prevent crime. They always arrive after something has occurred and often abuse their authority. We only know of the cases where cops have been caught doing wrong. What about all the ones which weren't detected or prosecuted?

    At the same time, if the respective city fathers/mothers are so scared of the free exercise of the inalienable right to free speech that they MUST have cops there, why are the cops arrayed as if for battle? A baton isn't enough? I've never seen a protestor in body armour.

    No cops present = no bottles thrown at cops.

    Leave the people be.
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  6. 00anon00 Member

    "Collateral damage" is not acceptable for a police action. Police procedures don't allow opening fire in a hostage situation or car chases on city streets.
    You're right about staying away from violent protesters. That's a survival skill in case out-of-control people (including police) get violent.
    Srsly, there is a point here you seem to be missing. Take another look. I say this with the utmost respect.
  7. 00anon00 Member

    Not a Republican moonbat, Horace.
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  8. Anonymous Member

    Cops have riot gear including hard plastic visors and riot shields. Tell 'em not to cry, and keep on petting kittehs for the news, the faggots.

    The State doesn't have rights. Rights are the property of the People. The power of the State is supposed to come from the People, but instead comes from the corporations.
  9. Anonymous Member

    I was referring to 612.

    She really needs to get that sand out.
  10. 00anon00 Member

    It's odd because she protests, she should be able to see this. Maybe only small protests? Try doing it in a crowd, it will rock your world. I've seen police pull a guy down an alley and start beating him. An old lady stopped that by yelling "I see what you are doing! I'm watching!" over and over. It gathered a crowd and the police decided to leave it. Think people power.
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  11. anonymous612 Member

    Someone(s) in the crowd threw bottles, therefore it is a violent situation that needs to be resolved. Olsen was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Sucks to be him, but the police needed to restore order and stop the incoming attacks. Unfortunately he got hit in the process. That sucks, yes. But shit like that happens when protests turn violent. Why the fuck do you think we tell anons to knock shit like that off at Chanology protests?

    With what, shitty aim? If I'm a cop, and I need to pepper spray you in the face, and pepper spray acts like...well, like pepper spray, drifts all over the place, and catches the guy standing next to you, what are you planning on charging me with? Pepper spray is a bitch to aim. It pretty much always goes all over the place. You know what else does? Canisters like the one that hit Olsen. You can't aim that shit, it pretty much does what it will.

    Hate to break it to you but there is no massive gelatinous lifeform called "Government". The State is made up of people. And all of those people and all of those government workers and cops and politicians and teachers and janitors and accountants all have rights just as much as you do. They don't become second class citizens when they take a governmental job. You have the right to not be abused at a protest. Police officers also have the right to not be abused. The difference is, police officers also are required to maintain order. If your protest gets violent, law enforcement has to step in. Otherwise we wind up with riots, which just suck for everyone.

    I love that you think you know anything about me or my politics based on a forum post.
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  12. Glenn Beck Member

    I don't think you people understand that: law enforcement is there to protect you.

    You really do want them there.
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  13. anonymous612 Member

    They've clearly never seen a LEA go on strike.

    Hey, An0n0nym0us, do me a favor and look up police strikes. Take a gander at how many items on the list include the phrase "rioting and looting followed."
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  14. Anonymous Member

    612, while you pull your skirt over your head and defend the undefendable, you conveniently ignore with your blanket sucks-to-be-them attitude that the vast-vast-vast majority of protesters are doing so peacefully and unprovokingly. The police has a mandate to serve and protect; they don't have a blank check to napalm wherever and whenever they want when they're little feelers get hurt.

    When you peacefully protest and something goes wrong, you cry injustice; when others peacefully protest (on an issue you may or may not agree with) and something goes wrong, you conclude they deserved it. ssts

    Shallow girl, shame on you.
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  15. RavenEyes Member

    You're quite naive. The next time something happens to you or one of your loved ones, please don't call the police "after something has occurred". Then, my tax dollars won't be wasted on someone like you and you won't have to worry about having them abuse their authority. Win-win.

    We only know of cases where ANYONE in ANY ROLE has been caught doing wrong, including protesters. What about all the ones who weren't detected or prosecuted?
  16. anonymous612 Member

    Honey, two things.

    1) a protest that involves throwing glass objects at cops is by definition NOT peaceful.

    2) I'm pretty sure the police didn't use napalm. But feel free to back that up with dox. Oh wait, you don't have any, because you're exaggerating massively to make a point you can't make without needing to resort to hyperbole.

    Oh, I see where your confusion comes from. You seem to be under the impression logic applies to the anon poster.

    By the way, Anon.
    I suggest you find someplace without any police, and move there. I'm pretty sure your choices are Antarctica, hell, or some horrific eastern European town run entirely by the Russian Mafia. And I'm not sure about Antarctica.
  17. Anonymous Member

    Sweetie, one thing: context, which your posts are sorely lacking.
  18. Anonymous Member

    [612]And they found him *swoon*[/612]
  19. Anonymous Member

    No, asshole. US police are not enjoined to protect me.
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  20. Anonymous Member

    Oh, right. If it weren't for the Man, we'd all be running around wantonly raping and slaughtering each other.

    This tells me more than I ever wanted to know about the way you think.
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  21. anonymous612 Member

    Lol, okay, I'm sorry, I didn't know I was dealing with one of those people who thinks civilization should(/could) exist without any form of government or laws.

    My bad, I shouldn't mock the mentally handicapped. Carry on, sir.

    Fact. I would totally hit that. And not with a bottle.
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  22. Anonymous Member

    Maybe not you, but the other party would need that bottle, preferably full at the start.
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  23. Anonymous Member

    Your black/white logic is very cultic. You ought to watch that.

    Oh, and this is especially for you and your psycho pals in the bebop hats:

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  24. Anonymous Member

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  25. Glenn Beck Member

    I could careless what you do in Europe. Tear the place up.

    In the U.S. however, you really don't want to have your "occupation" overran by patriotic peaceful protestors. ...whaddy'a gonna do? -- The police serve you in this manner here in the U.S.


    Peaceful protester?
  26. Anonymous Member

    Children remember, children pay attention. Children, wake up.

    There would be no violence against protestors if the police stayed home. The protestors are peaceful. How do you know that the people tossing bottles and rocks were not agents provocateurs? The protests have been overwhelmingly peaceful. Police cannot justify attacks against peaceful protestors.

    Children, wake up.

    We must continue to use all abilities to keep the protests peaceful, those ANON who remember the beginning days of the fight against the clams surely remember the rules of engagement...anyone using violence of ANY kind is surrounded and sent to police. Can you not see in this the Canadian video that is what they did..and in so doing, they exposed Canadian police acting as agents provocateurs. ALL police in forces that have used violence against protestors must be exposed to public scrutiny, aka DOXed. If they do not wish to be doxed they should stay home and let the PEOPLE protest. THE POLICE and our GOVERNMENT made this war. We will not use weapons of bodily destruction but we must use those things we have at our fingertips to expose corruption, greed, and the intent to harm protestors. I am quite proud of the 612 and her sad ignorance. It is a testimony to the lack of education, and a nice cozy life in which you have not had to do without or struggle for anything.

    Those cops aka PIGS who behave as pigs must be exposed for what they are, PIGS. This does not include ALL police..this includes THE PIGS who turn their weapons on peaceful protestors all in a ME ME ME bid to keep what they think they have...which is illusion to begin with.

    For those acts there must be retribution BY THE PEOPLE as you surely do not think that the government that signs their paycheck has ANY interest in protecting and serving you. If you think they do, you're hitting the meth pipe too hard.

    What the cops did in Oakland is against the rules of war. NOW< if you cannot do it in a war, how the FUCK do you justify doing it against peaceful protestors?

    Obama stood in front of our nation and condemned Mubarak for his actions in shutting down the Internet and cell service, for his police forces acts against peaceful protestors. That day our government was voting on handing Obama his very own INTERNET KILL SWITCH. Obama never said a word about the BART shut down of cell service...local government claimed safety issues. Obama said over and over again how horrid the police were for attacking protestors...Obama used the attacks on protestors to invade Libya..they are considering the same for Syrian...but I have not yet heard Obama mention invading the cities in which police, AMERICAN police have acted in the same exact ways as foreign police...suddenly the traitor in the white house has joined the shut mouth society.

    This video is a compilation of Egyptian police brutality including the rape of a man you will see laying on the floor screaming in pain as the camera captures his anal rape with a wooden broom handle.

    But only stupid backward Egyptian cops act like that, gosh, Americans, in the land of the free...they know all the good things about civil rights, and freedom.


    Since Anontroll612 advocates for attacking protestors and gravely wounding them because someone (quite possibly agent provocateurs) tossed bottles at heavily protected and armed pigs (not one cop on the line that day that wasn't a PIG) then I think it only justice that ALL cops pay for the acts of....DOX the fuckers.

    Wake up children. They need us to stop protesting WS as badly as the clams need us to stop protesting them. Both sides are using whatever subversive and violent means as they think they can get away with. It is our job to be certain that NOT ONE PIG who attacks protestors remains unidentified and undoxed.
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  27. Glenn Beck Member


    You don't seem to understand that most American don't support ows. While many share the feelings of anger, they don't share the unspoken sentiments of ows. Outside of the liberal big cites, nobody cares about you.

    Even if NYC, LA, and SF fall for you and give in, most of America, the productive citizens. will not fall over and accept what you want us to. -- We have ALL the food, enjoy inner-city riots.
  28. Glenn Beck Member

    See, the problem is that there are many who oppose you. What are you going to do when you get over ran by people who oppose you. Peaceful people occupying the same space protesting in your face.

    You really do want the police there.
  29. DeathHamster Member

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  30. Anonymous Member are not a member of the hive, at the very least a newb...if you think that MOST do not support and that agendas are so scattered as to not have a clear message. Why does the message have to be unified? Who died and left you king of the minds of people? Who said you get to make the rules about how protestors must express themselves? Oh, do realize that each person who protests the clams has their own reasons for doing so? And, that if asked one after another why they were protesting, it would be rare that two people gave the same answer? What are the unspoken sentiments of OWS? Since you apparently excel at mind reading.

    People are angry. The banks got bailed out, we got sold out. This country is going to fuck in a handbasket and all YOU worry about is YOURS...YOUR job, YOUR food, YOUR insurance, MEMEMEMEMEMEME and as long as YOU have then you are certainly not going to bother or put yourself out for those that do not. And until all the people who are hiding in their closets hoping unemployment does not touch them, that a bank will not act unethically against them, that gas will stay a price they can afford, then fuck the rest of the people right?

    It is time to wake up to WE THE PEOPLE. WE WE WE...when one of us is hungry we are all hungry, when one of us is homeless, we are all homeless....oh, that's right, yada yada yada blah blah blah...STFU go home, drink YOUR beer, play with YOUR xbox, and go to sleep in YOUR bed because damn it you deserve it. NOW explain to me how the man in the Egyptian video deserved being ass raped eh? Explain how Louima deserved being ass raped by cops? Explain it. Then one day, when it is YOUR turn...what would you have US do?

    Wake UP children

    Since you appear to be a bit slower than the rest in understanding the overarching issues

    So who the fuck needs a run down of each and every issue that each and every protestor is bringing to the street? Clearly the force is not strong in GlenBeck. But then he's a multimillionnaire and unless we stop watching his lying slim bucket ass he's going to keep making millions of your stupidity. Stop cooperating. STOP...stop buying, stop. Stop bowing. STOP. Just stop cooperating...just stop.

    And to my relations I honor the first Occupy Protestors.

    Occupy Wounded Knee (first video history lesson that you no doubt need.)

    Occupy Alcatrez

    AHO Mitakuye Oyasin

    They've been starving us and taking OUR land for centuries. Now it is not just ME, it is YOU what?
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  31. Anonymous Member

    Who said I was peaceful? You have me confused with someone else.
  32. Anonymous Member

    Spokehole for the US you are, nao?
  33. slobeck Member

  34. slobeck Member

    lzy shaw is lazy
  35. Anonymous Member

    Glen, 612, please show me the projectiles flying through the air, the cops being attacked? Please, I am eagerly awaiting your expose of the violent protestors that had to be put down.

    CHILDREN wake the fuck up, it is YOUR turn.

    If you think it is going to get any better, look back at the first occupiers and see how they live now..average income at Pine Ridge rez...17 bucks a week, you twats spend that on coffee a week..herded onto land so far from anything that it would take two hours and lots of gas to get to a job in a city. Alcohol abuse and diabetes kill...every day, one gave a shit then, let's see how you do now that YOU are on the line.
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  36. slobeck Member

    612, I'm usually favorable to you around here so I won't inflict on you the tone you're taking with other people who are trying to relatively respectfully debate you. Take it from a friend, you're being rather "ugly" at the moment. I was really bothered with your "collateral damage" comment. So much so, I wanted to just go off on you. But I counted to 10...thousand and realized that tact might win the day instead.I hope you can self reflect on some of your posts ITT in a constructive way.

    But if you want to get into a troll fight with me, you know I'm always down for that. ;-)
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  37. Anonymous Member

    I clicked the wrong button...can't edit anon yeah, really. Execute me.
  38. slobeck Member

    lol. sorry to give you the impression that I was THAT bothered, i wasn't.
  39. James Spader Member

    Now gets its own little corner of the universe to snivel in, millimeters from the Dome.
  40. slobeck Member

    now come on, no need to be a bitch about it.

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