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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by commisiar, Dec 7, 2013.

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    This is rather simple this thread is about any charts that would be misleading or incorrect. I will go with this one as this rather new article is misleading at best until you read the comments and this is something they don't like, both charts are misleading because it simply shows the investors and public that we all would have at least two more years before the next crash.
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    ah I see, charts do have a rather uniquely strong effect for the misinformed and yet the high speed traders especially hate Nanex for printing out charts that show illicit behavior... This is a company who has been giving them a taste of their own medicine by trying to show with slightly inaccurate charts because its a difficult thing to make charts about these traders and about fraud with a powerful computer but still credible at what they put out. It's not always right though because it takes in a lot of information It's not misleading as the charts are only 40% off but they know it's not always right.

    Simply put this firm is trying to show that the highspeed traders are exploiting the rules, basically fraud on a level that is probably worth millions or billions at their illicit fraud. The traders don't like him and trying to argue what they do is scare tactics by simply showing clients about their charts.
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    what I mean is charts have a strong effect in wall street, it makes traders know when to buy or sell something however they can be exploited. By simply making a wrong chart it shows their is nothing wrong at all and they continue on, this is why some people aren't happy with Nanex because their curtain is being peaked in like the high speed traders, nobody knows exactly what the impact they do so whenever they see the charts they aren't a happy camper.

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