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  1. JohnDoe Moderator

    Iran has appeared in numerous headlines around the world in recent months, usually attached to stories about military exercises and other saber-rattlings, economic sanctions, a suspected nuclear program, and varied political struggles. Iran is a country of more than 75 million people with a diverse history stretching back many thousands of years. While over 90 percent of Iranians belong to the Shia branch of Islam -- the official state religion -- Iran is also home to nearly 300,000 Christians, and the largest community of Jews in the Middle East outside Israel. At a time when military and political images seem to dominate the news about Iran, I thought it would be interesting to take a recent look inside the country, to see its people through the lenses of agency photographers. Keep in mind that foreign media are still subject to Iranian restrictions on reporting. [42 photos]
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  2. Pique Member

    Thank you so much for that wonderful collection of photos.
    Sad for such a rich and diverse cultural heritage to be so fundamentally unavailable to not only those from away but more importantly to so many Iranians themselves. This is why. :)
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  3. iraniam Member

    Thank You so very much for posting these wonderful pictures.
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  4. Awesome photo portfolio, JohnDoe! Thank you!
  5. JohnDoe Moderator

    Agreed:) They are amazing - and it's so good to see how especially the girls have found ways to live 'normal' lives under the regime. I loved seeing the rollerbladers & kart racers:)
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  6. Chipshotz Member

    Very interesting. I see Iran in a different light now.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    As a followup to this wonderful piece of photojournalism, I present to you:

    Iran according to Kahmenei:

    View attachment ballistic%2Bmissile%2Bis%2Bdisplayed%2Bby%2Bthe%2B
    Here we see their former supreme leader giving his charming glare over a ballistic missile: A tool greatly desired by the regime to spread its belief system to the surrounding world. Sadly, being surrounded by the evil western forces has not made the use of such a tool advisable, given there are thousands more advanced ballistic missiles now pointed at them.

    The desired face of Iran and Iranian spirituality. There is a theory that Kahmenei is attempting to climb the stairs of heaven to become the next prophet, but gets irritated when he gets no answer from God. We couldn't confirm this theory, because he keeps putting guns to the heads of anyone who questions his popularity. We were going to quote him in this photo, but our news reporter who wrote on the previous photo was taken and imprisoned for charges of violating national security. Its been a busy day.

    Of course what would the supreme leader's version of Iran be without the bustling activity of Iran's people. Yes, this what Kahmenei wants to see everyday. Unquestioning support and being worshiped as a prophet, with unrelenting hate towards anything but his version of reality. We were going to point out that this is a very small number compared to the majority of Iran that enjoys doing other stuff, but the Basij police are pounding on our door now. We hope you enjoyed thi-

    As we can see in this political spoof to followup the OP's posted article, a country in the minds of dictators is simplistic. How can a dictator maintain a firm grasp if a country has rich diversity, new ideas, and smart minds? Short answer: A dictator can't. If Khamenei actually read the OP's article, he'd be in complete disbelief and would want the photographer, writer, and more than half the people in that photo to disappear for challenging his reality. Nay, just for existing. But the sad part is, the self-defined holyman is being challenged all the time, despite surrounding himself with only what he wants to see and pointing spears outward.

    Thank you very much to Alan Taylor for showing the real Iran. Knowing the many diverse joys and beauty of the country still exist is a sign that the regime's grip is not as strong as they wish it could be. May that grip slip further and further everyday.
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  8. lillylou Member

    @JohnDoe :
    Thanks for the beautiful pictures, so nice to see also 'sometimes' this country laughing, having fun, and so on...
    Teheran is So SO SO So SO Huge.:eek:
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  9. mrcruzi Member

    Thank you for the photos... it makes me miss Iran... there are so many beautiful places and people..i cant wait to go back..
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