A word of caution to fellow Anons

Discussion in 'Projects' started by Anonagi, Feb 8, 2008.

  1. Anonagi Member

    A word of caution to fellow Anons

    After being in protests against different groups before, and seeing what people are discussing, there's a few things that need to be brought up. I know this isn't the first time they're mentioned, but with so many people out there, they're just NOT. GETTING. IT.

    First off, the whole "Guy Fawkes" thing.

    Sweaters, hoodies, or surgical masks will look better than Guy Fawkes masks, as this isn't just Anon involved - there are alot of people Anon has reached that are going to these too, and we have to be indistinguishable from them.

    Don't do ANYTHING to stand out. It will be FAR more effective than any afro, guy fawkes mask, or suit will ever be. If you have to wear a mask, make it a surgical one.

    Have no way to identify yourselves as Anon, for two reasons. Depending on how these raids go, Scientology could be amused to downright pissed off. They're going to KNOW that we're Anon, but why give them concrete proof? Look at what they've done to people that spoke out against them, how they've destroyed their lives. If they know for sure you're a member of Anon, then they will try to track you down, and they are already planning to have OSA people or PIs try to infiltrate the group!

    As for the second reason, these protests are also recruitment tools against the Church of Scientology, and setting up for future protests - do you really think people will take us seriously if they see a group of people wearing suits, GF masks and black afros?

    If anyone asks if you're ANON (News Media WILL be there) tell them you might have heard of them - but you're just a group of concerned citizens who read about what was the Church of Scientology (NOT SCIENTOLOGY! THE CHURCH) was doing and came out to protest. That has to be the official stance.

    Scientology has no idea what to do about Anon right now and is taking Anon as SERIOUS BUSINESS. This is BECAUSE we are faceless right now. Imagine a Scientologist looking through the windows of his building and going "Why the fuck was I scared of this? It's just a bunch of retards in suits, afros, and Guy Fawkes masks."

    Scientology has a bigger spin machine than Faux News. Don't give them ANYTHING to work with. I have a feeling that by wearing these masks and everything else, any chance of actually saving existing members from Scientology is going to go completely out the window.

    The only level playing field that we have against Scientology is the fact that we have the internet. People have tried to fight the Church of Scientology either openly or covertly and have had their lives ruined, to the point they committed suicide. I say suicide as opposed to AN HERO because so many newfags don't get the point that these people ARE dangerous and they have the time, the money, and the patience to strike back at a time of their choosing.

    Don't give them anything to use as a target!

    The true power of Anon and the true reason why the Church is shitting bricks right now is because we ARE Anonymous. Meeting up afterwards, discussing the raids in anything besides the "secret hacker website" or at least taking some measures to protect your identity is foolish at best to dangerous at worst.

    Hell, in an ideal situation, two people wouldn't even KNOW they were Anonymous to each other. More like "Hey dude, theres a protest against Scientology on the 10th. Check out some reading material, let me know if you want to go, I think it's a worthy cause" as opposed to "LOL IMMA WEAR AN EFG MASK SCIENTOLOGY CLOSED DUE TO THETANS DESU DESU DESU"

    If anyone shows up at a protest looking like that kid in the cardboard sign and the hand drawn meme shirt, please, beat the shit out of him. It won't be nearly as bad as what Scientology would do if they got a hold of him and labelled him as an SP.

    Remember, they don't need to know dark parts about your past to fuck up your future.

    By the way - anyone trying to come up with a "secret" way to ID other anons is stupid. You know that the COS has scientologist plants on all the "secret hacker websites" that is recording and probably archiving all of this information, right? You think they won't know?

    Just my words of advice. This Anon will be there in San Diego - but you won't know it.
  2. Amomynous Member

    Bump for great justice.


    /cruise control

    For those of you reading this who are all like "But... what about the lulz?":

    The lulz will come later.

    If we fuck shit up now, THERE WILL BE NO LULZ.

    Srsly, this is srs business.

    There's a time and place for everything, and the 10th is a time for seriousness. Let's show the world we mean business.

    And when the rats are running out of their burning house of cards, we can dance and sing around the bonfire.
  3. But people from prior $cientology protests have worn Xenu masks and such. I think it is important we give the impression of a cohesive bunch.
  4. Xenuphobe Member

    I agree with all that, except for the suits.

    What's wrong with people wearing basic black suits and ties?
  5. Amomynous Member

    Some people will wear masks, some won't.

    You can't expect -everyone- do wear/not wear a mask.

    Some people are doing this strictly for the lulz, some are uber-serious.

    Most, I'd imagine, fall somewhere in between.

    I think the important thing is simply not to lose track of the bigger picture.
  6. dawnanon Member


    Sticky it, yo.

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