Aaron Barr Now Federal Contractor Cybersecurity Chief

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by The Wrong Guy, Oct 19, 2011.

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    IACP = I Adore Child Porn. No wait, that's not correct. IACP = International Association of Chiefs of Police. Which reminds me of this recent thread (manipulative demagoguery in red, weaseling in blue, notably shitty writing in green):

    The pastebin copypasta mentions the IACP meeting but makes no mention of Aaron Barr. Seems an oversight.

    tl;dr: Aaron Barr and his partner, Thomas Ryan, need to hire a competent writer for their fake press releases.
  3. 00anon00 Member

    9000 internetz for a Chicago anon who greets him
  4. lol
    will he ever learn?
  5. Anonymous Member

    So if I were Aaron I'd be like "damn anons, but I will someday show them I was right all along. They won't get me again, I'll be waiting. I might even make them try it again, I'll be prepare"

    also cawks
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    (lol stealth talk)
  9. Anonymous Member

    Given the degree of incompetence this man has demonstrated, I'm amazed they didn't make him a Senator.
  10. Anonymous Member

    How about Arizona?
  11. Anonymous Member

    I'd really rather not be facefagged but I give the Mods permission to confirm that I am one of the good guys.

    If not, cool story bro.
  12. Smurf Member

    I'm just curious.... I know Aaron Barr pissed off alot of chanologists when he threatened Anonymous and he reaped alot of butthurt for it... and was forced to resign from his job at HBGary.. but is he being stalked now? Is he threatening Anonymous again?

    Just trying to understand why some are determined to run his ass into the ground...
  13. Brb...
    getting popcorn for round two.
  14. For the almighty Lulz my fabulous Fag.
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  15. Anonymous Member

  16. Will Sherrif BACCA be there ?
  17. He is a threat to your countries National Security, Anons are just concerned citizins ;)
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  18. Anonymous Member

    Aaron Barr is working with someone named Tom Ryan to out the leaders of Anonymous before they fuck up the police departments and destroy the economy.
  19. James Spader Member

    ^ Is a dirty, dirty man, but in a good way.
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  20. I though the gop and the democrats already did that?
  21. Anonymous Member

    No we haven't had our food riot yet.
  22. Oooo....
    who will we blame for that one?
  23. Anonymous Member

    Typo correction: Aaron Barr Now Federal Contractor Cybersecurity Chef
  24. Anonymous Member

    ^^Is a dirty, dirty mod, but in an even better way.
  25. The Wrong Guy Member

    The BRAD BLOG : U.S. Chamber's Disgraced Smear Plot Conspirator, 'Anonymous' Foe, Aaron Barr Found Collaborating with Self-Appointed #OccupyWallStreet 'Snitch'

    To date, despite all of the known evidence of the two different extra-legal conspiracies in which Barr was involved while at HBGary Federal --- one on behalf of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, one on behalf of Bank of America, both under the auspices of a major D.C. law firm --- there have been no prosecutions, no Congressional hearings, no disbarments, no accountability whatsoever.

    According to the HBGary emails released on the Internet by Anonymous last February, it was the U.S. Department of Justice itself who referred Bank of America to the lawless lawfirm of Hunton & Williams for the bank's campaign against WikiLeaks. Is it any wonder then that there have been no prosecutions by the DoJ?
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  32. grebe Member

    I thought the lulzsec release of the HBGary emails was epic because

    1. HBGary was plotting to fuck up our Internets big time

    Really, the trash talk totally kills the mood, cuz usually after an Internet tough guy routine there is a big disappointing nothing.

    So stop it, Mr. Brown. Plz. Just release some meaty dox, or not.
  33. HellRazor Member

    IMHO, the lulziest parts of the whole Aaron Barr/HBGary Federal Epic Saga were:

    1. the epic raep of Aaron Barr's data (lol security)
    2. the serendipity in his juicy emails which turned into a clusterfuck for BoA, Palantir, etc.
  34. muldrake Member

    I have to wonder what qualifications that idiot has to do anything relating to cybersecurity. His mere presence at anything related to computer security in any form compromises it because of his personal weaknesses and the fact that he will personally serve as a lightning rod for attacks as well as a point of failure. Talk about doing it wrong.
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  36. 3rdMan Member

    Aaron failed upwards? I'm impressed.
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  38. Anonymous Member

    Yeah. Now he has something in common with all the criminally negligent bystanders on 9/11. I'll bet his mama's proud, though.
  39. Anonymous Member

  40. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator


    "Now he has something in common with all the criminally negligent bystanders on 9/11."?

    What the fuck are you talking about? More specifically: The fuck you smoking?
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