Aaron Saxton - Exit Story

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    Aaron Saxton - Exit Story

    Hi to whoever wants to read this.

    It's Aaron Saxton here.

    Some people have emailed me and asked me to post my exit story from the Sea Org. I have not done it as yet.

    One reason is that I wanted to concentrate on what we did as SO members to other people.

    The other reason is that I didn't quite know what to write, facts are facts but interpretation of events is always an individual experience.

    I was going to post it on ESMB, but to be honest, I have a hard time on ESMB as most there say they are ex-Scientologist when really all they are is ex-C of S members - half of them still beleive in the junk (LRH Tech) which I find, insane.

    So here it is.

    I was born Aaron Renee Tweddell. Auckland New Zealand. My parents Ron and Eva Tweddell were in the Sea Org before I was born, and I was raised outside of the SO. I like Pina Collidas and walks on the beach. As a natural Leo I am arrogant and self centered but loyal... OK, back to the story...

    I grew up in a shitty part of Auckland, but I had fun as a kid.

    I also grew up a Scientologist.I would overhear arguements between my parents about stuff that happened many lifetimes ago. I was taught form an early age that Scientology was super powerful; and that it created super beings. As a kid I looked on my parents as super beings I guess, who didn't?

    I would go into Auckland Org with my parents now and again, and I even did a few courses to learn study tech and communications courses.

    I signed my first SO contract when I was 7 or 8. I did not know it at the time, but my parents had already told friends in the SO that they could "have me" after I finished education.

    I believed from an early age that my future would be with the SO and I would save the planet. My friends didn;t believe in past lives and this other stuff, but I could tell from how my parents acted that there was an opionion that these were the "poor souls" that needed saving and one day would wake up to Scientology.

    As a child I listened to the tapes and read some of the books that were lying around. LRH talked about Earth as a prision planet. He spoke about how the human populations were brainwashed. He talked about "the truth".

    It never occured to me tat adults could be insane. Or deluded. So I believed parents. Ater all - shouldn't they know better? We listened to adults at school, it seemed logical to isten and believe my own parents.

    When I was 14, my father gave up on life, and told me he was going to drop the body, and find a new one. He told me to keep his things safe for him. He would be back in a while to collect them.

    3 days later he was dead. He gassed himself in a car.

    I was 14 then, and my birthday was just around the corner. The Local Cult called us in to give us "auditing" to help us get over it. I couldn't help but notice that it did not bring my dead father back.

    Two Sea Org members, Vincent Spataro and Renee Jefford came to Auckland and recruited me. They explained that if I joined the SO and saved the planet now, that I could prevent what happened to my father from happening to others. It was explained that if my father had continued the bridge, and not used excuses, he probably wouldn't be dead right now.

    So I joined.

    2 weeks later I was in Sydney Australia in the Sea Org.

    False documents were signed that said my nonexistent grandfather was dying in Austalia and I had to go urgently - this was used to get a passport quickly so I could get to Australia.

    There in the SO I remained from August 1989 to February 1996.

    I spent the first two years at AOSH ANZO, then 1 year in Florida at CMO CW, and then the rest oft he time at CMO IXU in LA.

    After I left the SO I secretly still worked for them until Late 1997 when I had a falling out with some Executives from Los Angeles and I refused to keep my end of the deal and provide inside knowledge on the location of some delcared SPs.

    That is when I truly left the SO and Scientology for certain.

    During that time in the SO a lot of things happened. I do not know how valuable it would be to really hear of the horror stories of what I did, and what happened to me.

    Things happened from people trying to kill me, doing my own dental work, to being followed on secret "non-existent" missions to other locations in the world for the Sea Org.

    Th entire time I was in the SO pretty much I always had a "policing role", usually in Division One.

    To leave it took me 10 months, where I was locked up on occassions and sec checked by up to 4 or more people per day. And when I did finally leave in Feb 1996 they made sure I still worked for them otherwise I could no longer get any work with public scientologists. I had no choice. They were my world and the SO owned them all.

    After my big finger to them in 1997 that all came to an end.

    What I think is important about the experience is the lessons learned. Some lessons only have come to light recently after studies in real science and philosophy and life experience.

    The more I live and learn, the more insane I realise Scientology as a subject really is.

    Here are some things I learned from the Sea Org:

    A. Ethics. Ethics as defined by LRH allows one to make decisions that do not requir consideration for the well being of any one person above and beyond that of another. So in other words, where a decision would morally have implications, I learned in the SO that under LRH definition, one can do away with moral consequence. Morals and Ethics were seperared under the LRH system, which is not a good idea. It made monsters where there used to be humans.

    B. Programming. It became evident that any human being could be easily programmed in or out of Scientology. All one needed to do was provide the correct stimulation to the senses whether desired or not and eventually you will get a result. I discovered it was impossible for a human being to be exposed to sensory triggers without SOME result. As a result fo this, the enclosed environment of the SO was very good at creating robots.

    C. People fear what they think will hurt them as opposed to fearing what will hurt them. In Scientology and the Sea Org, you are trained to fear different things. As a result you fear for other things that normal humans do not. As a result, the brain's mechanisim for dealing with actions that result from the emotional states of fear, saddness and pity etc. are warped. The result is that chemical reactions and neral pathways are adjusted to fear things that are not real.

    D. Belief systems override facts. I learned that belief systems not only could block out new beliefs that violated those beliefs, but they could also BLOCK THEM OUT ENTIRELY. In other words, a person would become incapable of evaluating infromation if it contradicted their blief system. I learned that was an excellent way to get people to do anthing - find out what they believe, and then present an action as a way they could act in agreement with their "faith". If you anted them NOT to do something, you showed them actions that violated their belief system, and the person themself would prevent themself from doing it - even if they were duped or tricked.

    E. I learned Scientology was not a religion, but psychotherapy. And it was ungoverned and hide behind religion. I learned that none of the preceptsof auditing stood up against logical scientific thinking and fell down as unproveable and the subject of delusion.

    F. I discovered that LRHs life was a lie. Total fabrication. Everything we were told in Scineotlogy and the Sea Org were all truths surrounded by fantastic lies so grand, that at first you could not believe such "truths" but there was always evidence which then made you think the rest must be true.

    G. I learned that any attempt to use auditing to create super beings is so flawed, that the very pemise of it defies fact.

    H. I learned that people enjoyed lying to themselves. Throughout my time in the SO I ound public scientologists that enjoyed the insanity of Scientology. As long as they were surrounded by others with the same sickness, it was OK as there was agreement that it was OK. Once they were alone with sane people, often it was the sane people labelled as insane for not "believing" and the sane people that were painted as insane.

    I. I learned that the SO has no understanding of human rights or human nature. And that through Scientology it is imposible to actually advance mans thinking. Scientology ends the age of reason for man if allowed to continue.

    J. Children in Scientology are brainwashed very early on to create the ideal Scientologist. It was truely sad. They could be raped, and the agressor woudl eb protected because they would never go to the police - but the victim might - so they were punished instead.

    K. I discovered I like Vodka with a twist of cordal and neat, no ice.

    There are probably other lessons learned in the SO and through my Scientology experience. The bottom line is anyone who is in Scientology is a nutjob waiting to happen, or is so self deluded that they already are a nutjob.

    This goes for anyone else too that beliefs in Scientology in the freezone movement. I have met such people and have never met more deluded people in the my life.

    The damage Scientology does to people is just phenominal and defies belief. People out of it for years and years will not research and get education, they will not learn science, they will not do anything that still could put into question their core beliefs which they all got from Scientology and it is very sad.

    The worse cases of abuse are in the Sea Org, which is a totally insane environment for slaves and people who wish to be punished.

    I have sympathy for them because their good parts are turned towards other areas.

    Please try to understand how totally insane some people in the SO are - they will NEVER leave. The OSA trolls that read all the info on all the message boards and know the truth are still in there - because they are insane.

    There are some real nutjobs in the SO and as more leave, it will be eventually a place only for nutjobs. People can be made nsane. It is sad that some sane people who joined the SO are now insane. It can be done. LRH proved this many times over.

    Freezone doesn't get much better either I'm afraid. Having a smile or a grimace on your face as you wipe the minds of a child doesn't make much difference in my book - your a fukwit either way. And charging money or not makes no difference.

    All Scientology materials should be shredded and put where it belongs - in the scrap heap along with other dangerous things like posion and DDT.

    In my public life since going to air in November 2009 I have met a lot of people of varying opinion about the SO and Scientology. I have come to accept that people who left the Church are still very sick people who have not actually sorted out their emotional issues or confronted reality. Most of them think that having left the organized Church was the solution when in fact they have never dealt with their actual problems.

    I like Anon because I have found the people to be real; well educated and advanced in most of their thinking. Although some of you are still faggots. ;-) and you suck.

    People on ESMB I have found in general are mostly sick people, with sick minds that are still suffering. And most of them will not accept help. This is so tragic.

    That is not for all of them on ESMB, but in the majority it holds true. Marty nutjob Rathbun has of late shown his true insane colors. I note now that a lot of ESMBers gave me flak when I first did my video on Marty labelling him for what he is...while anon was sort of like "Duh, no shit".

    Some on ESMB also donated recently to help me fight the Church in Court and it is hard to make the above statement. But out of thousands on ESMB, a handful donated. I really appreciate what they have done. But it is true, they most need help. Having said that, the ones that donated however have been the ones that seem to have their heads screwed on straight. And I thought that about those people prior to my donation drive.

    Anon on the hand are a bunch of fukwits and I love them and they donated in volume. Cause they like a good fight. And cause Anon likes to win. Anon by far represents to most real threat to the Cult above and beyond ESMB or any other activism. I would love to see 100,000 anon members.

    People in the limelight come and go. Some episodes last a month, some a few months, others years. I have had some limelight these last few months which was unintentional. I personally liked staging a tornado that hurt the efforts of the C of S, and another part of me didn't so much enjoy it and the bullshit that came with it.

    I will always be a member of the group that fights the Cult, and to that end, I will don my Anon mask now and again and return to make the call and let the Cult know we aren't going anywhere.

    I am withdrawing from the frontal fight against the Church but I will be around in other, far more annoying and infuriating way for the Sea Org. As OSA reads this now I am sure they are trying to think how... but they can't really think so it is no wonder they are 5 steps behind even a chimpanzee - no offense to the Chimp.

    I never much posted on WWP or ESMB anyways. Like other Anon members, I like to go out into the street where the real battle is against the Church. The same place where they recruit their next victims is the same place they will now and again find me - in their shitty little faces.

    So the above is kind of my story gone into another posting of sorts, but there you have it - I talk and digress sometimes.

    To DM:

    Hey DM, I heard a rumor you review every post that has the name "David Miscavige" in it. If that is so, can you tell me what it is like to masterbate when thinking of girls under the legal age? Strange how your overts ended up in someone else's ethics file as an overt on "thinking badly of DM". LOL.

    Perhaps you ought to review everyone who ever did a sec check, end ruds on you or read your files. Cause people have been talking. Did you ever get the files really vetted when the command teams got sent out? Oops...

    And P.S. say hello to your little dog. I hear it is going for Captian Right Arm. In your navy, you need a little more sea men on your poop deck backing you up and pushing things through to a done DM. Don't forget your man's last hope. Don't be a cop out and be half arsed about it.
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  2. willhaven720 Member

    Re: Aaron Saxton - Exit Story

    /lights candle

    /soft music

    /go time
  3. Herro Member

    Re: Aaron Saxton - Exit Story

    Aaron, you belong in jail for the things you've done. The least you could do is go to the police and try to take down parts of the Church with you.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Re: Aaron Saxton - Exit Story

    Thanks for telling your story. What happened with the PayPal situation? Are they still being shitheads or have they released the money?
  5. Missfit Member

    Re: Aaron Saxton - Exit Story

    can we make out nao??? ( sorry Will;) )
  6. EyeOnSci Member

    Re: Aaron Saxton - Exit Story

    Thnx for the informational and sincere post, Aaron.

    Congratulations on getting your sanity back after the mind control. That's a huge accomplishment.

    Glad to see that you relate to anon so well.

    I'm very sorry to hear that you lost your father due to the insane brainwashing of the evil cult of scientology.
  7. willhaven720 Member

    Re: Aaron Saxton - Exit Story

    Doh! ><
  8. Rockyj Member

    Re: Aaron Saxton - Exit Story

    You're an amazingly good man Aaron and you have my deepest respect.
  9. lingling Member

    Re: Aaron Saxton - Exit Story

    ^^this^^ bears repeating. Ban scientology. Promote s&m.

    At 14 and your dad just gassed himself? Definitely the most ethical people on the planet. So fukt in the head...

    No different from their narcanon, crimanon, grieving widow recruitment drives, is it (rhetorical)?

    My sympathies. And thanks for being such a loudmouth.
  10. star eht Member

    Re: Aaron Saxton - Exit Story

    I wanted to make a long argument about how he's more useful against the CoS outside rather than inside, how he actually take the blame for what he did wich is refreshing compared to a lot of high level exes, and how he admited in PUBLIC he did bad stuff wich mean the police already know about it and yet they didn't arrest him... and how him going down is no guarantee the CoS will follow.

    but since it's you i'll stick to this short summaries of various cons to your opinion.

    feel free to add something else beside "he did bad stuff he should turn himself in".
    life aint just about good guys vs bad guys, it has twists of good guys doing bad stuff knowingly/unknowingly, and bad guys who in turn can do more good than good guys ever can because of the bad-bad part.
  11. Anonymous Member

    Re: Aaron Saxton - Exit Story

    Thanks, Aaron. It's been quite the party.

    Scientology is just one manifestation of the human capacity for hyper-loyal bonding to insulated communities that subordinate reason to wishful thinking. There's a cult within the libertarians, the Maoists, within many alt med groups, many new religious movements, and many get-rich-quick human potential groups. There are cults nested within venerable old institutions and around charismatic artists. Gangs and crime syndicates are often cults.

    An orchestra needs a leader to keep everyone on the same tempo. Science and reason are a means to make evidence rather than personality the conductor that we follow. People who can reason and who can appreciate the process of science can work together around the globe without an identified human leader. But it's hard work for humans --too hard for many.

    We will always have cults as they are within our nature. I think we can live with them, provided they don't become too wealthy or too powerful.

    My story: I only became concerned about Scientology when I began seeing it linked to anti-medicine movements, and when those movements infiltrated the Institute of Medicine and then our medical schools in the form of departments of "integrative medicine." That shouldn't have happened. It's a sign that scientific standards have become corrupted --something we might not be capable of repairing within our lifetimes.

    But recently I read about homeopathy's kick in the arse by the GMC in the UK. And so I'm hopeful the humans will win this fight against the nutters.

    Cheers, mate.
  12. Anonymous Member

    Re: Aaron Saxton - Exit Story

    scandal is always good, please be hanging the dirty washing on the high line, with all the skidmarks and stains intact...

    nutjobs in teh freezone - indeed :D
  13. Anonymous Member

    Re: Aaron Saxton - Exit Story

    Call the police and file a report to have Aaron arrested. Then chill and take a break from shit-stirring for five minutes.
  14. chrisanon Member

    Re: Aaron Saxton - Exit Story


    Post vids.
  15. panzerknacker Member

    Re: Aaron Saxton - Exit Story

    Thanks very much for sharing your story and insights, Aaron.
  16. Anonymous Member

    Re: Aaron Saxton - Exit Story

    Aaron, Bro, you are an inspiration to me. Sincere comisseration for the shit that Scientology put you through. Good on you for putting it into the light.
  17. chrisanon Member

    Re: Aaron Saxton - Exit Story

    On a more serious note, to me the most striking part of Aaron's story was how the SeaOrg moved in on him right after his dad died. Predators always lunge for the vulnerability.
  18. Anonymous Member

    Re: Aaron Saxton - Exit Story


  19. WTF Member

    Re: Aaron Saxton - Exit Story

    Need support? Buy a jockstrap.

    Need sympathy? Look in the dictionary between "suicide" and "syphilis".

    Srsly, love ya mon--best wishes.
  20. MeganonOT8 Member

    Re: Aaron Saxton - Exit Story

    I read up to this point and started laughing... me bad... so far it sounds very interesting... but no haz time.
  21. XenuPhobic Member

    Re: Aaron Saxton - Exit Story

    HO-LY SHIT, Aaron. That was a powerful post.

    You have one helluva story. Your observations are spot on and it really is a testament to your own self that you are able to shed all the delusions that were completely ingrained in your upbringing to see the truth. Keep up the fight!

  22. thetanic Member

    Re: Aaron Saxton - Exit Story

    Personally, while I'd rather not take either of them, I'd rather take Marty than Aaron.

    At least Marty doesn't flounce every other week, wind up with a fair amount of cash, and then shit on a board full of exes. Yes, there are some Scns over on ESMB. There's even some people still in over there.

    Ya know what? People get out reading ESMB too -- including an OT 8 and an org staffer (that I know of so far this year).

    So, enjoy your angry little life, Aaron.
  23. Anonymous Member

    Re: Aaron Saxton - Exit Story

    I really like how well you just tell it like it is Aaron. It's all very well and good that these people are out of the cult and in the end they can believe what they want. But there are those in the ex-sci's that just can't let go of the tech, or they believe that DM is to blame for the abuses and L Ron was a great humanitarian. Not being able to even question those things after blowing means they aren't IN but they aren't completely OUT. Until they can at least step back and take a damn good look at what they clutch to themselves like a comfort blanket and address it, the C of S will always have a hold on them.

    You sir are one of the few who have truly broken free and I love what a positive fighter you are after going through all that crap. I'm sure the Sydney org will count it as a 'win' that you won't be attending protests again for now, but its gotta feel like a hollow win for them. Despite a fairly aggressive douse of fair gaming, you sound like you are far from silenced. I hope to hear more wins with your name attached to them in the near future. Xenu speed!
  24. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Re: Aaron Saxton - Exit Story

    Thank you once again Aaron, I've enjoyed your walls of text, interesting, candid and insightful they are.
    Sad about your Dad mate, I know he is far from the only one who has been driven to this sort of action/insanity, it is one of the many reasons WHY...
    Take good care and I look forward to your next visit and wall 'o' ..... :)

    @ Thetanic > Sometimes it takes getting angry to break a spell, and as far as I'm concerned Aaron has some very good reasons to be royally pissed, don't be so butt hurt if he doesn't want to play in a hug-box right now, if you read his story its not too hard to figure out why it would be slightly distasteful/uncomfortable to hang around folks whose heads are still anchored in the clouds and arms are still grasping at their chunk of LRon's blue sky, he probably finds it very frustrating (guessing on this). Just my small 0.02$ take on it.
  25. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Aaron Saxton - Exit Story

    Aaron, you seem to have overcome the brainwashing. Good for you. Keep up the good work and try to understand why sometimes people NYPA what you propose.
    I doubt the police would do anything, if the current trend continues...
  26. thetanic Member

    Re: Aaron Saxton - Exit Story

    Yeah, but, imho, Aaron ain't no mental health tour guide.

    Sure, there are people suffering on ESMB, that's what the board was made for: to help get people out.
  27. Anonymous Member

    Re: Aaron Saxton - Exit Story

    baww some more your tears are delicious
  28. Anonymous Member

    Re: Aaron Saxton - Exit Story

    ESMB is a valuable resource for moonbats slowly leaving. Its methadone for coming off heroin. Beyond that *insert lermas raisins out of shit spiel*
  29. Anonymous Member

    Re: Aaron Saxton - Exit Story

    Thanks for writing up that portion of your story, Aaron and for speaking out. I'm looking forward to seeing you and the other Aussie exes on Four Corners on Moday.

    I do think you're being overly harsh in your characterisation of ESMB, though. It is a CoS recovery board, after all, that is open to ex-culties of all stripes. And out of all the ex-Scn boards, ESMB is one of the least 'Scientologist' out there.

    And many of the members there have contributed greatly to the recent shit-kicking the CoS is receiving in the media and politically, especially in Australia. Although, I know it get's somewhat tiresome when people are carping at you about your every move, but that's the internet for you.

    Anyway, thanks for all you've done and I hope to see you at future Sydney protests.
  30. chrisanon Member

    Re: Aaron Saxton - Exit Story

    Mental health tour guides don't appear to exist in abundance anywhere in ex-Scilonville. I think Aaron's doing a great job of getting the Cult out of his mind.

    WWP is for people who want to dismantle the CoS. There will be nothing left for anyone to get out of. And nothing for Marty to take over.

    Off the top of my head, I'm here to:
    • Jail Miscavige.
    • Rescind the tax exemption.
    • Stop human trafficking and forced abortion.
    • Pay lawful back wages to all staff, with interest.
    • Pay damages to the injured.
    • Refund all members who paid for services they didn't receive.
    • Find out the truth about Lisa McPherson and all abuses.
    • Reveal Hubbard's plagiarized bullshit blather for the horseshit it is. Then people can choose whether to believe it.

    The goals above appear to interest Aaron, as well. I thought his post was terrific.
  31. AnonOfStout Member

    Re: Aaron Saxton - Exit Story




    That and the ever-present lulz.
  32. Hombre Moderator Skandinaviska

    Re: Aaron Saxton - Exit Story

    Is this the part where we all post THIS IS WHY?

    EDIT: fucker above me beat me to it. My post doesn't seem half as cool now :-(
  33. Anonymous Member

    Re: Aaron Saxton - Exit Story

    So what's happening with all the donations people from ESMB and WWP sent you Aaron?
  34. Anonymous Member

    Re: Aaron Saxton - Exit Story

    I imagine he's using the money for legal fees-- that's what the money was for. He won his first case, and his hearing for the second is in May.
  35. Anonymous Member

    Re: Aaron Saxton - Exit Story

    Can we get an update on the Paypal situation? Last I heard they had suspended Aaron's Paypal and it was uncertain whether he could access the money. Has this been resolved?
  36. Anonymous Member

    Re: Aaron Saxton - Exit Story

    Oh, I heard he all ready HAD Legal council b4 people sent donations.
  37. Anonymous Member

    Re: Aaron Saxton - Exit Story

    Lurk moar. There are TWO cases. The Sue Hunt AVO (dismissed). The Cyrus Brooks AVO (on-going and set to be heard on 11th May).
    There's a couple of threads specifically on the subject.
  38. Anonymous Member

    Re: Aaron Saxton - Exit Story

    inb4 the next chanology shit storm *yay*

    I did see Emma mention something to that effect on esmb chat an hour ago, would be good to get some clarification.
  39. El Diablo Member

    Re: Aaron Saxton - Exit Story

    Thanks so much for posting that Aaron! You're such a frickin' straight shooter!

    Oh, and because of your awesomeness - and much like we did with Phar Lap, and the pre-phone throwing Russell Crowe - Australia will now be claiming you as her own. :)
  40. grumpus Member

    Re: Aaron Saxton - Exit Story

    YES. YES. YES.

    Thank you, Aaron, for attacking the fraud of Hubbard and the fraud of Scientology at its core. Have NO MERCY for the so-called "tech" and its apologists.

    You have discovered through your own reason and experience that there is no "middle ground" in this war. Dianetics and Scientology is all fraud, con, and crime. It must be pulled up by the root and exposed.

    There are no "abuses" in Scientology; the practice of Scientology IS the "abuses."

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