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Discussion in 'Situation Rooms' started by KittyKatSpanker, Nov 30, 2013.

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  1. Rod Keller Member

  2. Anonymous Member

    wtf is up with posting these old vids?
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  3. Anonymous Member

    To anoy you
  4. Anonymous Member

    part of Anonymous is to post forgrotten Vids here enjo:

  6. fishypants Moderator

    A summary for us video-haters?
  7. Total honest admittance of responsibbility with mention of David miscavige, Mark rathbun, Mike Rinder, Arbortions, Mark Yeager as alsoo an ass, and more.

    Other than that a real human being talking and really worth watching

    I do every now and than

    Cancer Pants would be proud of me
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  8. fishypants Moderator

    Oh good. He's an ex- then?
  9. Ex CMO,honoury Anon, I am shedding a tear I am such a fag

    And he protested with Anon in Sydney

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  10. fishypants Moderator

  11. one more
    There is more but than you have walk to the wall of Anon

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  12. Sorry i still can find old lulz lulzy

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  13. fishypants Moderator

    I hope the third word on that T-shirt is "CAEK".
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  14. Rod Keller Member

    So why did he disappear?
  15. Money related drama.
  16. fishypants Moderator

    He disappeared?
  17. No he got money donated and it was without ties

    Some failfags expected him to be a shiney knight for Anon *cough*

    He set up shop New York growing flowers as Aaron Tweddle (mothers name I think)

  18. Rod Keller Member

    I'm happy he got out. If he re-appears to tell his story, it should be with a Tom Tobin or Tony Ortega. The existing interview vids are fascinating, but with so many unanswered questions. There's a guy on the ship, and some kind of security failure, then he changes the tape to fix it, and smokes a cigar, then somebody takes a polaroid of him, then he passes out, then the security card doesn't work, then they stop him from taking a flight. That entire series of videos is cryptic. The ones on the screen porch are excellent, but that Freewinds video has a long way to go to become a story.
  19. sallysock Member

    Please expand- I somehow missed something. Thanks
  20. sallysock Member

    For you...a VV article:
  21. Rod Keller Member

    Thanks, Sally. I recall that, but it's more of a visit than an interview. I bet if Tony had a couple of days with Aaron now, it would be an even better article.
  22. sallysock Member

    Agreed. It would surely be interesting.
  23. No, I just wishe it could be so
  24. No. Error.
  25. Indeed.
  26. I upvote you Cancer Pants I love you, I get emotionalwhenever Aaron is in play
  27. Thats kind of you but not necessary.
    If you want to make me proud An hero.
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  28. Thank you for posting that KKS.
  29. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    I recall him asking for $ to come to the US so he could really take on Scientology. No?
  30. Gottabrain Member

    Aaron was one of the most talented, passionate and sincere exes to speak out.

    He and his family were badly harassed and fair-gamed before he had made a full recovery when he stopped speaking publicly.

    That's my summary. Aaron was a good guy and I hear he's doing just fine these days.

    As for the money issues - he received personal donations with no ties and contacted every person personally and every donor was satisfied. Aaron left no legal debts to WWP or Exscn or any other ex for the legal and other harassment he went through. It was a lot. I wouldn't wish what he went through on anybody.

    It's great to see his vids again. Aaron is one helluva powerful speaker.
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  31. You ain't so bad yourself, great to see you post.

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  32. Gottabrain Member

    Thanks, KKS. I was never comfortable with public speaking, but the truth needed to be told - and still does, until the world knows Scientology for what it really is beneath the glitter - a scheming, scamming, stealing, deceptive, devious machine that enslaves and entraps the young and naive into a fantasy world where they lose everything - their goals, their rationality, their personalities, their health, their families... their lives.

    There are a few things I need to state about the Aaron donations.

    I know for a fact that over 90% of the donors specifically asked Aaron to use the money however he saw fit, but stressed they wanted Aaron to heal.

    At the time OSA turned its guns on Aaron for his speeches, Aaron was so upset by the lies and threats, the legal harassment by the Church of Scientology, the personal visits to his family, that he couldn't eat or sleep. He stepped down for his own survival - like many of us, he hadn't done what he needed to heal personally before taking on the fight.

    He is better now.

    Aaron has kept his word to the donors - he used the money to heal - just like they asked him to do.
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  33. Gottabrain Member

    KKS, I had a thought about this last night.

    It's such a travesty to see Aaron not using his talent here.

    This guy had 20 million hits with his vid:

    How about a re-do of Aaron's vids along this line?

    Maybe he'd be willing to give a bit of a talk about Scientology - the Religion that Ends Depression ('if you're depressed now, we'll take you all the way!'), or "Scientology for the Delusional - Leave Reality Forever!"

    Ask Aaron. Or maybe Anons can put something together from his previous vids?

    Just an idea.
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  34. Nancy Beazley Member

    Totally not true. Many good people got ripped off. And are not satisfied with Aaron's scam.
  35. Gottabrain Member

    NB, it wasn't an ideal situation, but what happened wasn't planned, so "scam" is not an appropriate word. It exaggerates the situation.

    I saw the emails and notes from the largest donors and much of the correspondence from the other donors. They stated things like, "I trust you Aaron, spend this however you like, I don't care if its for legal or whatever, just do what you need to have a happy life..."

    The donors were offered the opportunity to have others manage Aaron's money. That was refused. In fact, those offering to help Aaron manage his money were abused on ESMB for even offering.

    Aaron, who owned next to nothing at the time, wasn't good with money. Not exactly a surprise. Should the donors have expected otherwise? No! But they did. They wrote, they asked, they called, stating they ONLY wanted Aaron to handle the money. Frustrating to those of us who didn't feel he was up to it, but here you go.

    Aaron was spun-out and vacillating back & forth for weeks on whether he should go forward with the legal or not. No surprise there, he was quite public about the emotional turmoil he was going through. That didn't stop the donors from giving money, either.

    And Aaron really was going through that. Half a dozen of us spent a lot of time on the phone and in person with Aaron to try to help him calm down. OSA reps were visiting his family, digging up every bit of dirt, every Internet message he'd ever wrote, making up more, twisting things, adding their own horrible interpretations to everything. I saw the dox. It really happened - and Aaron was freaking out big time.

    He never had any real counselling before he started protesting. Aaron had issues. We ALL had or even still have issues. Aaron thought he was stronger than he was.

    That's not a scam, it's just unfortunate.

    Lots of mistakes on everyone's part. Pointing the finger at Aaron and calling him a scammer doesn't make anything right. You may disagree, but I knew Aaron personally and spent a great deal of time with him. He made me angry, too.

    Point is, he is doing what he agreed he would - he is getting his life together and getting some real help. And he did not leave us with any legal bills, either.

    It's a shame things didn't go how we had hoped, but isn't it time we all forgive Aaron for being human and cult-damaged and appreciate the fact he did all he could within limits he didn't even know he had? He broke, mate. I was there. Aaron broke and he ran as far as he could. It really happened.

    Ex's break sometimes.

    He's made a lot of efforts to continue the fight from the US, but the trust fell apart when he ran from his legal battle in Sydney so that never got off the ground.

    Maybe it's time to get through this Aaron saga once and for all. NB, if you know people still upset with him, they should speak for themselves or let it go and move on. For Godsake, that was all years ago already.
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  36. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    I would suggest, then, that if Aaron gets back into the anti-Scientology movement, that he just not ask for money ever again.
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