Aaron Saxton's trufax on Marty Rathbun..

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  1. _You_ Member

    Aaron Saxton's trufax on Marty Rathbun..

    The Truth about Marty Rathburn

    (I have edited this. After re-reading it I could see it was a bit rough)

    Hello to those that read these boards,

    This is information to those that support Marty Rathburn.

    Please read this, and evaluate the information.

    The Sea Org was created in 1967.

    David Miscavige came along in the 80's.

    There is a gap of some 13 years where DM had little to do with it.

    The big lie that you are being asked to swallow is that the SO was "right" prior to DM arriving. And so was the tech.

    The truth is that this statement could not be further from the Truth.

    What is the Truth?

    Did DM write the policies of the Sea Org which allow it to do what it does? No. LRH did.

    Did DM write or authorise the extensive use of disconnection, overboarding or ruthless ethics that allows the takeover of Earth via Scientolgoy at any cost?

    No, DM did not write these things. LRH did.

    I have spoken to those that were on the ship with Ron.

    There aren't many left. Most are dead. Or a freezoners.

    They will tell you the truth.

    LRH, the Messiah, was a madman.

    Marty would have you beleive that he will deliver to you the golden age of true Scientology.

    This is the same man who, prior to his arrival or DM's, had a madman called LRH stating that we had OTs, we have clears.

    And yet none have ever walked the planet.

    None ever will. Especially is you are using LRH tech.

    It would be nice to blame DM wouldn't it? But this is the wrong target. No matter how insnae DM now is, one should ask what made him so insane.

    It would be nice to say "DM changed the tech". And yes, he did. But this was 30 years after the fact that LRH tech failed to deliver any of what it promised.

    Perhaps it SHOULD be changed. Because LRH couldn't get it right either.

    The shocking truth is that there is no LRH tech that can create an OT. Or a clear.

    Marty would have you beleive that this is possible, and promise you that piece of blue sky that got you into Scientology in the first place.

    If there are any persons out there with OT abilities, understand that it is because they are different.

    If you edcuate yourself into the real world and understand how powerful a human brain is, it starts to make sense why we are here in the first place, in this technologicial age. There are animals on this planet that use sonar, near pre-cognitive reaction times, elephants that can commuicate via vibration at 50km, wales that communicate over thousands, sea creatures with eyesight 9 advanced than human bodies, dogs that can smell a thousand times better...this list goes on. It is astounding how powerful organisims are on this planet.

    Where did we get the idea that they were primitive? They are so advanced, it baffles the mind almost. Man is lucky to have arms, hands and advanced vocal abilities. How did we get here? Good question. The questions are being answered using science. The answers are making sense. The good news is that science at it's absolute level will acknowledge the existence of thetans once it is done. It has not set out to disprove religion or the soul, as others would have you beleive.

    If humans walked around with all the abilities that all animals alone on this planet have, then you would be an OT.

    Don't invalidate how powerful the human brain is. Have you studied it, really studied it, or just read an article or two? Or the organisims of this planet? We are truly unique. But you won't do that. You will call your brain primitive without ever stuyding it, because you were told that would validate you being "a body".

    You ARE a body, in case you hadn't bloody noticed. It is a wonderful thing.

    And if you treat it like it is garbage, you die. Millions of years of beautiful evolution results in this magnificent creation, and we accept some twit like LRH who says it is "nothing"?

    Oh dear.

    You will find that evolution of man while being of the brain and the mind, is because you have a brain.

    Let's use it.

    Here is your first chance.

    Find for me a time in Scientology, prior to Marty, the SO or DM was there was ever a true clear? Or OT?

    Try to find one for me that was created AFTER the SO was created and prior to DM, or Marty.

    There will be none found.

    If you are truly able to confront. If you are truly able to evaluate information, then evaluate and find out why all the tech hasn't delivered this.

    The answer is not that the tech needs tweaking. Or was misapplied.

    It is because it is the wrong tech to create an OT.

    Perhaps there is tech that can create an OT. But it does not exist in Scientology. Perhaps Scientology coupled with other tech can do this.

    A simple, humble way of life exists in the basics of Scientology.

    Good. Use that. Basic Tech, basic stuff. Why the fuck do you beleive that just because he made you feel better with basic auditing or basic tech, that this means he has the solution to everything?

    Why don't you just go to a doctor and ask them to cure everything? They will tell you they can't and will tell you they can help to an extent. They don't lie and say they can do it all. They get locked up for making false promises.

    As they should. As LRH should have been, too.

    Basic auditing is great. You feel wonderful. I liked it. But to validate imaginations as the real thing sets up a deadly proposition for the mind to accept. Is there any harm in auditing out "imaginations"? If you knew they were just imaginations, is there any harm? Your still resolving the ficitous incident and looking at how you did so. Is there an harm in this?

    If you understand how a brain wires together memories and triggers, there possibly is some danger in this. Taking away the triggers that fail to let you feel fear when there is a lethal spider in front of you IS DANGEROUS. Taking away the triggers that make you capable of holding conversations with men, instead of running away from them because you were raped as a child IS ADVANTAGOUS. Having the Triggers removed which make you capable of being duped IS DANGEROUS.

    We have all seen the shows that show you a person scared of a spider, cured, then able to pick it up. Thats great - but those are just plain spiders with a less than fatal bite. No matter how cool you are around spiders, picking up a funnel web spider in Australia is suicide. You will be bitten and you will die. No spider expert is the world would ever touch one. Ever.

    So we have to be careful about what triggers and fears we strip away. Fears are OK. They are there for a reason.

    If we try to understand that LRH was TRYING to create a clear, TRYING to create an OT. He couldn't do it. And he failed. He himself couldn't even be one. And he felt guilty. So he lied and told you he created it.

    Sure, money had something to do with it. I have no doubt LRH had by 1975 enough money... so the game was control and to be a messiah, a much more attractive proposition. After all, if money just gets you luxuries and power, then being a messiah gets you even more.

    He wanted the top job. Not just to be a God. But the creator of Gods. Wow. Those are pretty big shoes to fill.

    Faiths, beliefs, the Egyptians and other modern Science agrees that the creation of an OT may be possible.

    But it is not in Scientology.

    All this time you have been told that Scientology can create it. It is no better than a doctor who promises he can heal spinal injuries and yet to date has never done one successful operation.

    And your just going to lie down and get cut open? You must be insane. Surely you would take more care than that? Surely you would ask for proof before handing over your mind to a person? But we didn't.

    Why did we BELIEVE that LRH tech could create this? Why did we BELIEIVE that Marty, who is part of this great lie, can give us what we want?

    Because you were told. And again, you will not THINK.

    And Marty stands before you today, offering more hope. And that is all he will give you, hope.

    If you want to live with hope, and no results, go stay with Marty. Or advanced Scientology. Plenty of "hope" for sale.

    Blame DM, blame this or that. But for Gods sake, lets be grown up and blame ourselves for falling into a trap and buying it hook, line and sinker.

    Marty is in that Trap. And he, who couldn't stand the thought of being lied to his whole life, must justify his existence and beliefs. And he will accomplish this by getting you to agree that we were all duped, and that the "truth" is still there for us.

    LRH, the man who lost a son to suicide. A man who lost his wife to jail. A man who lost his other son through disconnection. A man who lay on his death bed with only a few friends left, the rest all declared by DM, and if not by DM, LRH took care of declaring them all before DM was even in the Sea Org.

    Perhaps UFOs do exist. Perhaps there are Alien races out there. It is possible. But none of them, if they land here, are going to tell you that they were mates with Xenu. Or that they were implanted 75 million years ago with you. Science agrees that the likelihood of aliens is probable. To what extent their intelligence? unknown.

    Other lines of data would indicate that we have had extensive alien invlovement. Some proof exists.

    The confirmation of any of the above does not validate Scientology. Rosewell was pre scientology. The first instance of UFO reporting was in 1917. So, while keeping an open mind, let us just evaluate the arguements placed before us.

    When you can accept that you were lied to by the man you most trusted, LRH, you might start to get somewhere. It hurts.

    I know. It really does. I would have died for him. And he lied to me. That SOB. I dislike him very much for doing this. But he is dead, and left a legacy behind that contans some good, but mostly a lot of unresearched, and dangerous techniques for altering the mind - and thus the brain.

    Marty will offer you a way out. Beleive in LRH, and despise the Church in it's current form and it's leaders. This will validate your poor decision in Scientology and also validate that your hopes can still come true.

    Good luck to you.

    If you go over to Marty's camp, see DM fall and reinstate a new method of Scientology, I will hear from you in the future.

    Give it 20 years. And we will again have tails of you being duped.

    Right now, if you will not evaluate because you have a belief in your mind that will not allow you to evaluate. It has been shown and proved that belief systems of the highest order through MIR scans will actually automatically reject data contrary to the belief system you have in place. Thus it results in no evaluation.

    We all had our chance. We were told of clears. We were told of OTs. We saw no proof. We did not ask for proof. Why?

    All the evidence in the WORLD will still not result in you being able to accept what I write, or make a responsible decision in the light of total evidence.

    You feel like lashing out. Hitting that "reply" button and scream at me "I have the right to believe...". But don't hit that button. Because this isn't about what you beleive. This is about facts. You can sing all you want, the fact is what did LRH do between 1950 and 1982? Don't know, go find out. How old was DM when he joined and what was it like before DM arrived - oh yes, boats full of happy happy clears and OTs dancing in the winds of Orion.

    And the reason is because your not interested in facts. Your interested in BELIEVE and BELIEF.

    But if that's what you want you have no arguement from me.

    Or sympathy.

    Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

    Now, stop reading, go fly off with Marty into horizons that only exist in your head, enjoy your head in the sand and don't fight real battles that need to be won for our true freedoms.

    Who cares about an egotisitcal vice to go OT when we live in a world that is destroying itself?

    LRH said if you go OT, this would solve the world problems. But it won't. Complex manufacturing processes, energy provision to the planet is solved through research, brains and excellent execution. Not through the attempt to create an OT that can wish it out of thin air.

    I feel almost ashamed that while aorund the world people are suffering, my personal goal was to go off an be OT... ouch. How human was I?

    My heart was in the right place. And that's what I dislike about Marty, DM, and LRH. They take the most authentic people like you and I that want to do nothing but help, and then mold it.

    There is no doubt in my mind that the people reading this have the best hearts in the world and only want to see peace and prosperity for all man and every spicies.

    You are worth your weight in gold, and then some.

    You will spend $100 on a book and not a can of beans to a homeless guy. Ugh, do I want to know you? I think so, but let's help others out first. Thats probably more OT than most. Human Aid workers are OTs. That Australian Doctor that cured eyesight for thousands, thats OT. These guys make a real difference.

    Have you ever given a toss about the guy in the Congo getting his head blown off? The civilian in Afghastan getting bombed? The famines in Africa? The overpopulation of Earth? Your civil rights being taken away? The mess the 20th century has created for this planet in 50-100 years??? There are REAL people out there with REAL sanity getting solutions to these REAL problems. Do these things concern you?

    I think that they probably do.

    Scientists aren't "ignorant fools" who need to go OT like we were told. These are smart people that need help from people like you and I to make real world changes.

    Because one thing is certain, most of you guys care. When your told the truth.

    No LRH tech will solve this. LOOK. Of course, you would have to be willing to look at what's really going on inside the world, as opposed to inside your precious, all important head. Mine included.

    Are we selfish human beings? Do we want OT... have we reached "human" yet?

    We don't deserve to be duped.

    I hope I offended people with this. I am not in the business of validating flatout bullshit or lack of ability to evaluate. We can see straight, when we take off the stupid glasses.

    Marty is prescribing a new pair. The lenses are the same. The frame is different.
  2. WTF Member

    Re: Aaron Saxton's trufax on Marty Rathbun..

    ...OP could use some False Data Stripping

    or maybe just some stripping tits or GTFO
  3. nowout Member

    Re: Aaron Saxton's trufax on Marty Rathbun..

    Agreed. TL;DR
  4. kristijoyk Member

    Re: Aaron Saxton's trufax on Marty Rathbun..

    I agree with Aaron whole heartedly....anyone who has taken a psych 101 course can see Hubbard for the mentally disturbed man that he is....and every facet of Scientology is a mirror to LRH's mental illnesses...
  5. grebe Member

    Re: Aaron Saxton's trufax on Marty Rathbun..

    OP is a half measure. Probably gud.

    tl;dr: A friend who makes you pancakes on a Saturday morning is a thousand times better than any dream of the God-man or goofin' about with your own floofy super powers.
  6. WTF Member

    Re: Aaron Saxton's trufax on Marty Rathbun..

    [STRIKE]A friend in need is a friend indeed--
    but a friend with weed is better
    a friend with breasts
    and all the rest
    a friend who's dressed in leather ;-P~~~~ [/STRIKE]

    [nomedia=""]YouTube- Placebo - Pure Morning[/nomedia]
  7. Re: Aaron Saxton's trufax on Marty Rathbun..

    What are you waiting for
  8. WTF Member

    Re: Aaron Saxton's trufax on Marty Rathbun..

    be careful what you wish for

  9. EyeOnSci Member

    Re: Aaron Saxton's trufax on Marty Rathbun..

    Wonderfully stated by Aaron.
  10. _You_ Member

    Re: Aaron Saxton's trufax on Marty Rathbun..

    That's some major TL;DR
  11. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Re: Aaron Saxton's trufax on Marty Rathbun..

    A little redundant, and some bits are rambling, but generally, this is right on the money.

    TL;DR: Mahty is just repackaging the same piece of blue sky LRH sold Scilons from the get-go. No clears, no OTs, even before DM. LRH = MR = full o' doody.
  12. Re: Aaron Saxton's trufax on Marty Rathbun..

    I wish AS would get his shit together on his YouTube channel. It's full of "this video has been removed" stuff, without any explanation as to why.
  13. _You_ Member

    Re: Aaron Saxton's trufax on Marty Rathbun..

    I asked him and he said he removed them intentionally, he wants to lay low right now
  14. _You_ Member

    Re: Aaron Saxton's trufax on Marty Rathbun..

    That's a bit extreme imho. He could simply stop making new videos for as long as he wants and this would be "laying low" at the rate he was going, but removing them is a bad idea. They're really valuable and nothing to be ashamed of at all. Anyway, his vids, his choice.
  15. _You_ Member

    Re: Aaron Saxton's trufax on Marty Rathbun..

    How do we know that Aaron said what's in the OP?
  16. _You_ Member

    Re: Aaron Saxton's trufax on Marty Rathbun..

    It's copypasta'd from esmb
  17. Shinythings Member

    Re: Aaron Saxton's trufax on Marty Rathbun..

    Well, if LRH could create OTs, he should have been one. So far the only hability I know he ever had was gettings people's money.

    Whats the sauce of this thing? I'd like to read the FZ responses for the lulz!

  18. DeathHamster Member

    Re: Aaron Saxton's trufax on Marty Rathbun..

    Hubbard said that Clears don't need glasses. (And he laughed in private when he got a bunch of dupes to toss away their glasses and stumble out of the hall.)
  19. CantPickaName Member

    Re: Aaron Saxton's trufax on Marty Rathbun..

    LOL priceless!!

    I was listening to a L Ron tape and in it he is telling a story of the space opera and tries to remember a number and then says "I forgot" during this story

    no perfect recall i guess
  20. _You_ Member

    Re: Aaron Saxton's trufax on Marty Rathbun..

    I was reading Ron De Wolff's (ie. Ron Jr's) evidence to the Clearwater Commission. LRH wouldn't let Jr use his reading glasses while he was in Scn, so he suffered migraines.
  21. DeathHamster Member

    Re: Aaron Saxton's trufax on Marty Rathbun..

    What? But the fat faker wore glasses himself! (I wonder if his lectures were partly so rambling because he couldn't read notes without putting them on.)

    Early on, he used excuses like "sensitive eyes" or that he was injured/blinded/crippled/dead from a shell explosion or something.
  22. CantPickaName Member

    Re: Aaron Saxton's trufax on Marty Rathbun..

    too much faping to all the millions he was raking in
  23. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: Aaron Saxton's trufax on Marty Rathbun..

    Aaron and Marty should just get married already.

    This is one huge fucking man crush going on here.

    edit: and no I didn't read it, just saw that aaron is sending yet another marty lovegram.
  24. genoramix Member

    Re: Aaron Saxton's trufax on Marty Rathbun..

    why all those TL;DR in this thread? i think this is a very good read for exes who still believe in the tech. Maybe its best place is not on WWP, but for ESMB i'd say its a must read
  25. pedrofcuk Member

    Re: Aaron Saxton's trufax on Marty Rathbun..

    jeez boy yo sho can talk!
  26. Anon123456 Member

    Re: Aaron Saxton's trufax on Marty Rathbun..

    next person who brings up marty rathbun should be set on fire. or at least dome locked for a day or two.
  27. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Re: Aaron Saxton's trufax on Marty Rathbun..

    No, we should bring up MR and set him on fire.
  28. Smurf Member

    Re: Aaron Saxton's trufax on Marty Rathbun..


  29. WTF Member

    Re: Aaron Saxton's trufax on Marty Rathbun..

    Give a man a fire--keep him warm for a day. Set a man on fire--keep him warm for the rest of his life.
  30. _You_ Member

    Re: Aaron Saxton's trufax on Marty Rathbun..

    I was going to bring up Marty Rathbun, but I tried a little Pepto Bismol and I feel fine now. I think the fava beans were a bit underdone.


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