ABC Lateline - Forced imprisonment on the Freewinds (2011-11-28)

Discussion in 'Media' started by Zhent, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. Xenu Is Lord Member

    My concern is for all aboard. Life expectance for cruise ships is 30 year and this one is 43 years, I fear we will read abut a major incident one day. The remaining handful of culties will all drown. Also are the cult members dumping money in to a sinking ship?

    Heidi: What about the handful of older cruise ships still in operation, how do they make it past 30?
    AE: There are ships from the 1950s still in operation, but it costs. Realistically, after about 30 years of a relatively efficient life, things start to happen. Normally, a cruise operator receiving a run-of-the-mill new ship will keep it and maintain for about 25 to 30 years. Then it is sold down-market and maybe operated for another 5 to 15 years before either it's scrapped or deployed for a few more years in special circumstances, such as for duty as a Mercy ship (floating hospitals for the poor) or as means of transport for developing countries

    Read more:
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  2. It's not just a 'religion', it's an adventure and a floor shine.......

    The newer upper Operating Thetan levels are performed while exteriorized.......

    At some point Freewinds guests need to say.......

    WTF am I spending all of my money and time doing???????

    To LRH's red-headed step-child......Hip, hip........
  3. Apparently this paying in more ways than one parishioner was unaware of the beloved 'Commodore' L. Ron Hubbard's Overboarding Policy.

    The before photo is quite disturbing enough, is there an after photo?
  4. mnql1 Member

    Translation of a French article posted on Dec. 3, 2011 on the website of Paris Match:
    Esclave en haute mer. 12 ans dans les griffes de la scientologie
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  5. Random guy Member

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  6. Anonymous Member

    Cult is desperate to bury this story with some "exclusive" Tom Cruise fluff pieces from his Mission Impossible PR machine in India.

    Clearly it's not working
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  7. PodPeople Member

    "This clandestine marriage weakened the organisation's influence. Like all totalitarian organisations, Scientology strives to make individuals feel alone in the group by controlling both their thoughts and their emotions. Chris and Valeska's secret marriage gave them the decisive momentum to escape. A month after the ceremony, they left the cult. The couple still lives in Australia. The birth of a child crowned their quest for freedom, and Valeska is again pregnant.

    For Scientology, the young woman's testimony is a web of fabrications and exaggerations. The church will no doubt say the same about the story of Melissa, Valeska's younger sister, who also broke away from this "religion". However, the judges who receive the complaints filed by former members around the world may have a different opinion."

    Wish we could transplant some French reporters here in the U.S. media. This is excellent reporting and insightful, imo
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  8. Using LRH's books to wipe your ass. Would that take shit off or put shit on?

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  9. Sponge Member

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  10. Anonymous Member

    Most likely the bold part below is just a Google Translate error, but figured I'd post it anyway, just in case.

    Google Translate version

    Original post!/2011/12/descobrindo-melhor-o-freewinds.html

  11. DeathHamster Member

    ^^ The Boheme aka Freewinds wasn't launched until 1968, so 1962 ref is confusing.
  12. telomere Member

    ITT: Squirrels Gone Wild!

    This is how it's done:

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  13. OTBT Member

  14. subgenius Member

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  15. xenubarb Member

    And all they got there? News that TC's people hired a bunch of locals to cheer for him as he arrived, without even knowing who he is. Lulz. So very lulz.
  16. TinyDancer Member

    A third statement by the CoS International about Valeska:

    www dot scientologynews dot org/statements/freewinds-valeska-guider dot html

    (I realise it was quoted on VV by CoS trolls, but I searched this thread and didn't find it.)

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  17. Sponge Member

    ^So that one is the fully polished generic turd for display on the scientologynews . org website, as opposed to the more personally addressed rough buff for ABC news because, crikey, they wouldn't want their scientologists knowing where the original article is which warranted such a response. I mean, holy xenu, scientologists might feel compelled to go to one of the merchant of chaos news sites and actually see it! (that is, the ones who have internet and TV access and aren't imprisoned in the engine room of a ship full of slave-driving moonbats somewhere in the Carribean).

    Btw, I've never heard of ABC news being described as a "tabloid" before.
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  18. It's an adjective they use to mean "media outlet which criticises Scientology, and must therefore be bad".

    A bit like how "disgruntled apostate" means "ex-member who criticises Scientology, and must therefore be bad".

    I guess it's the attack-the-attacker / what-are-your-crimes? principle at work.
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  19. Anonymous Member

    "humanitarian iniatives"

    uh oh! COS has more MU's!
    COS thinks those words mean trolling for fresh meat for their Sea Org in the Caribbean and dumping asbestos prior to it being dry docked by the Curacoa authorities in April of 2008.
    The vid above shows some of their "humanitarianism" pertaining to it's crew, COS members and people who performed on the "motor vessel" and were never told the crew, the passengers or guests about the blue asbestos, even though they were alerted to it by Lawrence Woodcraft MANY years prior.
    yup! That sounds very humanitarian!
  20. mnql1 Member

    Translation of an interview with Valeska Paris posted on Feb. 2, 2012 on the website of French daily Le Parisien:
    Une ancienne scientologue : «J’ai perdu tout un pan de ma vie»
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  21. TinyDancer Member

    Woot! Way to go, V!
  22. jensting Member

    Very much so! And the kind of story that just did not pop up out of the blue four years ago :)

    Best Regards

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  23. Anonymous Member

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  24. mnql1 Member

    Translation of a French article posted on Feb. 22, 2012 on the website of the weekly Swiss magazine L'illustré:


    Photo caption: When Geneva native Valeska Paris was 19, she worked
    as a waitress in one of the Freewind's restaurants. In this photo, Valeska
    is with the cult's spokesperson. The poster in the background is of
    L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology.


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  25. Anonymous Member

    Swiss bank accounts much?
  26. TinyDancer Member

    Thank you again, Valeska and mnql1
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