ABC Lateline - Forced imprisonment on the Freewinds (2011-11-28)

Discussion in 'Media' started by Zhent, Nov 28, 2011.

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    On some/many ships, non-crew employees might also hand them over "as normal practice".
    But ships that routinely imprison crew and non-crew passengers usually hoist this as their "flag of convenience"

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  2. Sponge Member

    Lulzy scenario:

    Journalist calls CoS PR: "We are doing a documentary series on scientology and we wondered if you won't mind ticking off the names on this list of over 1500 ex-scientologists, indicating which ones are apostate liars and which ones aren't"
    CoS PR: "What?"
    Journalist: "Well, we figured it would be easier and would save us both a great deal of time".
    CoS PR: "We can't do that"
    Journalist: "Why not?"....."I mean, everytime we do a story involving an ex-scientologist and come to you for a response then they have always been apostate liars accordingto your conclusions, so we thought that since we have this rather convenient list of all the exes that have spoken out publically about scientology then you could maybe just go through the names and...."
    CoS PR: "That's ridiculous and you should just give us your story before publishing so we can vet it for truth on case by case basis as and when required"
    Journalist: "Could you tell me, after any ex-scientologist has spoken out to the media in the past, and you were asked for a response, when was the last time you didn't call them an apostate or a liar or both?"
    CoS PR: "Erm...."
    Journailst: "So, anyway, about this list..."
    CoS PR: <click>
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  4. telomere Member

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    correction tho... over 1600!!
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  7. DeathHamster Member

    Since they've registered the Freewinds in Panama, I assumed that they'd be slacker, especially since they're not dealing with insurance companies or seaman unions.

    (It's probably a good thing if the Freewinds isn't insured. Someone would make a cunning plan to sink it in order to make his reg quota for that week.)
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  8. Anonymous Member

    Nothing of value would be lost, as long as the ship were evacuated of all its slaves and prisoners.
  9. Anonymous Member

    Asbestos/oil/chemicals in the water? FISH ATE DYYYINGGG!!!1
  10. xenubarb Member

    Hell, we just throw your passports over the side for the sharks. And you as well, if you don't play us a lively jig!
  11. xenubarb Member

    So many opportunities for YT comedy routines...
  12. Sponge Member

    It's a particularly big hurdle for a young girl in an unfamiliar place where the officials are probably very friendly to the scientology ship. She'd have no chance trying to convince anyone after the Blow Drill team kicks into action and starts interfering.

    The Freewinds' itinerary changes next month. Three new islands. Barbados, St.Vincent and St.Lucia. I wonder how much of a "friendship" has been established or whether there is any skepticism that can be exploited.
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  13. Anonymous Member

    Think of the lulz, divers would be headed down to salvage bits of gold, moneys, whatever - and the cult would be bawwwing about OT levels getting stolen...
  14. DeathHamster Member

  15. DeathHamster Member

    Hang on, some of them might have life insurance policies. Unleash the regges on the next-of-kin!
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  16. Sponge Member

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  17. Anonymous Member

    Early 1960's
    Australia, the first country hubbard sought to make a scientology run continent

    Late 2011
    Australia, preparing to slay the beast called scientology?
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  18. heatberd Member

    Louanne Lee · Los Angeles, California

    Anti-cult news based on lies (from scn PR) and opinion, and victim testimonials and eyewitnesses. Disgusting.
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  19. Sponge Member

    Don't be silly, that would never happen..... oh wait....
  20. Anonymous Member

    She was a minor when she was forced to go to the ship against her will and without her parents.
    With no passport.
    Unable to leave of her own volition.
    Forced to do hard labor.
    Human trafficking for purposes of forced/slave labor.

    While disconnection is repugnant, it's the forced onboarding (in all intents and purposes - kidnapping), hard labor and trafficking that will stick strongest, IMH and IANAL opinion.

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    And chew on this, cult

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    Let's see .. seven divided by a billion = 0.000000007

    Short imprisonment sentence needs to be less short.
  24. Sponge Member

  25. anonanchovie Member

    Valeska, so good to see you free! You were about 13 when I saw you last, you were off to Flag, next I heard you were on the Freewinds, then silence for 12 years or so, now this. Good on you. Do you know of Colm Mc Laughlin?
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  26. AuntAnonymous Member

    What a powerful testimony. Good on you Valeska and all ex-members who speak out. Thanks OP for posting this.
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  27. Anonymous Member

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  28. Sponge Member

    Cruise Law News - Breaking News and Legal Commentary Regarding Cruise Ship Passengers & Crew Members Around the World
    Woman Alleges False Imprisonment on Scientology Cruise Ship "Freewinds"
    Published by Jim Walker of Walker & O'Neill, Maritime Lawyers, 28th Nov 2011
    Comments open

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  29. another123 Member

    I wonder if gossip rags would enjoy this little time-line? You've got:
    • Tom Cruise Birthday (short actor)
    • Stacy Francis (x-factor)
    • Valeska Paris (hostage/slave)
    all on Scientology's Freewinds at the same time... poons?
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  30. Anonymous Member

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  31. Anonymous Member

    Unless I missed it somewhere, it looks like Scientology has stopped denying that they get underage kids to sign billion year Sea Org contracts.

    One year ago, they were still denying that they hired underage kids for staff...

    Scientology insider details 'nightmare' childhood



    "Aged 10 - On Staff Full time"
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  33. subgenius Member

    Just posted this, let's see if it shows up:

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  34. Anonymous Member

    OK this could be a useful bunch of people to contact, and would be able to advise on maritime law.

    International Cruise Victims (&quot;ICV&quot;), a U.S. non-profit organization founded by Ken Carver after his daughter mysteriously disappeared a cruise on the Celebrity Mercury. The ICV is responsible for creating awareness of RebeccaCoriam%28DailyMirror%29.jpg dangers on cruise ships which the cruise industry would prefer the public not to know. Due to the ICV's hard work, last year President Obama passed the Cruise Vessel Security and Safety Act.

    Victim Support is a non-profit organization based in the United Kongdom which provides free and confidential help to victims of crime and their family across England and Wales. It also speaks out as a voice for victims and campaigns for change.

    The hard work of Victim Support has been recognized of late, with the Daily Mirror in the UK publishing an article yesterday referring to the goals of this charitable organization.

    The article states:

    &quot;The charity has two major concerns: holidaymakers are twice as likely to suffer sexual assault when on a ship, and crimes are not investigated properly. Cruise firms want to protect their image and say almost all the missing people fell overboard. But others suspect a more sinister reason for the disappearances and the charity wants better investigations into previous cases, as well as more measures taken to stop them happening.

    The charity’s chief executive, Javed Khan, said: “How crime on cruise ships is investigated and how victims are dealt with are a hidden scandal. Many victims are left without protection and little prospect of securing justice.”

    Victim Support is now calling on the International Maritime Organization (&quot;IMO&quot;) to take urgent action to improve the prevention and investigation of crimes on cruise ships.
    You can read more about Victim Support's campaign to make cruising safer here.
  35. Anonymous Member

    I wish the US would carry this story
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  37. Anonymous Member

    I can see the people made to work on Tom's toys joining this.
  38. Anonymous Member

    Or families of known cult victims who fear their loved ones might also have been kidnapped?
  39. another123 Member

    They should soon. UPI just picked it up:
    UPI: Woman claims Scientologists kidnapped her
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  40. LocalSP Member

    Looks like Karin smoked a big bowl full before that pic was taken.

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