ABC Lateline - Forced imprisonment on the Freewinds (2011-11-28)

Discussion in 'Media' started by Zhent, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    That looks more like sleep deprivation. What could possibly explain that?
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Couldn't resist:
    Speaking of crap, Louanne, when can we expect to see the $cientology Action Figures Collection?

    Will they be out for christmas?

    I can't wait to see the Mighty Midget Miscavige Action Figure, shown beating his staff with several Action Figures cowering in terror and laying comatose at his feet.

    And I am so looking forward to the Lisa McPherson Action Figure. The children will have hours of fun, choosing little outfits and dressing the corpse for the funeral.

    I've heard through the comm lines that the Marty Rathbun Action Figure comes with a really cute Squirrel Costume!

    But the one I'm most anticipating with glee, is the L. Ron Hubbard Action Figure. I've been told that it smokes a Kool with its butt hole! Now that's an Action Figure, if there ever was one!

    It's gonna be an extravaganza marketing bonanza, Louanne. I do hope you've bought in on the first floor and stand to profit from the $cientology Action Figure Collection.

    May your needle always float and your wins never get lost.
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  3. i'mglib Member

    I wonder how long Karin Pouw is going to last as spokesperson. Considering what happened to her predecessors (Heber Jentzch, Mike Rinder, Tommy Davis) I wouldn't want to be in her shoes.
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  4. telomere Member

    Has Tommy been officially replaced?
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  5. Anonymous Member

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  6. jensting Member

    Nice. Very nice :)

    This sort of page makes a big difference to still-in-but-on-the-fence$cientologists. (I'm reading the Robert Dam memoires.) But you know that.

    Best Regards

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  7. Also memo to church:

    If you are going to write nasty letters you should probably address them correctly. It is the Australian BroadcastING Corporation - Not Australian Broadcast Corporation.

    Little things like that kinda make you look stupid.
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  9. TinyDancer Member

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  10. Zhent Member


    The win keeps rolling in with this A Current Affair report!

    Really impressed with ACA on this, instead of just regurgitating the Lateline report they actually added and complemented it in an excellent way, fleshing out the story in ways Lateline might have skimped over. And they even interviewed Steve Cannane!

    Well done ACA, keep kicking some cult ass!

    The reporter was Nick Coe, we should totally find some contact details and send some love right?

    PS. I swear I didn't shoop that WIN logo in, that is the actual network logo :D
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  11. Clamosaurus Member

    Gee. maybe James has a rather nasty tatse in his mouth these days and his besty Gyngell has taken off the gloves?

    We can only hope!

    Either that, or the competition for ratings (against Today Tonight) far exceeds being the apologists ACA once ostensibly were.
  12. Clamosaurus Member

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  13. RightOn Member

    I thought they were playing the theme to the "Love Boat" at first lol!
    Glad they included the Tom Cruise tie in, this makes me smile a whol lot
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  14. Sponge Member

    Thanks Zhent. You're a star.

    Did they just call the MV Freewinds the "SS Scientology"? Yes they did. LOL. Chug chug.
    [SS= Steam ship]

    A challenger appears!....

    All aboard the Lulzboat
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  15. Sponge Member

    but but but they're all liars and apostates according to the "church"
    Exactly the same shit, just a different leader. The only difference is that it is 2011 and by now we should surely know better than to let this shit go on under the default protective forcefield bubble of so called "religion".
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  16. Anonymous Member

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  17. FIFY.
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  18. AnonLover Member

    Nice! I like how they picked up on the same angle Tony pointed out in relation to the Tom Cruise birthday bash happening why Valeska was held captive.
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  19. Newsreader says that "A full copy of the 'Church' of Scientology's statement can be found on our website", but I can't find it.

    Story page (commenting is open):

    Special logo!


    Ex-Scientologists: Why not share your story with them?
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  20. AnonLover Member

    Yeah i noticed that too, but i think thats a leftover easter egg in the report from the Lateline footage their rebroadcasting that originally made that remark... so its the lateline statement referred to rather than a new one.
  21. Ann O'Nymous Member

  22. Xenu Is Lord Member

    The Slave Boat exciting and cruel. The Slave Boat we will kidnap you!


    Abduction, exciting and cruel
    Forced Aboard. We're kidnapping you.
    OT8, life's sweetest reward.
    Let it flow, the theatens flow back to you.

    Freewinds soon will be making another run
    The Slave Boat promises blue asbestos for everyone
    Set a course for total fail,
    Your mind in a trance.

    It won't hurt anymore
    It's an open smile or we beat you some more.

    Freewinds soon will be making another run
    The Slave Boat promises blue asbestos for everyone
    Set a course for fail,
    Your mind on a in a trance.

    Love won't hurt anymore
    It's an open smile on a friendly shore.
    It's the Slave Boat-ah! It's the Slave Boat-ah!

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  23. xenubarb Member

    Her pupils aren't tracking. Head injury?
  24. Anonymous Member

    Seriously guise, can't we get SOMEONE in authority to raid that boat under slavery laws??

    These are international laws that transcend religion! Even if it was a real religion!!

    What needs to happen to get this shit moving?? Do we got to sink the damn boat???

    Because I'm tired of the law doing nothing. We've exposed crime after crime and ex victims have done the same.

    Yet not one has the balls to take a set of handcuffs and a warrant to the Midgetscavige.

    Fuck this bullshit, we need to up our game. Maybe citizens arrest the little bitch?

    When's the next org opening??
  25. Anonymous Member

    (oh, and I'm obviously kidding about sinking their stupid boat, before the cowardly asshole clams start calling lawyers to hide behind)
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  26. Unfortunately the UN doesn't have a strong record in enforcing international law, and I don't know their phone number anyway.

    The War Crimes Tribunal at the Hague isn't really relevant here.

    I think we're pretty much stuck with national laws.

    The boat is registered to Panama, it docks at Caribbean countries and Columbia, as far as I know. Those are the laws in play.
  27. Anonymous Member

    Talking to some officials in Panama is good.
    Oh wait.. :)
  28. Anonymous Member

    So - do we think Davey has been making some extra money via Colombia's biggest export then?

    With the access to Hollywood that the cult has, doesn't take a genius to add two & two together.

    Narconon could be the smokescreen, and the Narcanon staff always seem to have plenty of cocaine kicking around.
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  29. The USA (and other first world nations) do police drug smuggling in these waters.

    That's about all they do police (maybe terrorism).

    If any ex-es have evidence of drug availability or use on board the Freewinds, then it would make sense to submit that to the US authorities (Coastguard? DEA?) as they might then stop and search the vessel.

  30. AnonLover Member

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  31. Oh, hello:

    Comments are open.
  32. Anonymous Member

  33. Sponge Member

    According to their itinerary, unless they've changed it, they will be sailing between 3 new islands from December onwards. Barbados, St.Lucia and St.Vincent.
    2011-2012 Sailing Calendar from the Freewinds magazine.
    Download PDF:
    It only goes as far as the end of Feb 2012

    One could poon the Aussie media story to politicians, religious institutions, relevant charities etc and any other agency you can think of on those islands. Also check out local community forums warning them of the impending cult invasion and docking of the scientology slave ship. (first confirming that the itinerary is still as their previously published calendar)
    It has already been pointed out that the Freewinds and scientology had received criticism after a visit to St.Lucia in 2010 and you have a strong ally there:
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  34. Anonymous Member

    Let's do this, faggots.
  35. Anonymous Member

  36. Anonymous Member

    Barbados law - No 555: An act for the abolition of slavery, for the government of apprenticed labourers ..., 5 April 1834 (8th clause amended by no 642, 1838, CO 30/21 fo 312-351)
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