Academic Paper on the Freezone and Independent Scientology

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by Anonymous, Jun 26, 2013.

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    Academic Paper on the Freezone and Independent Scientology
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    Academic Paper on the Freezone and Independent Scientology

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    This is exactly where I stopped reading. James R Lewis is a crackpot who happened to finagle a PhD.

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    If one can avoid a purely ad hominem or circumstantial ad hominem response to the article, and avoid solely attacking Lewis's motives, there is a ton of interesting information and analysis -- even if one does not agree. For example, I found the following to be interesting:
    If true, that is significant.

    One may disagree with Lewis's assertion that Scientology is a religion, or believe he is engaging in "academic cloaking," but that doesn't mean that one may rationally ignore or disregard each and every fact, assertion, statistic, analysis, or conclusion set forth in the article.

    Then again, YMMV
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    Liars don't always lie about everything, but life is short.

    As for freezone gaining more new recruits in eastern europe than the scientology corp does, that may be true, but it requires dox. Since the company does not offer up information on how many recruits it gets, I am naturally suspicious of this claim.
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    No citation? How very academic. Looks more like a Terril Park FreeZone success story than even a first year's 101 essay. Still, you get what you pay for . . . eh, Dani?
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    Would saying Lewis spent 20 years sucking destructive cult dick for money be ad hominem?
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    Citation needed. These types of claims have been floating around for years, but I have seen fuck all dox to support them.
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    Lewis is referring to Ron's Orgs which is in telepathic contact with Elron Elray.

    It's very possible that on their way to OT 48 - and, ultimately, the final step of "meeting Ron on the other side of the Bridge," where Ron (Elron Elray) will decide if they have "made it" - that more auditors are being made at Ron's Orgs.
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