Academic paper -- Scientology, Sex, and Scandal: The Second Dynamic, Prenatal Engrams, & the Sea Org

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  1. Academic paper -- "Scientology, Sex, and Scandal: The Second Dynamic, Prenatal Engrams, and the Sea Org," by Carole M. Cusack (University of Sydney). [Discusses alleged forced abortions.]

    32 pages

    Free PDF versions:

    As published in 2016 in Nova Religio, University of California Press. (No free PDF.):

    * * * * * BEGIN ABSTRACT * * * * *


    While the control and discipline of the body and human behavior is a perennial concern in all social orders, it is particularly acute within religions, both old and new. Religions typically regulate dress, social interactions, and diet, and especially prescribe norms concerning sex, reproduction, and the family. To date, research on the Church of Scientology founded by L. Ron Hubbard in 1954, has neglected the topic of sex. This article remedies this lacuna by examining three areas, linked by the theme of “attempted abortion”. First, Hubbard’s biography is researched in terms of sexual and familial experiences, second his writings on sex and the doctrinal position of the Church of Scientology is expounded, and third recent scandals affecting the Sea Org due to defectors’ claims that pregnant women were forced to have abortions are examined. It is concluded that sexual orientation and sexual activity are prime sites of control for the Church of Scientology over its members, in particular in the Sea Org, and that further research on this topic is needed.

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