Accountant gives good advice to CSI

Discussion in 'Martin Ottmann' started by Martin Ottmann, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. An expert in accounting tells CSI how to handle their cash flow more efficiently:

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  2. Anonymous Member

    As Scientology mostly employs Applied Scholastic's graduates and is run by miscaviage who I believe has around a 9th grade education. Plus hubbard was a con man with only a high school education filling his mind and it's visions of grandeur. It isn't surprising they would need counsel it is astonishing that by 1988 they would not be somewhat better in covering their tracks.

    This document written in 1988 just shows how stupid scientology really is (or criminal) item #1 points to money laundering with overseas funds yet they let a cpa look at the books. Overseas fund deposits were sent first to flag then sent back overseas for deposit at another bank clearly a red flag for the IRS . The IRS had to have known many years earlier of the banking irregularities yet they did nothing.

    It just makes it all the more disturbing that the US government via the IRS was bought off or certain individuals were blackmailed and that they could not take these morons/scientology down on criminal charges. Along with my tax dollars subsidizing these criminals as they plunder unsuspecting citizens of every red-cent they might possess it's galling to say the least.

    Scientology/Organized Crime they are synonymous yet most criminals are more efficient at committing murder in the case of Lisa McPherson scientology murdered her like some branch of the keystone cops. Still the United States government fails once again no one is held accountable.

    Why is my government is so inept that scientology exists in any form is very troubling indeed.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    What makes you so certain it's mere ineptitude?
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  4. Anonymous Member

    Some twitfag pointed Peter J. Reilly at this leak, the CPA from Forbes Magazine that has written on Scientology and featured Tikk's insights in the past year. Interesting comments ensued:

    CofS Exit Zone@DatumOmNom
    @peterreillycpa An interesting 1984 document giving #Scientology tax advice has surfaced: … via @WhyWeProtest

    Peter Reilly@peterreillycpa
    @DatumOmNom @WhyWeProtest The letter is not tax advice. It is business operational.

    Peter Reilly@peterreillycpa
    @DatumOmNom @WhyWeProtest The cash management suggestions are practicallly boilerplate. It was a very high interest rate time.

    Peter Reilly@peterreillycpa
    @DatumOmNom @WhyWeProtest Note the first sentence "during our systems and control studies". This is probably a supplement to another report


    CofS Exit Zone@DatumOmNom
    Thx. Is it something typical for CPA firm to give a nonprofit? RT @peterreillycpa The letter is not tax advice. It is business operational.

    Peter Reilly@peterreillycpa
    @DatumOmNom :Looks like a management letter, which is a by-product of an audit. You are basically telling them stuff you noticed.


    Thank you for having a looksee Mr. Reilly. Your feedback was very much appreciated!


    More from Peter J. Reilly on Scientology here:
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