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Discussion in 'Planning' started by YurimirX, Jul 17, 2015.

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    I am staging a protest in canton Ohio for a park system whom made me a criminal for parking in a loading zone getting a child and then was arrested for failure to id to a park ranger. who only asked for id and not my name nor address and he even didn't run my licenses plate. the park commissioners told me to live with it I won the court case and they don't care I think they need an awakening of the anonymous kind. The main point I lost my job cant get a job cause I was counted as a criminal for a loading zone parking which by the way was in a fire lane which they violated. when I told them of this they told me ups fedx and others can use it but I couldn't to pick up my child now im mad!

    Time to take on the oppressive park system police system and wage a march against them. I like to set this up in august anyone like to attend.

    The mission corner of perry drive and w tusc next to sheetz gas station in perry township!

    Or we can invade the parks right outside on a public road in front of the entrances.

    fun fun fun ill let you all know of the dates
    YurimirX, Yesterday at 10:15 PM
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