Adbusters asks, "Declare Victory" #OWS

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by salumi, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. salumi Member

  2. What say you?
  3. Anonymous Member

    I say I'm glad somebody is thinking tactically.

    Temporary occupations can function as symbols, but long term camps become actual communities with all the problems of actual communities. If the bulk of resources are directed towards addressing the internal matters of the community the ability to protest creatively and effectively is severely diminished.
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  4. telomere Member

    Plus: it's cold.

    have we learned anything since napoleon / hitlar?
  5. salumi Member

    I say this (pasted from another discussion, elsewhere, about winter planning and the occupy movement:

    "All respect to those who are currently camping out in the occupied public spaces. I am grateful.
    Last night I was pondering the Winter Planning discussions here. Originally, I agreed with the proposed idea of sponsoring a camper. But then I thought about how staying in a tent in an urban environment is really nothing like actual (wilderness) camping in winter conditions. Winter camping involves proper gear, camp fire, and shelter by using the landscape. Huddling in an urban square in inadequate tents seems like a recipe for illness and weakened occupiers. Since we are all about co-creating new systems and paradigms, I invite us all to re-think the concept of actual physical occupation of the public spaces i.e. tenting in harsh winter months.
    I would like to float this idea and see where it goes: In order that none of our people will be exposed to illness by tenting in winter weather, no tenting in the Northern Occupations will take place in Northern cities through the winter months. Instead, and by intention, resources and energy will be put toward such things as planning for the spring, occupying inside spaces, tenting in the Southern cities, occupying mental space/culture-jamming, outdoor art installations, outdoor events, other actions, etc.
    I know that revolution is not supposed to be *comfortable* and that some may label such a decision as *weak*, but why not frame it as keeping our people strong and healthy enough to stand and occupy another day."
  6. Is that an opinion of someone actually doing the winter camping?
  7. salumi Member

    nope. those are my own words. Since posting the above on the other thread, a few weeks have past. My opinion is evolving, as does the movement. I recognize the fundamental importance of occupying as a tactic. On the other hand....I suppose we will see. It's easy for me to sit here and opine about what the brave souls who are on the ground ought to do, I realize that.

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  8. Glenn Beck Member

    You know, I have mixed feeling about this. The smart thinking is that you might just clear out tonight, declare victory and come back next spring.

    Good plan guys.
  9. Anonymous Member

    inb4 legislation that makes it /v/ able offense for occupying with tents.
  10. Anonymous Member

    Should have said, when protesters clear out for the winter.
  11. Anonymous Member

    The spring 2012 protests are inevitable. With or without tents. Only 1 cop to every 100 protesters.

    Bring it.
  12. Anonymous Member

    Seems Glen forgot that this has been used by the republican party before, too.
  13. Jamobi Member

    What about flash mob-style protesting? If the protests are gaining some organization, e.g. all the Occupy Together web sites, moving about together, and so on, then it could follow that protests could be spawned at a moment's notice if, for example, a tweet were posted with the intentions. So if there were "flash protests", would that make an impact? Or would it even be feasible?
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  14. salumi Member

  15. Anonymous Member

    It could be done but it wouldn't likely be 'the 99%' since only a limited demographic can spontaneously walk away from whatever they're doing at a moment's notice. This might be a good time to look more deeply into how the Egyptian protesters reacted when they were thwarted (not the part about throwing paving stones at the opposition tho).
  16. Anonymous Member

    Next step: recall votes on all elected officials who refuse to bow to the demands of the constituency, starting with Bloomberg and Quan, as examples to the rest.

    Let's see how far they plan to take their intransigence.
    The 99% run this.
    We just don't know it yet.
  17. xenubarb Member

    Bloomberg said a few weeks back that the purpose of #OWS was to "destroy jorbs."
    I don't think statements like this should slide. Nay, rather they should stick and pile up with all the other misinformation spewed by mayors nationwide.
    You really want to vote liars into office?
  18. Zoom Member

    It's become too big for Adbusters to control. Or Ghostbusters.
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  19. Anonymous Member

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