Addiction Canada Fraud (not Narconon)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Intelligence, Mar 20, 2013.

  1. Rehab Clown, John Haines, and His Two Fake Doctors

    JANUARY/12/17 - Court Room 101 – 9:30am

    These Three, (3) Criminal Will Be Together...,
    This would be a Great Time for the Media to Show Up, and Ask John Haines More Questions!;)
  2. Hoser Member

    Call them out. What staff? Who?

  3. Another Name Change for John Haines Rehabs. Add this to Your List...,

    "Spirit of the North, Muskoka Addiction Resort"
  4. ALSO,

    "Spirit of the North, Muskoka Recovery Resort"

    Call Tel: (519) 941.5802 Press Extension 302 or 320

    This is the Telephone Number to Call for the "NEXT COURT DATES"
    --------------------------ANYONE CAN CALL---------------------------------
    ----------Call Tel: (519) 941.5802 Press Extension 302 or 320-------

    I called the above number. I asked the lady for the "Next Court Date" for John Haines, Richard Tucker,
    and Munish Malik.The Nice Lady told Me ALL THREE (3) ARE BACK IN ORANGEVILLE CRIMINAL COURT...,

    FEBRUARY/16/2017 Court Room 101 - 9:30am
  6. If you have Complaints Against,


    Call/Contact Detective Constable:- – Health Fraud Investigation Unit - Anti-Rackets Branch - Telephone: 705.329.6463

    Lots of Complaints, Already!
  7. Can'tw84karma Member

    Does anyone know if he will face any charges in Alberta

  8. Connie Thompson Intervention Canada 911 Rehab Addiction Fraud Police Investigation Continues...,

    Addiction Canada Reviews

    Yesterday at 05:20 · JOHN HAINES WROTE:

  9. image.jpeg
  10. That's not Nice, Maria. You are Comparing, The Cute, Little Doggie,
    Who Understands More About Decency, Then John Haines, Ever Will!
  11. Remember, you're dealing with a Rehab Conman. That's ALL, John Haines, Knows!!!

    There has been a lot of activity at the Pickerel Lake Lodge ( CANADIAN ADDICTION RECOVERY NETWORK ) site over the past few weeks as construction crews are renovating the main lodge. The Spirit of the North Wellness Retreat is “coming soon,” according to signs near the entrance.
    This Wellness Retreat is located at 2157 Pickerel and Jack Lake Road, which is right next door to the Muskoka Resort property being advertised by the Canadian Addiction and Recovery Network.
    Penny Burnside, who worked as an addiction counsellor at the Pickerel Lake Lodge, says that Haines had a knack for paying his employees what he wanted, when he wanted.
    “In the beginning things were going good. Then there were a couple of times where he said the cheques wouldn’t be coming in, he had to go out of town and said we would get them when he got back,” said Burnside.
    Burnside, who spent October to February working at the Pickerel Lake facility, said that Haines owed her as much as $5,000.
    “He is so manipulative. He makes you believe that you are going to get the money soon. Then all of a sudden something comes up and it always had to do with business and he would have to go out west. There was always some sort of good excuse that sounded solid,” said Burnside

    She is still owed pay for 57 banked hours and vacation pay, and is one of many former employees in the midst of fighting to get paid. She believes many of her co-workers at the Pickerel Lake site are owed money.
    Burnside said the business was a little “fishy” during her time working there, as it was being referred to as a resort or wellness centre, but offered addiction services.
    “It was supposed to be for families, but something was not quite right,” said Burnside. “Why send me to a facility that is supposed to be a resort, as an addiction counsellor and case manager? You don’t need an addiction counsellor for a wellness centre,” said Burnside.
    She was later sent to the Utopia location where employees were told not to refer to the business as a detox centre.
    “At Utopia we were instructors, not counsellors. The detox was a wellness centre, we weren’t allowed to call it a detox but that is what it was. The clients were (referred to as) students. It was another façade, after façade with (Haines).”

    With Addiction Canada closing down, Haines says that he is done owning and operating treatment facilities. While he still owns the property for the Spirit of the North Wellness Retreat, he dismissed any claims that he is involved with the Canadian Addiction Recovery Network, a seemingly new business touting a 'Muskoka' location with a picture of the Pickerel Lake lodge site he owns.

    Asked about it, Haines told the News he, “will not be a director, CEO or (hold) any proprietary position for any other treatment centre or organization.” He does plan on continuing to work with addiction recovery facilities “to provide person intervention services” along with “consulting with other private centres on fulfilling effective, life-saving measures within their programs.”

  12. Haines needs rehab, too.
    He has so much to offer, so much in desperate need of rehabilitation.
    Hopefully he can find it while 'assisting the police with their inquiries'.
  13. FACT;
    John Haines, His 'wife" Linda Maggiacomo, his step son Dylan Maggiacomo

    Among the Many Criminal Charges the Police Laid, Haines was also

    "Ontario Provincial Police say John Derek Haines, the owner of the Addiction Canada Treatment Centre, has been charged with fraud over $5,000, money laundering, proceeds of crime and drug trafficking"

    The owner of a chain of addiction treatment centres has been charged with defrauding patients of up to $6.1 million after allegedly hiring a pair of “doctors” who Ontario Provincial Police say weren’t licensed to practice in Ontario.
    John Haines, CEO and owner of Addiction Canada is facing five charges, including two counts of fraud, and one count each of money laundering, benefitting from the proceeds of crime, and trafficking in controlled substances.

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  15. MORE CHARGES, COMING!!!;););)
  16. Can'tw84karma Member

    Any news on whether or not he will face charges in Alberta
  17. Zak McKracken Member

    Weather in Alberta seems to be 10 to 20F, or -12 to -6C the next few days.
    Whether in Alberta John Haines will face the music still remains to be seen.
  18. RCMP still working on the Alberta Fraud Charges. Ontario Provincial Police will be Laying More Charges, Against John Haines, and Several Others in Ontario. Some of these individuals have, DECIDED TO SPEAK WITH THE POLICE, in hopes that THEY WILL NOT BE CHARGED.


    STAY AWAY. This Rehab Centre is a SCAM!!!

    We have reported them to the POLICE. We found out the Ontario Provincial Police (o.p.p.) is already investigating them!

    No, 24 hour, Doctors/Nurses like they say in their, Ads!!!

    If you need any Medical Attention, They will Ship You Off to the Local, Huntsville, Hospital.

    (((There's Your, Doctors and Nurse They Promise!)))

    The Previous Owner John Haines was Charged by the Fraud Squad for 6.1 Million Dollar Rehab Fraud, including, Two Individuals POSING AS DOCTORS.. He is back in Orangeville Criminal Court, Feb/16/17.

    His Step Son, Dylan Maggiacomo is Running the Show at Canadian Addiction Recovery Network. He is also Under Investigation by the Ontario Provincial police Health Fraud
    Investigation Unit-Anti-Rackets Branch.

    TO REPORT TO POLICE:: Call/Contact Detective Constable:- - Ontario Provincial police Health Fraud Investigation Unit-Anti-Rackets Branch. Telephone: 705.329.6463
  19. Can'tw84karma Member


    So this appeared on my friends suggestions on Facebook (another alias?) Curious I clicked on it saw some names I recognized. I checked out the You Tube video to see some cheesy actor spewing lies and bs about the business. Claims of professional qualified staff etc. I wonder in who's world it is professional to drag a staff member from a drug house put them on a plane and have them counselling clients in your other facility. I know relapse is part of the disease but in order to relapse one would have needed to have had done clean time... or how do you explain your professional staff putting clients in very dangerous situations costing them their recovery all because they are not qualified to know that this could have been a direct result of their actions, yet they continue to be employed. John Haines needs to be stopped before more vulnerable clients leave one of his facilities in body bags. I impatiently await the day justice is served and he is behind bars.
  20. Just wondering how many enablers J.H has around him.Like close family members who are reaping the rewards of his crookedness.How they can stand by and watch how people are being hurt and disrupted,and that be ok.Makes me wonder if J.haines isn't being guided by a womens influence because he dosen't have a brain left in his head.He keeps staff on that are allegedly stealing money,and writing false letters about clients and Dr's.I think they should put in their new advertisement that addicts need to bring their own food,and they will supply the Drinks!!!!That would be closer to the truth.Must be tough being J.Haines because he actually has to live in his own skin.Too many concussions and small hands,gets you a egomaniac that betrays vunerable families looking for a secure place to treat sick loved ones.Who does that?Who stands by this guy and allows his child like behavior?There are so many of us waiting to see him go down.Somebody will go out in a body bag soon.Sad but true.Cannot wait to see him in his yellow jump suit,and his ugly mug on the front newspaper.I remeber when I first saw him I thought maybe he was a client that escaped from a mental institution.I had no idea he was the guy running the joint.I remeber seeing him in his rented suv grooming himself,for what.You just cannot make ugly pretty when it oozes from the inside out.
  21. You are not the only one. Many people will tell you the same thing about
    John Haines. He looks like a loser! Everyone, needs to REMEMBER,

    You are dealing with a Cocaine Junkie!
  22. Really?
    He doesn't look like a loser to me.
    (Poet Laureate of Alaska?)


    (Honored by the FBI?)

    (Faithful servant of Christ?)

    (Anti-Vaxx activist Lunatic? I think we're getting close.)

    (Creepy old guy who looks like he's giving out FREE CANDY?)

    Which One Is The Loser John Haines?!
    I can't tell!
  23. I'm Going with the Creepy, Old Guy. You Know, The, Cocaine Junkie.

  24. He is so creeepy!!!!
  25. Scammed 57 Member

    The psychotherapists still there under the new name and the Counselor Scott still there under the new name this place is his as well just under his step son name

    The RCMP are watching close as well as the media. They are awaiting answers from the Crown at the moment on the charges here in Alberta
  26. Scammed 57 Member

    He is the suppose to be the owner of the Sundre Facility as well!!!
  27. Scammed 57 Member

    I certainly hope he does not try to counsel anyone who is trying to get off of benzos or suffers with Mental Illness. This man knows no a thing about these areas . I have a question if anyone can help me out. My Husband and I need a receipt for the $30,000.00 we spent for income taxes I will be contacting the Revue Canada office today to see how we may get one. However if anyone can help me out in how to get one it would be appreciated.

    Personally I am done even trying to talk bad about this man I ask that God help him out with illness and I pray that he never gets the chance to scam or hurt another I will take all my energy to help get well from the damage that was done to me while under his care, I am not even angry as I have said Karma comes back it is the Law of the Universe and all you can really do is feel sorry for him holding anger inside for him keeps us from moving on and getting well. I know the truth in my heart what I saw, what I went through, and that yes, I was scammed. However, I will no longer allow him to control me with anger that is what he preys on with his victims.

    I will fight to get my health back and I will never forget the horrible experience of being treated they way I was, but I have to move on for me and my Family or he has won. He has not with me I will get better and I will make it my number one priority to help sick people trying to come off of a benzo to be very careful where they choose to go!! Research Research.

    Actually what I have researched to date is that when coming off a benzo a Private Recovery is a waste on money as it mostly impossible within 60 days even 90 days to come off safely, You can do it quite safely with your clinical pharmacists or your Doctor and following Dr. Heather Ashton Manual slow withdrawal. It has to be slow and side effects and PAWS may not show up for up for two weeks like myself did ok in detox and then band hit me and I was dealing with Staff that knew nothing about what I was going through!!

    There must always be two programs one for benzo withdrawals and one for all the other addictions, as they are both so different in withdrawals.
    You cannot make a benzo Client perform the same activities as another addict because our bodies are going through so much and our brains are just trying to function without the same amount it was use to. Not to mention when you are taken off to fast what it can cause long term.

    He is playing with Fire if if continues to try and treat a benzo patient with no experience at all! he has made my taper a long journey that will take another 8 months or longer with the help of a Specialist, that is costing me not a penny.

    So I will be no longer bashing this man he is ill I know that and you all know that sad thing is he does not know that, he gets angry and lashes out like he did to me on Face book when the truth be told, we all know if he knew it was not true he would not care about what people say, he would not respond and try and defend himself or his followers. John Haines knows in his heart and mind he is wrong and he hurt many and stole our money and he cannot or some how has blocked it out and truly believes he is right and has done no harm to others. This is an illness people. It is sad that he does not even know he has one. Jail NO, A hospital for mental illness with security high security is where he needs to be for a long time, Jail he will get out sooner and continue as there is no treatment for a man like John behind bars. A mental hospital for the criminally insane is where he needs be and just maybe they can make him see that he did wrong!!
  28. That's okay, that you will no longer be Bashing, John Haines. You have, EVERY RIGHT TO BASH THIS, PIECE of SHIT.. BUT, don't worry, there are Many of US here to take over your position, to keep Bashing Him; In this case 'BASHING' refers to, TELLING THE TRUTH ABOUT, COCAINE JUNKIE CONMAN, JOHN HAINES.
    :D :D :D
  29. Scammed 57 Member

    The only reason I cannot is I am trying daily to get my life back my Family life my friends who cannot understand what I am going through and know I have found out without a valid receipt from AC I may not be able to claim this under health on my income taxes. They told me it can be but they need a receipt and how can I get one!!! $30,000.00 that I should be able to claim and cannot!! I struggle everyday to get better so go ahead and do it for me he bashed me so bad on his FaceBook Page because I told the truth to CTV news and the RCMP I know everything on this thread is the truth but at the moment I do not have the strength to to fight thissick man. MY only hope is that others here in Alberta will be brave enough to get together and we can can put in a group Lawsuit against him. Believe me this man has high end places in Ontario other Recovery places under others names he owns I just cannot for the life of me get that the Fraud Team in Ontario cannot find this out it does not take a Rocket Science to figure this out why do you this we got scammed at his other places so he could put the money into his high end places. Rice Lakes I bet is one and at least two others yet we got garbage food sick unlicensed Doctors Counselors who said we should do this program or else I tried suicide and what watch did I get nothing!! I still suffer and may for a long time does that not deserve some compensation!! Nothing, So why try when they cannot even get him and find his money the Fraud Teams who can we even begin to try !! 100% that place in Sundre is his !! Open your Eyes!! People!! He is still getting money from this place!!! I cannot even get a income tax receipt!

  30. Send John Haines a Email REQUESTING A TAX RECEIPT. Call Revenue Canada, and tell them Asshole, John Haines was ARRESTED FOR 6.1 MILLION DOLLAR FRAUD, IN ONTARIO, MORE CHARGES COMING IN, ONTARIO & ALBERTA.

    Tell them that he REFUSES to PROVIDE A TAX RECEIPT. Send them a COPY OF YOUR EMAIL, REQUEST TO ASSHOLE, HAINES. Give them the RCMP Contact Info as well as info for O.P.P. Detective, Bev Mackey, in Ontario.

    Revenue Canada is Aware of this Investigation. They just don't know WHO ALL IS AFFECTED,

    Contact Detective Constable:- - Ontario Provincial Police
    Health Fraud Investigation Unit-Anti-Rackets Branch. Telephone: 705.329.6463
  31. MMM I got my tax receipt,maybe that is before all his staff quit on him.
  32. Lots of Former Employees, Taking to the Police.
    Mostly because they are trying to SAVE THEIR OWN ASS!
    But, that Doesn't Matter. They HAVE TURNED ON YOU,
    Johnny Haines.

    You Are Going to Jail, Haines.:)

    News about Canadian Addiction Recovery Network Scam.
    Pass it Along. Post it Anywhere You Can.
  33. Found Another Link, Canadian Addiction Fraud. Good Job, Everyone. Get the Word Out!!!
  34. Can'tw84karma Member

    Just heard what I hope is a nasty rumour!! I know he has an upcoming court appearance, which is still scheduled according to the court house. But I've heard his lawyers have got him off on all charges. Does anyone have any knowledge of this. I'm so hoping it's just a rumour.
  35. That's Not, what we are Hearing. Just a Rumor. He is, Going to Jail!
  36. janedo Member

  37. I heard that he secretly checked into a Narconon facility and came clean (purging all coke and fraud from his system). And made a secret deal with the judge to absolve him of all wrongdoing in exchange for only running legitimate addiction recovery programs from now on. No more scams! Double pinky-swear.
  38. Can'tw84karma Member

    Well as long as he double pinky swears!!

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