Addiction Canada Fraud (not Narconon)

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  1. Can'tw84karma Member

    That would be the least of concerns for anyone working at or receiving treatment in any facility connected in any way with JH, but this was from April 2016
  2. RCMP in Alberta Says. They Did not Have Sufficient Evidence to Charge John Haines.
    They Advised Everyone to Take Civil Actions. Vindication? No!

    How Many Law Suits on the GO HAINES??? LOTS, MORE COMING!


    ----------(JUNE/27/17------------COURT ROOM 101 ------------- 2:15PM---------
  3. Ffs change the record .
  4. But... I thought you were friends?!
  5. FYI...,

    John Haines is being Investigated by the Privacy Commissioner, Alberta, for

    Breach, Violation, of the Handling of Employees, Client's Private Information,

    Health Information.

    Contact Info:

    Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner (Edmonton)
    #410, 9925 - 109 Street NW
    Edmonton, AB T5K 2J8
    Phone: (780) 422-6860
    Toll-Free: (888) 878-4044
    Fax: (780) 422-5682

    Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner (Calgary)
    Suite 2460, 801 6 Avenue SW
    Calgary, AB T2P 3W2
    Phone: (403) 297-2728
    Fax: (403) 297-2711
    Toll-Free: (888) 878-4044
  6. Ontario, Superior Court Action by Armourtownship

    Court Papers have been SERVED ON Dylan Maggiacomo, John Haines, and Others at Addiction Recovery Network, Canadian Addiction Recovery Network, in Burks Falls. Others include Supervisors, management. More information will be coming, about this Ontario Superior, Court Action.

    Pickerel Lake Recovery/Addiction Canada/Canadian Addiction Recovery/Addiction Recovery Network...,



    Addiction Canada Reviews

    1 hr ·

    LOL WWP - Sunil posts some armour township court filing - hey Sunil why dont you attend and see how Armour and the rest get shot down and we lay the groundwork for a lawsuit.(you will be named in it anyways) - how do you post the recent serving?.

    Thank You, John Haines, for CONFIRMING, The Ontario Superior Court Action Against You,
    & Pickerel Lake Recovery, Canadian Addiction Recovery, Addiction Recovery Network,
    That, Armour Township is WORKING ON SHUTTING THIS PLACE DOWN..., OR,

    As you Say it John Haines,...,

    "some armour township court filing" :)

    See how Easy it is to get this Cocaine Junkie,Talking. Too Funny!!!

    Unlicensed, Unzoned Rehab Centre, Cease and Desist Order being Ignored by John Haines.

    Ontario Superior Court Action, OnGoing Police Criminal Investigation, Overdose Investigations...,
  8. Scammed 57 Member

    OMG, I cannot believe this I was there last year and I remember when I was in Detox! I took a shower and my White Gold Chain turned to rust! The smell was unbearable. When your detoxing off of whatever the smell added to the symptoms! It was not until later that I saw some men coming in with the owner up at the house and I asked why! They said to just a routine check of the water? It all make sense now! Unbelievable !
  9. Scammed 57 Member

    Can I get in contact with the above for Edmonton? He went on Face Book and said my name and posted private confidential information about me while I was in Foot Hills. Accused me of lying to Kathy Le . I was interviewed and my a portion of my interview was on CTV News in Calgary. He commented on his Face Book page that had the nerve to lie while I was being interviewed! My story is very true and because I was under the care of the Fake Doctor and tapered way to fast and was being looked after my knowledgeable staff with my condition I suffered and still a year later trying to get off these after he promised us it could happen. $30,000.00 for that and the damages, no food at times, ignored my conditions said it was in my head! The Crown In Alberta lets him off! What about the ones he that are still hurting and almost died while under his care? Do we not matter Mr. Crown, I would love to meet you in person and maybe you would see you made the wrong choice because I was prescribed an anti-depressant by the Fake Doctor. He told me I needed it to sleep during my stay there!! I am still on it because I can only taper one medication at a time!! Is that not enough to press charges??? Please tell me what made you believe you did not have enough evidence! I alone am evidence! yes I would loved to sue but I cannot afford a Lawyer, I still am trying to pay $30,000.00 only to be conned! Try and find one that will do it pro-bono I tried No! they said, So Mr. Crown can you find me one! Lost my job because of the fast tapering and had to start it all over and I am not even close to be done and yet he tried it in six weeks! perhaps you should get some background on Benzos and the danger of taking someone off in 8 weeks impossible! Dr. Heather Ashton Manual very knowledgeable read it you may over turn your verdict!!
  10. Yes, Get in Touch with them. If they can't Help You, Ask Who Can, and Post that information here, to Help Others.


    Good to see that you have a POSITIVE ATTITUDE Today, John Haines.
    You say you, Got HIt Hard???, Poor Baby, You think this is Hard. Wait
    until the Trail, You, Bipolar, Motherfucker!!!
  11. Scammed 57 Member

    I have no idea who posted the above information however I just called the Edmonton Office and they know nothing about this know nothing about John Haines or Addictions Canada or his new place? Is this a joke? Misinformation? I just felt like a fool, she had no idea what I was talking about? Please whoever posted that feel free to contact me private on here and we can chat!
  12. Scammed 57 Member

    However they did tell me me to call this certain # about the private info posted on Face Book and that I cannot get my Medical information for my Family Doctor> Then this place will step in. Another thing the posted my review that I gave of the place this was done on June 28-16. The place was already falling apart The psychotherapist was not getting to my exit letter. I felt scared I knew I worked my Butt off and my Counselor said I did so and was the best work book writer because I dealt with it privately with him? Where was the cognitive behavior skills and my last 4 scheduled appointments with the Psychotherapist?? The place was in a up roar staff not being paid, no money for food, medication mistakes by the Fake Doctor!! It was horrible. What they did not show was my page one of the review. I was so mixed up and scared of what would happen, if I really told the truth on the second page, I felt trapped my mind was in post acute withdrawals memory lapses that is why I kept a note book so I could remember what happened to me daily. You play the game or you get privileges taken away. My health was not cared for at all. JH seems to think because I wrote page 2 review to what I wanted them to hear not what I really wanted to say. JH you heartless human being I am so not afraid of you! My mind is much clearer today because I got the proper help with out paying $30,000.00 so please I will report and request all my records including my suicide attempt because I was being tapered way too fast. If it was recorded but the Sundry Hospital has them I am requesting them I told that Doctor how scare I was it is documented!! I did not or ever will lie about my time there if not for Kevin I do not think I would be here and that is true and yet he stayed because he really cared even though he was not paid the whole time, Poor man but he sated for us not you MR. Haines. Please when I was given Trazadone it never came in a bottle from a licence Doctor with my name on it or the side effects that you usually get with a prescription and dosage and muscle relaxers prescription either. It was just one big one and he gave them to who ever. I was told if I did not take them I would not sleep? when you are withdrawing from a Benzo your mind is already a mess your scared you want to trust and believe like I did that Asad was a real Doctor! So yes MR. Haines I played their game and gave them what they wanted to hear see I will admit that! However it was mostly meant for Kevin. Yes it was a quite place that is true but some of your staff threaten and were horrible I was scared I saw what was going on so I gave you what you wanted so I could get a good letter cause MS. Miya was not going to write one as she told me I had no exit plan? She was suppose to go over it with me and help me but all my appointments were cancelled at the end! their was no such thing as confidential there you could here them yell in the office all the time most right in front of us Clients so unprofessional. Today You have made two more posts on your face Book page this time mentioned my name! Big Mistake!
  13. Please post the number, for the rest of us, if you find, they are helpful.

  14. Scammed 57 Member

    You know what I have decide to keep what information I am getting to myself sorry but I do not trust anyone on her I know nothing about who is posting it could be you MR. Haines and I am no fool I told you I am not afraid any longer you lied to me and my Husband and I do take that! I have way too many resources. plus a great friend who served on the Queens bench a great lawyer no names well be mentioned we are gathering info and taking action if anyone else on here is serious try and contact me give me your name stop being a coward! Like JH is other wise I share nothing no one including JH will know about it til it hits him! I am not bluffing he went on Face book I printed it all out how he exposed me to everyone mentioned my name and breached my private info. He thinks he is dealing with a fool. However little does he know I have plenty of time and use to work for Alberta Health Services and have knowledge you will not get away with wast you robbed me and my Husband from, the deceit lies and the garbage place you called a rehab if I went through Alberta health services and this happened they would be all fired and made to paid for this by now. However you think because you got off here and you were private that you OK here in Alberta. This is in no way a threat it is reality you hurt me and scammed me if anyone else on here had a brain they would get a hold of me and band together but obviously you will allow him to get away with murder scamming and stealing your hard earned money so that is why he gets away with it cause you you all walk away and give up. Sad. stand up and take action or he will continue becasue you allow it! I will not! So I am remain silent sorry but no more info will I give or trust anyone on here ! I will continue and do everything in my power to help others not go through what I did! take action yourself cowards and stop hiding!
  15. Scammed 57 Member

    Can anyone that has filed a Civil suit with John Haines and won, give me information? I am trying to get my medical records I called the College of Physicians here in Alberta and said that they have to be somewhere. I contacted Dr. Ali Mukhtar's office got a call back today and was told he was to send all Client's records back to Addictions Canada!! strange to me. I have no choice but to let them know at the College of Physicians about this. They will get to the bottom of where the records are! I heard they have been destroyed? I am also trying to find out who was the Crown involved in the case that did not get him convicted here in Alberta. I have a great Lawyer friend but he does not do Pro-Bono we are looking for one! Any suggestions would help! Also Dr. Mukhtar never wrote any prescriptions directly for me! I know that for a fact! However I was given prescription medication by the so called Doctor and he was no licensed I know they connected through e-mail so what were in these e-mails? Where is the computer? I will continue on my journey to get to the bottom>

    STEVE MURPHY on AUGUST 28, 2016 6:11 PM
    I am a registered social worker. I started working at the Glendon Facility just before it opened. I was the only licensed counselor there. I lasted 4 days as the alarms in my head grew louder and louder. It was pretty obviously a scam. Different clients were paying different rates for the same service. It was clearly based whether one could afford to pay more or not. When the news report came out about 42 claims of unpaid wages at the Ontario Labour Board, I left. I did not get paid either.

    LOUISE on FEBRUARY 21, 2017 12:18 AM
    Thank God that place is closed. But the bigger matter is John Haines. His greed streches so far that it is unimaginable. Utopia, furthest thing from. Rotten and rotting food. The place had an infestation of black nasty flies. I could go on.

    The main and most important aspect though is that this place made you sicker. The quality of care and counselling was just not there. I’m saying not poor quality, zero quality because no one was helping you or talking about addiction. Fake doctors etc… I could go on and on.

    It was a cash grab by John Haines. Plain and simple. There is a special place for people like him and I know he will get there. All his own fault. The ” man” is non human. No empathy no compassion. Didn’t even pay his staff. I worry for people who were there including myself. Close them all down.
  17. Scammed 57 Member

    I contacted Dr. Mukhtar Ali, office. I asked to speak with him! They took my message and got back to me Friday June16-17. I was told by one the Receptionists, that he was ordered to send all Client files back to Addictions Canada! If this indeed was the truth, where did the files go? I was told all communications were through e-mail!! I heard this computer may have been destroyed? I want my Medical File and the medical benzo taper that was recorded? I have called the College of Physician's and they have connected me with the correct Department to report this to. I am currently waiting for a call back! I will update once I have an answer. I also have a request in to connect with the Crown involved with the investigation here in Alberta, to get to the bottom of this. Will keep all updated! I will get to the bottom of this and get my $30,000.00 back for being scammed by this con man if it takes me years!! I do not give up easy.
  18. [IMG]
    Wendy Caron Dear Mr Haines,I actually have not thought about you in a long time really.I did see that you mentioned me in your response,so i thought i would kindly reply.I am in protracted withdrawal from coming off benzo's too quickly,and i am very sick 28 months later.Your kind Dr's at our facility explained to the staff the difference between addiction and dependence.I was a person who had never did a street drug in my life.
    I was prescribed a benzo for a physical symptom.Just for a bit of a review.One of your dr's told a nurse "Wendy is dependent on her drug which is different than being a addict." you fired that smart Dr.Where the addict mentally wants the drug,I was fearful about somebody giving me any drug.Big difference between being a addict and dependent.
    There are many benzo sites that state detoxes are the last place for a benzo person to be coming off these horrible Dr prescribed drugs.Benzo withdrawal(protracted withdrawal) can last years if taken off too quick as what happened to me.I have been sick and am bed ridden many days with up to 52 symptoms.
    You are not the one who put me on the drug but because of the quick taper I am still sick to this day.When my husband and i looked for a place to help all reputable detoxes said they could not help. So please,i am doing one day at a time,trying to get well.pls get your facts straight,and don't ever use me as a example of wellness because I am not.
    I don't even think of those days in the detox,as I spend one day at a time trying to get my health back.I don't want one thing from you,except to be more informed about taking people off these horrid drugs,if you continue accepting benzo clients.
    Law suites are being won in the states and in Europe for the mismanagement of patience on Benzo's.I could care a less,I choose to look forward and find ways to heal.I was taken off so quickly that That i was almost rd kill,if it were not for a nurse who ran out to stop me.
    Its serious Mr Haines.You fired that kind nurse too.You had great people who were doing there best with the knowledge they had.Just leave me out of conversations,as I have not thought of you in ages!!!

    Wendy Caron
  19. Addiction Canada Reviews

    14 hrs ·

    HERE HE POSTS on his Kijiji Ad "((We Had A Ontario Rehab Owner Who Tried to Get A COURT ORDER, INJUNCTION Against Us in an Attempt to Prevent Us From Posting Our - MUSKOKA ONTARIO REHAB ADDICTION FRAUD INVESTIGATION ADS - The Judge DENIED This Mans Claim!!!)))

    Please, john haines. let us ALL know the date, and location of the court proceedings.

    Why would anyone slander, john haines? All of you complaining, on this site, must be lying.

    Like he says...,All the police, criminal charges, against him, are phony. He's a Great Guy.
  20. Scammed 57 Member

    I have contacted the correct people and they told me any facility taking clients for any reason hospitals Public or Private detox or Rehabs MUST KEEP MEDICAL RECORDS FOR YEARS!!!! PLEASE if you want your records cause I as well like Wendy that came on here. I was tapered way too fast, My Doctor wants my medical Records. I too suffer from the same as Wendy, he calls me a liar as well. I too Wendy had to introduce myself as and addicted!! I did not need the benzo my body did!! He told us the same story as you got that they could help! Your right as well about that no Private Detox should take anyone off a benzo! It is a waste of our money to go to one I read that in my research on days when I feel OK. YES I have been told because of what happened to me in there, by Professionals that is why I still suffering and had to start my taper over. Wendy my dear You could not have written a better description for me as well as one other young woman who was harmed while there as well. She suffers so bad today !! Yes I want my life back and my health! However if we do not stop this man someone else just like us will go there and maybe will not come out alive!! If I can save one person on benzos from going through what we did I will as sick as I am I will get to the bottom of my medical records and MR. Haines as well used my name openly on his Face book and that is a breach of confidently !
  21. Scammed 57 Member

    I know this is a HUGH waste of my time! However these days I have forgotten how to laugh to enjoy my life so I have to say to whoever wrote this???? Hint Mr. J> Haines or one of his followers this made me actually laugh! Thanks for the laugh! Lying! That is the best one I heard in awhile. Yes we are all stupid liars mental or whatever else you'd like to call us. The truth is very hard to except! God knows the truth and all of us who suffer! That is plain and simple. Have a great day! Thanks for the laugh! I will find my medical records on my journey to healing part of that for me MR> Haines is closure.
  22. Reminder for Everyone!

    ----------(JUNE/27/2017------------COURT ROOM 101 ------------- 2:30PM---------

    Call Tel: (519) 941.5802 Press Extension 302 or 320

    This is the Telephone Number to Call for the "NEXT COURT DATES"
    --------------------------ANYONE CAN CALL---------------------------------
    ----------Call Tel: (519) 941.5802 Press Extension 302 or 320-------


    If you have any information regarding this, On Going Criminal Fraud, Overdose, John Haines, Addiction Canada, Vita Novus, Canadian Addiction Recovery Network, Addiction Recovery Network, Investigation...,

    Contact Detective Constable:- – Ontario Provincial Police Health Fraud Investigation Unit-Anti-Rackets Branch. Telephone: 705.329.6463

  23. Scammed 57 Member

    I was wondering if they are watching, meaning the RCMP in Sundre the Facility he opened in Foothills? I am still baffled that any Crown Prosecutor allowed him to walk away with no charges here in Alberta! Really why can Ontario get charges and we cannot. Where is the justice here in Alberta! I will continue my search anyone please help me with a lead here in Alberta I am still sick have days in bed suffering, but I want justice for all of us who have suffered and for Staff that did help us get out alive get paid! PLEASE ANYONE A LAWYER SOMEONE to help me appeal the Crown's discussion! We are are still here in Alberta and need help just not Ontario! We are all Canadians lets help one another please!
  24. John Haines, Say...,

    Addiction Canada Reviews

    23 June at 14:17 ·

    John Haines Says...,

    Did they "FAIL", Because you had FAKE DOCTORS? Because, you DID NOT PROVIDE
    THE SERVICES, YOU PROMISED, and Were PAID FOR? Because you Kicked Them Out?
    Rotten Food? Are you Kidding Me!


    Addiction clinic owner, John Haines, Charged with $6.1 million fraud!!!

    John Haines, CEO and owner of Addiction Canada is facing five charges.

    SUPERIOR COURT LAWSUIT - RECENTLY, SERVED COURT PAPERS to CEASE AND DESIST ALL ACTIVITY, DETOX, REHAB, IMMEDIATELY) In Burks Falls, Ontario,..., Pickerel Lake Recovery, Vita Novus, Muskoka Recovery, Addiction Recovery Network, Canadian Addiction Recovery, John Haines, Dylan Maggiacomo, Management, Served, etc...,
    6.1 Million Dollar Fraud...,.That's NOT A SMALL AMOUNT OF PEOPLE, JOHN HAINES!
    What is SAD, is, it Took the Police Long Enough...,But, They are Working Hard, to Make Sure You Go To Jail.

    Thank you. Police!!!
    ----------(JULY/06/2017------------COURT ROOM 101 ------------- 9:30AM-------


    ---------(August/03/2017----------COURT ROOM 101 --------- 10:00AM)-------

    Addiction counselling is an unregulated field where anyone — even those with criminal convictions or who have been found guilty of unethical behaviour — can put up a shingle and start selling their services, says an Ottawa counsellor who is lobbying government for tighter rules.

    Last spring, Ontario Provincial Police charged (John Haines) the operator of a private clinic in Caledon, Ont., (Addiction Canada, Canadian Addiction Recovery, Addiction Recovery Network ) with two counts of fraud, one count each of money laundering, benefiting from the proceeds of crime, and trafficking in a controlled substance.

    “I recognize that there are a number of private addiction treatment facilities in the province, and that they might employ unregulated staff. As these facilities are not regulated or funded by the ministry, they operate beyond the ministry’s jurisdiction,” Hoskins wrote.
    That response frustrates Smalldon.
    “If it’s not his responsibility, then whose is it?”



    Chantal Senecal
    So sos true this person (John Haines) with these facilities not only in Ontario just changes his treatment centers names.... He loves employees whom r narcistics active addict whom can con anyone... I worked for this men and watched his favorite " counsellors" one who is an active addict whom hired another one whom violates sexually staff and clients of both sexes ... Its sickening...
    This " counsellor" says himself ... I was diagnosed w bi polar n hospitalize a few times but i dont believe in mental illness n will not take medication ... Its a farce ... I hear the ownet found out he was a-wall on a drug binge so the owner found him and brought him down to one of his treatment center in Ontario n was right back to work n for sure keeps his sexual harassment towards staff n more repulsive the vulnerable clients ....
    The sad thing also is that he robs his staff .... He owes me 8700 the labor board stated his debt has been sent to a creditor but good luck to me has he has done this for years ... Hides his money ... Owns nothing other his name and that their is a huge line up of unpaid employees ... His medical staff in alberta were not qualified... He presented to have a doctor ... The doctor was a medical assistant ...
    He shut it down when he found out there was an investigation i mean the detox part the treatment centered stayed open with a new name ... Kept the active addict the counsellor coordinator lol n his dear friend he met in a 4 court order treatment center where they both learned the lingo of addiction n now violate clients in need n deceives loves one :-((

    June 14, 2017 8:38pm
  29. Does anyone remember a nurse Megan who worked there? About 2010/2011?
  30. Scammed 57 Member

    Do you mean this man above is his name Brian, at Addictions in Sundre!! I know he told me that why did I think I suffered from a mental illness!! I told him I was diagnosed by a top Psychiatrist in Edmonton for 7 hours and was taking Effexor XR to treat it. However he did not think I had a Mental Illness! There was only one Counselor that worked in Sundre when I was there that had any education and training. I was very blessed to have him as my go to! I am sure without him I would have been totally screwed up worse than I was. he understood mental illness and had a real passion for helping us" Thanks Kevin he left shortly after I did as he was not paid for his time there! I believe it was 6 weeks. I am still working on finding out who was this Crown here in Alberta who let him go free! I cannot understand why this man is still walking the streets!!! it does not take a Rocket Science to see that he is not well and a danger to society!! People go to jail and sever time for less than what he has done!! he must be paying someone in the Justice System, It is plain to see that right here in Canada that our Justice System must have some corruption to allow this to go on so long. Plus that fact that no one can find where he hides his millions he has made off of sick people that were in need of real help with addictions. I just cannot wrap my head around this any longer it is too bizarre that he is getting away with this! Wake up people and get this done. Before more innocent clients are harmed and scammed! He should be on most wanted list! Do your job Justice and put him away and make him pay us all back our money for the fraud and scamming. Please before others die! WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!
  31. Sexual Assaults have been going on at Addiction Canada, Addiction Recovery Network, FOR YEARS!!!. John Haines just turns a blind eye to the whole thing. These people, ( "He loves employees whom r narcistics active addict whom can con anyone...") are making him, A LOT OF MONEY!

    "Birds of a Feather, Flock Together, YES, They Do!!!
  32. I'm. Can someone please tell me what you remember about Meghan? Even Darryl.
  33. Can amyone tell me what they remember about her ? And maybe that ceus chef?
  34. To what extent is their involvement? Were they corrupt staff too? What was their behaviour like there? What happened that year?
  35. It's ok. I plus U equals Mc2 no matter what. Start over. From the beginning.
  36. how can we speak privately has u know from experience J.H. is treatning me lol

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