Addiction Canada Fraud (not Narconon)

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    Hi Guest poster,
    Just to be on the safe side I have deleted your post and re-quoted it here with the name redacted. Until we have an arrest or some documentary evidence, unqualified assertions about the person in question, remain just that.
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  2. I did my research.
    I did my due diligence. So now I will reply
    This forum is full of shit disgruntled employees drugs addicts that have failed and people that have no lives like <NAME REDACTED> who's a self admitted alcoholic Percocet user hoarder, crazy cat keeper. For starters Clean your house! You're friends with who? And you hired who to do work for you? And who wrote all your newspaper articles? Right! People that live in glass houses should not cast stones. <NAME REDACTED> why not be a stand up dude and call us? Better yet I'll post pictures of you all drunked up at someone's wedding or weekends at your house fishing nOr maybe those rockfest you were either to drunk to facilitate and couldn't PAY YOUR OWN EMPLOYEES? Or how about how you didn't pay taxes for 15 yrs till you got caught? Gee are you talking about yourself or that Haines guy? You're no better. Didn't you default on a 15K loan? Didn't even try and make a payment. You just took the money and kept it? You got selfish bud. You double dipped and got caught. Keep up your crazy antics and lose your fire arm license. Why are you hiding behind a bullshit name? I loved you like an uncle. There's a rabbit in my heart? Thump thump thump. Stop hurting the people you claim you love. These people still love you why? I have no idea. You don't deserve it. I'm an adult now and I can read uncle <NAME REDACTED>and aunt <NAME REDACTED>
    And <NAME REDACTED>. Wow. Heard lots about you and you're slimy interventions. Can't understand how or why you were kept on so long. Be careful what you wish for. Karma <NAME REDACTED>.
    Oh and then there's <NAME REDACTED> that stated she saw a certain someone take pills? Really? When? How? Some "friend" you would be watching your mentor "pop pills". If that was true why didn't you help her? Why didn't you tell <NAME REDACTED> who keeps taking you back? No doubt everything you touch dies or runs the opposite way. You wouldnt leave her side long enough for her to take a piss. You're selfish. Hey haven't you been back like 4 times since you wrote that lie? Yah, maybe you're struggling cause you can't tell the truth from lie. Karma has a funny way of biting you in the ass.
    All this bullshit needs to stop. If it is in fact in the hands of the OPP let them do their job. All this crap is only validating that addicts have no hope or chance in recovery. Addicts lie? Not really just these ones.
    People that failed the program: call for help. Addiction Canada stands behind their program. If you put a third of the energy used for this crap into your recovery you could be free of your disease. This company has helped a lot of people but those people are busy working their program. Tell that to your detective.
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    Always interesting posts in this thread, but don't post names and contact info K?
  4. Then take down this thread. There's plenty of names that should not have been posted.
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  6. DeathHamster Member

    Is this like Scientology research, or can we see it?
  7. Agendas/15-12-16 Council Agenda.pdf

    Utopia Township Minutes; Addiction Canada

    a. Retention of Russell, Christie, LLP
    Recommendation: WHEREAS the Township of Essa has applied for a Court Injunction to
    obtain an order for Addiction Canada Inc. (ACI) to cease and desist the drug rehabilitation
    that is being undertaken at the property located at 8058 8th Line, since the property is not
    zoned for such drug rehabilitation use; and
    WHEREAS the Township of Essa was using the law firm of HGR Graham Partners to act
    on the municipality’s behalf in connection with this injunction; and

    Township of Essa
    Regular Council Agenda
    December 16, 2015

    WHEREAS the landlord alleged that Marshall Green of HGR Graham Partners was in a
    conflict situation in connection with this legal proceedings; and
    WHEREAS Marshall Green has decided that it would be in the best interests of the
    municipality if this file was transferred to another law firm rather than ACI and/or the
    Landlord using this alleged conflict of interest as a tactic to delay the injunction
    proceedings in Court;

    NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the law firm of Russell, Christie, LLP in Orillia,
    Ontario be retained to represent the municipality in connection with the Court Injunction
    involving Addiction Canada Inc. and that HGR Graham Partners be requested to transfer
    their file in this matter to Russell, Christie, LLP.

    --------Utopia Township Granted INJUNCTION; Cease & Desist Court Order Against Addiction Canada, John Haines--------
  8. DeathHamster Member

    ^^ Needs to go in another thread. There's enough confusion with Addiction Canada and Narconon already.

    Besides, it's a pretty straight-forward lawyer swap.
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    Addiction Canada Rehab John Haines Arrested and Charged!!!
    Addiction Canada 6.1 Million Dollar Fraud, Fake Doctors Arrested/Charged
    Drug Trafficking, Benefitting from the Proceeds of Crime, Money Laundering
    Finally this man has been formally charged after robbing families for so many years. But beware he has just started another incorporation using new front people at the exact same sights! Sickening. Life changes Canada I believe is the new name being fronted by a past client no less.
    May 4, 2016 8:49am

    Amanda English · Fanshawe College
    By “past client” you must mean one of the minions that he brainwashes while they are in his care, and then he offers them a ‘job’ to keep them around. That way he always has a mini army of people who will vouch for him.
    May 4, 2016 2:09pm

    Becky Mathies · Crisis Intervention at North Bay Regional Health Centre
    I had the ocassion to meet a discharged client of his and review the medications he was provided. This was four years ago, I couldn’t believe a doctor would have someone on the med combo I seen. I looked up the doctor to see if he had any misconduct against him but to my surprise that doctor with the middle initial indicated didn’t exist just a very similarly named doctor. I called the pharmacy in burks falls reporting my concern, as I felt thu too had a duty to this patient.
    May 4, 2016 2:35pm

    Amanda English · Fanshawe College
    Becky Mathies I also left with more medications like benzos when I left than before I arrived. I was also there about 4 years ago
    ((I hope you Contacted the Police with this information))

    Matthew Ryan · Works at Cementation Canada
    I attended Vita Novus,(John Haines old treatment center) in Stoufville back in 2010 for addiction to painkillers after a bad motorcycle accident left me with a broken femur and hamburger for a leg. John Haines and his staff are nothing but scum. He took advantage of my addiction for $30,000, providing no real help. I watched people come into the center with a broken foot and get a script for oxy and then medical marijuana for the pain killer nausea..his right hand man, Matt had sex with the young patients and 13th stepped them. Particularily a 18 year old girl whos mother had just passed away. One of the counsellors beat on the resident dog with a folding chain. I hope big John rots in hell. I have been sober now 5 years, with no help from those dirtbags
    May 4, 2016 2:19pm

    Torry Harris · Guelph, Ontario
    Dr tucker put me on so many meds as an addict paying for help he just threw whatever I asked for at me now I’m dealing with major complications because of his obvious lack of knowledge and every time we questioned anything we got kicked out and I don’t have one receipt from vita nova or addictions Canada I feel terrible for the good councilors that work there but the first year or two of your operation I was apart of and saw behind the curtain there will be class action lawsuits coming and I’ll be right there
    May 5, 2016 6:44am

    If you have any information regarding this Investigation, Contact:Detective Constable:- – Health Fraud Investigation Unit-Anti-Rackets Branch. Telephone: 705.329.6463
  11. Good sauce indeed.
  12. White Tara Global Moderator

  13. 6.1 Million Dollar Fraud by John Haines...,

    But According to Debra, “The guy’s got his heart in the right place,” ******AND***** She Says:

    "Possibly the place is not being run properly.”
    ;) ((( That's what the Police think too!!!)));)

    Give me money, pay my rent. Oh, and maybe do a couple of errands for me. I will ALSO tell the Newspaper what a Great Guy You Are John Haines!

    Josh Bell’s mother insisted that he go to rehab in Burk’s Falls after short stints in government-funded facilities, including one in his hometown of North Bay, had failed to curb his addiction.
    “Online it looks really nice,” he said. “She thought that because it was so expensive, the place must be magic.”
    He is clean now, with the help of methadone, since moving to the Owen Sound area with his partner and following his daughter’s birth. But he credits his new lifestyle, not rehab, for his sobriety.
    His mother, Debra Deibel, insists Addiction Canada, and Haines, saved her son’s life. She is in regular contact with Haines, texting him for advice about Bell and other favours, such as help with her rent or errands, which she says he happily does. She calls the criminal allegations against him “ridiculous.”
    “The guy’s got his heart in the right place,” she said. “I do believe that he is dead-set on helping people overcome the disease of addiction. Possibly the place is not being run properly.”
  14. RightOn Member

    Arrests you say?
    YES YES oooooh YES!
    BRB cold shower
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  15. This will get you even more excited BRB!

    John Haines will be in Court in 2 Days (yes, yes, yes) But...,
    he says he doesn't know what it's all about...,

    “I assume it has something to do with me being a director of the company. I don’t know specifically what the charge is for. We haven’t had disclosure yet,” Haines said last week in a telephone interview.


    JUNE 30 , 2016 – COURT ROOM 202 – 9:00 AM

    JUNE 30, 2016 – COURT ROOM 202 – 9:00 AM


    JULY, 05, 2016 – COURT ROOM 101 – 9:30 AM

  16. BURK’S FALLS – The Pickerel Lake Lodge site may once again be encountering troubles with zoning.

    Burk's Falls Pickerel Lake Lodge still drawing extra scrutiny


    A new sign has showed up at the Pickerel Lake Lodge property near Burk's Falls.

    Almaguin News
    By Rebecca Zanussi
    BURK’S FALLS – The Pickerel Lake Lodge site may once again be encountering troubles with zoning.

    The recently closed Pickerel Lake Recovery Centre, ran by Addictions Canada, location isplanning to turn into a wellness centre/resort. Property owners approached Armour Township council on May 10 about their plans.
    During the regular meeting of June 14, Armour council reviewed a recommendation from their planner, Bob Miller, about whether the Pickerel Lake site is zoned correctly for a wellness centre.
    According to Miller, the answer is complicated.
    “In response to your question whether a ‘wellness resort’ is a permitted use on the Pickerel Lake Recovery Centre lands I [reviewed Township documents],” Miller wrote. “A Wellness Resort is not specifically permitted nor is it mentioned or implied in any definition of terms.”
    By definition, Miller wrote, in the Zoning Bylaw a “resort” is a “tourist commercial use” focused on the travelling and vacationing public and serving the local Pickerel Lake community.
    “Permitted tourism and recreational uses dominate the definitions but the documents are all essentially silent on wellness, therapeutic, or other holistic treatment facilities.”
    So, Miller expanded his search to similar sites across Ontario. What he uncovered was a “hot planning topic.”
    “…because of licensing abuses where body rub establishments and sexual services have repeatedly seeped into the mix,” Miller wrote.
    “I reviewed quite a list of special planning reports and OMB decisions all coming to grips with the issue of using zoning provisions and Official Plan policies to control holistic-type establishments, including wellness spas.”
    Miller turned to the City of Toronto zoning definition and found in their bylaws the wellness centre designation often comes down to services offered — and often whether the services are offered by people who are licensed or registered.
    He found a difference between “holistic-type establishments,” usually ran by unlicensed and unregistered people, and “massage therapy businesses,” typically ran by professionals licensed or registered under provincial legislation.
    “Toronto licenses ‘massage therapy’ businesses or ‘wellness centres’ only where the zoning on the premises permits the use,” Miller wrote.
    After conducting this research, Miller came to the conclusions that, first, “the introduction of a Wellness Centre on the Pickerel Lake Recovery Centre lands could require amendments to both the Armour Zoning Bylaw and Official Plan to permit the change of use.”
    Second, he found “it is not known what specific ‘wellness’ uses are proposed and no explanation has been received by Armour Township.”
    Third, Miller said the new operator has requested a letter from Armour confirming the proposed resort is a permitted use.
    And finally, he said “there seems to be a conflict between what Mr. [John] Haines reported to council and staff and what his lawyer is staying to [Township solicitor] Mr. Veldboom.”
    Miller therefore recommended that Armour, “request an itemized list of what therapies are to be employed in the proposed ‘wellness resort’.”
    Armour council unanimously agreed and expanded the request, also inquiring about who would be providing the services.
    Rebecca Zanussi is a reporter with the Almaguin News. She can be reached . Follow her on Twitter and Facebook
    ‘Three Amigos’ to Appear in Court Together

    JOHN HAINES ( Rehab Conman ) – RICHARD TUCKER ( Fake Doctor #1) – MUNISH MALIK – (FAKE DOCTOR #2)
    August 11, 2016 – COURT ROOM 101 – 930 AM

  18. RightOn Member

    Whack a mole with these ever changes names!
    The powers that be need to connect the freakin' dots already
  19. DeathHamster Member


    WAATMEWORRY? (A vapour scam operation itself.)

    I wish this Haines guy would be tossed in jail already. Each one of his fronts looks exactly like a stealth Narconon.
  20. It'll take time, but JOHN HAINES WILL BE IN JAIL!!!

    More Name Changes for John Haines, Addiction Canada,

    Vita Novus, Muskoka Recovery, Pickerel Lake Recovery, End Addiction, 911 Addictions, NOW...,

    Spirit of the North Wellness Retreat, Wellbeing Group, Yes, there are More!,, Say "It's A Life Changing Experience"
    (it would certainly change your Financial Situation)

    Anyone else Notice, Now when you go to:
    The bullshit WAATME ACCREDITATION on their website had magically disappeared?

    John Haines thought he could FOOL, Future Clients with Another Name Change. Remember, for John Haines, this is ALL ABOUT MONEY AND DECEIVING PEOPLE TO GET 'THEIR' MONEY IN...,HIS POCKET!
    John Haines, CEO and owner of Addiction Canada is facing five charges, including two counts of fraud over 6.1 Million Dollars and one count each of money laundering, benefitting from the proceeds of crime, fake doctors, and trafficking in controlled substances.

    Hey John Haines, you're fooling Anybody, Especially the POLICE.
  21. 1 hr ago

    It's a joke. Look up Glendon center and what's going on right now. There's no councilors left. The program manager quit. There's no licensed doctor to hand out prescriptions.

    A terrible place to work - Facility Manager (Former Employee)
    Alberta – August 7, 2016
    This company does NOT pay it's staff... Routinely pay cheques are returned NSF final pay cheques are never provided despite orders from the labour board
  22. Scammed 57 Member

    This is the Foothills location all medical staff are gone and have not been paid Counselors are handing out meds. Horrible I was a victim and taken advantage of while I was at the lowest point in my life, I am in worse shape now still on benzos still addicted in debt for $30,000.00 and in poor health My Doctor is shocked! Please do not ever enter one of his places all lies I spent 60 days saw much heard much no food at times due to no money to buy!! Please do not allow him to do this to you!
  23. RightOn Member

    Please write to authorities in Canada and the US and tell your story. Even if it is done anonymously.
    They have MANY centers world wide, and need to be shut down.
  24. Rehab Clown "John Haines" in COURT Tomorrow. Call the Crown Attorneys Office (CROWN ATTORNEY OFFICE NUMBER – 519.941.4471) and let them know what happened to you, even though this happened in Alberta and not in Ontario. They may have some advice. Did you call the RCMP?
    JOHN HAINES ( Rehab Conman )
    RICHARD TUCKER ( Fake Doctor #1)

    August 11, 2016 – COURT ROOM 101 – 930 AM


  25. Scammed 57 Member

    What a crook of BS especially Foothills The staff were far from trained no RN"s one LPN rest were health care aides however they were better than the Doctor so called he kept messing up my taper from benzos tapered me too fast and I became suicidal try to stab myself with a pen they left me alone in the room with the pen took me to near by Hospital the Doctor on Call said I am not getting involved with this issue go back to AC and get it taken care of. I should have been in detox and watched for at least 48 hours. The place was filthy my carpet looked like someone had vomited on it twice no carpet shampooer on site and open kitchen so dirty, the food was not fit for a dog hotdogs and fries fried food all the time! I told them I had stomach surgery and had diet restrictions they ignored them and said I was just too fussy!! If I did not keep the bathroom clean myself it would have never got cleaned? After other clients used it. They allowed a Client to come with a dog never asked any of us if we were allergic which I was had to take allergy pills. Their was dog hair all over the room where we did group it was horrible smelt like dirt dog floor was never cleaned!! staff were so unprofessional. The last week I was there they told us there was no money for food!! All the staff let go all their cheques bounced. I asked for ensure because I was losing weight and they said no money, I myself spent about $165.00 on some healthy food what the hell happened to my $30.00.00. I know of at least another 3 Clients that were in bad shape from not being looked after medically one had a bleeding ulcer left alone in the room not checked on had to go to Calgary for 3 weeks due top being so sick another was have seizures Family had to take her out another left on more ativan than when she came in because he did not know what to do is another place currently in B.C.. Myself I had a heart attack 2 years ago and I was told by John Haines himself and my Husband that I would be well monitored!! Joke! Every time I had chest pains and went to detox to see him he said it was in my head!! At the end he said I cannot do anything for you go home and get a check up from your Family Doctor! My current weight is 109 lbs from 123 lbs I am now addicted to Valium that he tapered me with and need another detox they want me to go to Utopia and said they will take real extra care and make sure I get good food! My Doctor did research and said to me this is a real con artist you may get there and they close the place down> it was a horrible experience. I feel he will kill someone while in one of his places he must be stopped!
  26. RightOn Member

    Scammed 57
    are you aware of the 9 deaths at Arrowhead in the US?
    Narconon does kill!
    AGAIN, please contact the authorities with your story, you can be save lives
  27. Scammed 57 Member

    No I am not but that is in the US I am going to report this Bev MacKay with the OPP Fraud investigations against him they are taking all complaints serious. He has shut down the detox there let all medical go so no more detox in foothills!! He knows he is in trouble there!! The staff are all getting together and filing against not being paid they are doing it with either Global or CTV in Calgary!! In the end he has no money what do you really think we will get I am out $30,000.00 I know he has other Facilities I heard that Life Changes Canada is his however he will not say that nor will they when you call!!
  28. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    It's hard to focus on reporting when you are in pain, but reporting is the best thing to do. First you will feel the power that was taken from you and next there are many people here who will support you- you won't be so alone as you fight this.
    The most active anti Narconon fighter here is Canadian. Please ask for help in reporting this. You have friends here you don't know yet.
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  29. This Loser is going to Jail. In Court Tomorrow in Ontario.

    CONTACT: Detective Constable - Bev Mackey - Anti Rackets Branch Ontario Provincial Police Telephone: 705.329.6463 Email: Mackey, Bev (OPP) <>
  30. Scammed 57 Member

    I would love the help reporting this I do not know who to go to and who will take it seriously, believe me there 3 others I witnessed as well that their health was not taken or cared for either while at that place
  31. Scammed 57 Member

    Why is revenue investigating him as well, I did say I believe he is the part owner if not whole of Life Changes Canada as well! I did read about this WellBeing Group but it says they are a couple from B.C, that own it, What is this End Addictions Place.
  32. Scammed 57 Member

    I went on that site it is just information about his filing for his Business or am I missing something.
  33. Intelligence Member

    I've only had a few minutes to read some of this Thread and the Scam Website, but will read more ASAP.

    Has anyone contacted the Ontario College of Physicians?

    I see no mention of a Physician being posted on their Website, only the following:

    Perhaps I can help. Please Private Message me if you think I can?

  34. Yes, First CALL the Ontario or Alberta College of Physicians.

    Also...,Even though you are in Alberta, Contact, Ontario Provincial Police Detective, Bev Mackey for Advice. She is One of the Police Investigator's who were/are involved in the On Going 6.1 Million Dollar Rehab Fraud Investigation Against John Haines/Addiction Canada.

    CONTACT: Detective Constable - Bev Mackey - Anti Rackets Branch Ontario Provincial Police Telephone: 705.329.6463 Email: Mackey, Bev (OPP) <>

    This Scam involves a lot of others who helped John Haines to carry on this Rehab Addiction Canada Scam.

    More staff who work for John Haines, Addiction Canada are expected to be ARRESTED in the very near future!!!

    JOHN HAINES ( Rehab Conman ) Court File No# 16486-01
    Due in Court Again on August/25/16 - Room 101 - 9:30am

    RICHARD TUCKER ( Fake Doctor #1) Court File No# 16486-02
    Due in Court Again on August/25/16 - Room 101 - 9:30am

    MUNISH MALIK – (FAKE DOCTOR #2) Court File No# 16782-02
    Due in Court Again on August/25/16 - Room 101 - 9:30am


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