Adelaide, Australia, January 17th PostGame

Discussion in 'Asia Pacific' started by AnonVocis, Jan 17, 2009.

  1. AnonVocis Member

    Adelaide, Australia, January 17th PostGame

    EndGame Report:

    This month was a mini raid. I met a fellow anon by chance, we made impromptu signs and proceeded through Rundle Mall. There was an overall good response and some merry car honking at the Pultney St corner. Quite a number of well wishers who were aware of our purpose and enthused at seeing us. It's good to see that more people seemed to know what we were about.

    Also of interest, we were made aware of the finer points of the law within the shopping district. You must be stationary to be able to hand out flyers, as walking and distributing can be viewed as making people uncomfortable. All rather arbitrary but it makes an easier job for security guards on duty. Special thanks to the anon I met along the way.
  2. Anon23517 Member

    Re: Adelaide, Australia, January 17th PostGame

    Oh I'm glad it went well and happened after all. That's awesome. And I'm really pleased to hear that you guys got a good reaction from the public. Didn't know that about standing still to hand out fliers, but that does explain why the Good News Bible guy never moves from out front of Woolies, I guess.

    Rock on, guys. Awesome stuff.
  3. Silent Member

    Re: Adelaide, Australia, January 17th PostGame

    Impromptu raids are great :)

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