Advice from a longtime lurker of scientology forums

Discussion in 'Projects' started by NotAffiliated, Feb 2, 2008.

  1. NotAffiliated Member

    Advice from a longtime lurker of scientology forums

    (note - I have edited this slightly since originally posting it).

    I am breaking my rule of never commenting on Scientology. I have followed news on it for many years and consider their Fair Game policies towards those declared as Suppressive to be a grave threat to the open marketplace of ideas. My advice to your movement, which I cannot be a part of is as follows:

    1) March in front of federal buildings in addition to the churches for your second round of protests on the justification that you are protesting scientology's tax exempt status, and the questionable circumstances on how they got it. Pass out flyers solely focusing on their record in court before the IRS reversed themselves, and reasons why the IRS may have done so.
    2) You may even want to consider protesting in the center of cities for other protests. While this would have a disadvantage in terms of spreading information to beginning scientologists, such scientologists are going to be locked in their orgs anyway. On the plus side, a protest in front of federal buildings, that was registered in advance, would be more difficult to defend from the scientology perspective as it would be away from their turf. Further, the federal buildings already have a built in security network, the federal protective services, under homeland security, that would possibly be able to witness any counterschenanigans from the Church of Scientology
    3) Contact Electronic Frontier Foundation regarding legal representation. You might be able to interest some of their crusaders for electronic freedom.
    4) Recruit law professor bloggers, such as the ones on Profslawblog or Volokh Conspiracy (or even instapundit) to publish on the legal issues that some of Scientology's tactics raise. Such bloggers are heavily read by judges and legal opinion leaders.
    5) Create a list of blogs that are high profile (TruthLaidBear has or had a ranking) and that have written on Scientology in the past. Make sure that they receive all important information, studies, and press releases.

    The next three pieces of advice follow around this observation: If you pressure Scientology's lawyers, you pressure Scientology's ability to friviously threaten in an illegal manner. This, in my opinion, is Scientology's true "ruin."

    6) Create a list of law firms that have supported scientology. While not many elite law students would think of working at Moxon's law firm, Williams and Connolly is an extremely prestigious place to work. However, they recruit from the elite law students of the world, a group with many options that would likely shun them if they found out that the law firm is supporting scientology.
    7 ) If you identify other prestigious law firms besides Williams and Connolly, consider protesting that law firms office in addition to scientology. While Scientology does not have a good name to sully, the law firms that aid and abbett it have reputations to protect and will be MUCH more sensitive to a protest. Be mindful here that there is a distinction between representing an unpopular client and actually helping that client further immoral ends. To any extent you demonstrate that a prestigious law firm is doing the later and not merely the former, you can pressure it in the court of public opinion.
    8 ) Consider calling the general counsel of clients of major law firms that assist scientology in illegal activities, if you can find evidence of them. Send them information on how their outside counsel is aiding in things that are not just illegal, but are shockingly immoral as well.

    I am not suggesting through this advice that you do not protest scientology. That is your, as a protestor who is risking much, decision to make. But you can only protest their building so many times, and there may be more effective targets in the long run to protest as well besides simply their orgs.

    In closing, for those of you who have more courage than I, the courage to reveal yourselves, I wish you well. I do not have your strength, but I hope that my advice will be of some small service. If I can think of other things that are within the bounds of the law that I can do to assist this movement, I will post again, but perhaps under a different identity.
  2. Randomness Member

    Thank you for some excellent advice.
  3. NotAffiliated Member

    More advice

    consolidated above
  4. L.the.Anon Member

    These are some solid ideas here, if we get judges and lawyers questioning Scientology, maybe we can turn their own weapons against them? I wouldn't bet on it, but it isn't impossible either. Hell, let's do it!
  5. good advice...

    except for the "don't protest scientology buildings".. reoccuring theme...

    perhaps protest all.
  6. Randomness Member

    Not entirely correct imo, we will need to take this to a higher level, a protest that approaches the realm of the government's responsibility would have serious impact.

    Especially during the US election.
  7. Good suggestions

    //Edited with better reading skills.
  8. L.the.Anon Member

    Huh? He/she never said we should abandon our protest for the tenth. Only that it would be a good idea to protest their lawyers, feds, and such, in later protests.
  9. Anonymous128 Member

    Great ideas. Thank you, Anonymous.

    Just by posting here without disclosing your identity, supporting us in our cause you became one of us. You are Anonymous, Anonymous is you. Anonymous is not an organisation, it's a state of mind.
  10. donotstalk Member

    In many countries, Scientology is not a tax exempt nor charitable organization. What can we do here?
    The Anon in the states really have to do more work than the rest of us, sorry guys. Aside from grabbing my passport and running towards the border, what do you think I could do to help them?
  11. L.the.Anon Member

    Well, for those of us outside the US, maybe send write to papers Reader/Debate/Oppinon-sections? Just try and get more and more media attention basically, amongst other things. Inform people, tell friends, spread the word in general.
  12. BUMP for great justice! Great ideas here for the longer term fight.
  13. Anon883 Member

    These are the kind of things we need to start doing. Great ideas
  14. IBoughtADog Member

    Excellent ideas and input for the post Feb 10th actions. Thanks!

  15. Likewise, I wonder about this. What should we outside the US be aiming for? If the media asks us, of whoever asks us, 'what are your goals?' .. What should we answer?

    I'm not exactly sure what we could be aiming here over at EU, other than spreading awareness. Ideas?
  16. Heyanonnyno Member

    I think this should be put up in the wiki for sure. It's excellent, excellent stuff.
  17. Much obliged, and any help you can or advice you can give in the future would be deeply appreciated.
  18. L.the.Anon Member

    Well, we could always focus more on things like copyright, their attempts to sue critics, these sort of things. I think that anything having to do with the censorship and limitation of our freedom of speech works more or less anywhere, their abuse of members, secrecy, enormous demands of "donation" from their members. And so on. There's lots of things to say.
    They did try to kidnap a woman in Italy recently for instance.
  19. We should not feel to safe here in the European countries, check this out: ... sus_Russia

    This just happened, and proves that they succesfully manipulate the european law system as well!
  20. Diogenes Member

    excellent ideas

    All these ideas should definitely be considered for expanding our operations in the period after the 10th.

    I totally support getting bloggers involved. There will need to be a lot of research done to find out which law firms are supporting scientology. Bloggers tend to be excellent researchers and are often very well connected in their area of study. They can help find out a lot of this info and anon can help spread it around.

    Excellent ideas NotAffiliated, thank you for your help :)

    And I want to second what Anonymous128 said...
    Anonymous is not an organization, its a state of mind.
    Rightly said, and just so.
  21. myot8mythetan Member

    great tips--thanks for sharing

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