After Fair Game theme idea

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Nillerz, Apr 19, 2008.

  1. Nillerz Member

    After Fair Game theme idea

    I propose: Camwhore.

    I think that serious business protests are destined to fail. Party Hard was great success. Therefore, I say after Fair Game we need to do Camwhore theme.

    The point: Get lots of media attention. Tell the people about all the normal stuff but still, remember to get as much attention as possible. Opinions?

    My ideas:

    Signs reading: "Rabbit-Chan doesn't liek scientology" or stuff that's more creative
    Pictures with the stereotypical camwhore mouth pointing in one direction thing->-
    another swell idea
  2. Gunslinger Member

    Re: After Fair Game theme idea

    So you believe that targeting an even smaller number of the Public will be more "win" than what you refer to as "serious business" protests?

    I've been involved in this fight for about 5 or 6 months now - many others for well over 10 years - and I have no fucking clue who or what "Rabbit-chan" is. Now, I know I could look it up and find out all about it on Wikichan - but why? What does it have to do with trying to Stop the Abuses of the Scientology Organization?

    And what's the point of calling them "camwhores" (which they are) if then want to feed into the major malfunction by allowing them the spotlight in this "serious" series of protests?

    Please don't get me wrong - I love the lulz. I think the laughter is just as important as the tears. But what you're proposing has nothing to do with lulz. It's focusing on a very, very small group of people whose sole outlet for expression is on the Internet - and not everyone who uses the Internet knows or even cares who they are. Why would the Real World care about these people?

    Please, Stay on Target.
  3. Tony Whent Member

    Re: After Fair Game theme idea

    I agree. I have no idea what any of this means- and it is just as wacky as Xenu anyway.

    Why should the public believe one lot of nutters over another?

    The most likely result would be..

    a) Clams being afraid of us and not talking / defecting.

    b) Media and public saying 'plague on both their houses' and refusing to believe the next scandel that comes out of the cult.

    Epic fail.

    The same goes with Battletoads on May 10.

    If Nintendo want the publicity- let them pay for it!
  4. Gunslinger Member

    Re: After Fair Game theme idea

    I always take the time to praise the use of Shakespeare in any Thread. Good job. You get a cookie.

    As far as "Battletoads" goes - it's a fairly complex pun which I believe will actually serve a number of purposes:

    First, it's at least vaguely recgonizable for anyone in the gamer community who will remember it as a cheap attempt to capitalize on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and nostalgia - for some weird reason - sells.

    It's a "meme" from the wonderful world of /b/, just like Longcat and Mudkips, so it keys into the what the kids all enjoy these days with their hulahoops and fax machines and Braun blenders and whatever the hell they're always yammering about. When I was a boy we didn't have...didn't...what was I saying?

    Oh, yeah - More importantly, "Battletoads" sounds a lot like "Battlefield" and that is the first word in the title of perhaps the WORST film ever made (just ahead of Halle Berry's Catwoman) John Travolta's Battefield: Earth. Now, there are many, many people out there in the fabeled Public who -regardless of what they may or may not think about Scientology - absolutely HATE this excremental film. I - and others - think that if these Publicans were informed that "Battlefield: Earth" by L Ron Hubbard was not just a work of crappy science fiction, but the actual dogma of the CoS - well, it'll get some attention, that's all.

    Above all, "Battletoads" allows for a compromise in the whole "Serious Business vs Lulz" issue. I love me some lulz, and I would hate to see them go - but I think it's possible to have 'em while at the same time drawing attention to the "srs bsn" of the Abuses of the CoS.

    Speaking of Shakespeare - ever notice that in the "lulz" play As You Like It, one of the most important characters in the story is the "Srs bsn" melancholy Jaques, who helps counter balance some of the farce with a kind of downer attitude about love and life. While in the "Srs Bsn" tragedy King Lear the character of the Fool is the only voice of comedy and at least the only attempt to find solace in the face of misery through sheer idiotic "lulz". Shakespeare understood the need to have both comedy and tragedy represented in one complete play. Who are we to think we know better?
  5. Re: After Fair Game theme idea

    Also, the Porter before the murder in Macbeth.

    Back on track, I think that "Fair Game" is about as narrow as can/should go. While it may garner some public sympathy, it's incredibly important that our themes can be digested to the public in either one sentence on a sign, three sentences on a flier, or 30 seconds in a conversation. That's all the time the public has when they are going about their normal lives.

    Abuses always get the attention of masses, and things done to children enrage the public. All of this is in our ammo, and I agree that the "Battletoad" concept is a perfect balance, allows us to relax slightly from last months heavy theme, while at the same time allowing the doors to be open to more serious fare again.

    It's a delicate dance, and we have to keep the public on our dance floor and not alienate or confuse them too much.
  6. Re: After Fair Game theme idea



  7. Nillerz Member

    Re: After Fair Game theme idea

    since when is it about the crimes and abuses of the scientology organization? What happened to the lulz? They should be considered primary
  8. Gunslinger Member

    Re: After Fair Game theme idea

    lurk more - please
  9. An0nym0u5 Member

    Re: After Fair Game theme idea

    Around last thursday.

    Lulz will still be had either way.

    Also, themes are becoming necessary because it allows anon to focus on a specific aspect of the Co$ at each protest. We are Legion after all. We must have one, united voice at all times.
  10. An0nYm0use Member

    Re: After Fair Game theme idea

    lulz are not achieved by simple references memes.

    lulz are achieved by agressively ruining cos and making them freak out becuase they are crumbling.

    lulz != retardedness (not always)

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