After Stanley Kubrick

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    After Stanley Kubrick

    guardian uk.
    After Stanley Kubrick
    read more

    Christiane Kubrick about her daughter Vivian and her joining the cult.
    more disconnection

    After Stanley Kubrick | Film | The Guardian

    Vivian Kubrick - Scientology Service Completions
    Vivian Kubrick - Scientology Service Completions | Truth About Scientology Statistics Project
    anyone know if Vivian Kubrick is still with the cult?

    Guardian uK
    Full article w/video interview of Christine Kubrick
    video link
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    Re: After Stanley Kubrick

    Doesn't matter who you are - an office clerk or the child of a rich and famous film director - the cult breaks up families.

    And I totally don't buy that Tom Cruise had _nothing_ to do with it....there is no way he could not have influenced her to at least check it out. I seem to remember reading somewhere that for a year before the film had even begun shooting that Cruise spent long periods of time "working" with Kubrick in development, staying at his home in Britain, etc....
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    Re: After Stanley Kubrick

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    Re: After Stanley Kubrick

    Not nice at all.
  6. Anonymous Member

    Re: After Stanley Kubrick

    She was working with Kirstie Alley around that time (per IMDB). Maybe that is the connection, and not Cruise.
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    Re: After Stanley Kubrick

    Thx, OP. This is extremely important and useful. This makes Stanley Kubrick the most prominent celebrity to have his family destroyed by Scientology. It is an example we need to cite often in our harpooning.
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    Re: After Stanley Kubrick

    From within a post on OCMB from November 2007:
    Operation Clambake Message Board :: View topic
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    Re: After Stanley Kubrick

    Another great family and career "touched" by the cult.
  13. Ackerland Member

    Re: After Stanley Kubrick

    Never realized Kubrick's daughter was a Scientologist. I remember her from the "Making of the Shining".
  14. xoixoi1 Member

    Re: After Stanley Kubrick

    At least Kubrick didn't get to see her sucked into a cult. Its very sad for Christiane to lose one daughter to cancer and then another to a cancerous cult.

    I wonder if anyone has any intel on Vivian? She seems to have had a scilon "minder" at her side which indicates she was treated as something of a celeb. But she hasn't done anything substantial since. Could she be in the Sea Org or, FSB forbid, Gold Base?
  15. Mr Peacock Member

    Stanley Kubrick's family destroyed by Scientology disconnection

    The below was apparently sent out to numerous media outlets. Hopefully the word will continue to spread about the devastating affects of Scientology disconnection. Amy

    Stanley Kubrick’s family destroyed by Scientology disconnection

    The UK Guardian has just published an important article revealing for the first time the destruction of Stanley Kubrick's family by Scientology. The revelation now makes film icon Kubrick the most prominent celebrity upon whom Scientology has inflicted irreparable damage.

    At an open-air screening of Stanley Kubrick's film Paths of Glory. at Somerset House on the Strand in London, Kubrick’s widow Christiane Kubrick spoke of the loss of her daughter Katharine to Hodgkin's Disease. She also revealed to the worldf or the first time the loss of another of her three daughters, Vivian, to Scientology. In her remarks about Vivian she said:

    But she was hugely loved. And now I've lost her." She pauses. "You know that? I used to keep all this a secret as I was hoping it would go away. But now I've lost hope. So. She's gone."

    A talented musician, composer, and director who composed the score for Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket, Vivian got involved in Scientology around the time Kubrick’s film Eyes Wide Shut was in post-production. Kubrick wanted her to compose the music for the film. Vivian refused and disappeared into Scientology.

    Kubrick pleaded with her to no avail. She showed up at Kubrick's funeral with a Scientology "handler." Thereafter she broke off all communication even as her sister Katharine was dying of cancer and did not attend her funeral.

    Those familiar with Scientology and its policy of disconnection will recognize what is going on here. When Stanley Kubrick objected to Vivian’s involvement in Scientology she was obliged to "handle or disconnect", that is, get him to shut up and stop criticizing Scientology or completely severe all communications with her family.

    Compliance with Scientology’s policy of disconnection is not optional; it is mandatory. All Scientologists from Greta Van Susteren down to the poorest teenager sucked into Scientology are required to disconnect at Scientology command.

    Failure to disconnect would have subjected Vivian to punishment by Scientology including public disclosure of confidential information in her Scientology counseling folders.

    This has been the case with recent defectors like Amy Scobee, who spoke out about Scientology abuses in the St. Petersburg Times’ important investigative report, The Truth Rundown, which set off a continuing stream of mainstream media reports about Scientology abuses including Laurie Goodstein’s front page story in the New York Times and Anderson Cooper’s five-part series at CNN, Scientology: A History of Violence.

    Scobee was a high-ranking executive responsible for the Celebrity Centers that cater to Vivian and other Los Angeles entertainment industry celebrities. In response to Scobee’s revelations Scientology Public Relations spokesman, Tommy Davis, son of Scientology actress Anne Archer, smeared her with purportedly confidential personal information. Scobee said, "If my folders are confidential, why is Tommy Davis talking about my sex life?"

    Also to be noted in Christiane Kubrick’s account is the presence of a handler from Scientology's intelligence agency, the Office of Special Affairs (OSA) at Kubrick’s funeral.

    Anti-Scientology criticism from Kubrick's family made his funeral a potential source of trouble and a possible PR flap It also presented the risk of Vivian defecting from Scientology.

    OSA is responsible for all public and government relations for Scientology. It is also responsible for the exploitation of Scientology celebrities, and thus the necessity of sending an OSA handler to mind Vivian at Kubrick’s funeral.

    Tommy Davis is a member of OSA and Scientology’s chief spokesman. Davis accused editor Randy Sly of Catholic Online of “promoting religious hatred and violence” for criticizing Scientology in his many articles. OSA produced a major smear job on Anderson Cooper in Scientology’s Freedom magazine and distributed copies along with a defamatory DVD in front of CNN offices in Los Angeles.

    While Kubrick is now the most eminent celebrity to have his family destroyed by Scientology, Oscar-winning director Paul Haggis remains the most prominent celebrity to defect from the cult. After 35-years in Scientology he resigned in an email to Tommy Davis, which has been widely reported in the media.

    Haggis was outraged at the violation of Amy Scobee’s confidential information and Davis’ blatant lying in denying that the policy of disconnection exists. Haggis’ wife had been forced to disconnect from her own parents.

    Disconnection is the most wide-spread damage Scientology does in society for it affects not only individual Scientologists, but entire networks of family, friend, and business relationships.

    There are tens of thousands of families like Kubrick’s that have been destroyed by disconnection. One of the most heart-breaking is that of Allan Henderson. Henderson died of cancer disconnected from five of his six children and all twenty-two of his grandchildren.

    Christiane Kubrick has given up hope. Scientology has rendered her daughter effectively dead to her.

    Other parents need not yet despair if voices in society will speak up strongly denouncing disconnection and all of Scientology’s other human rights abuses such as coerced abortion, which is becoming an increasing concern particularly in the pro-life community after the recent exhaustive report in the St. Petersburg Times - No Kids Allowed.

    Amy Scobee is the former Scientology executive most knowledgeable about Scientology’s control and manipulation of Scientology celebrities like Vivian Kubrick. She has recently published a book, Scientology: Abuse At The Top available at Amazon and her website, Scobee Publishing. She may be contacted at .

    - [REDACTED]
    San Francisco
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    Re: After Stanley Kubrick

    Stanley Kubrick’s Daughter “Lost” in Scientology
    Stanley Kubrick’s Daughter “Lost” in Scientology |

    The Tempest

    Wikipedia Vivian Kubrick
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    Re: After Stanley Kubrick

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    Vivian Kubrick and the Scientology (cult of abuses)

    Stanley Kubrick's Daughter "Lost" to Scientology, Mom Says
    News by Hollywood Elsewhere

    In an 8.18 interview with Christiane Kubrick, the 78 year-old widow of Stanley Kubrick, Guardian contributor Jon Ronson reveals what seems to me like an exceptionally sad fact. Vivian Kubrick, 50, who played "Squirt" in 2001: A Space Odyssey and who shot that Making of 'The Shining' doc, succumbed to Scientology about a decade ago, and now her mother considers her "lost."

    "She was hugely loved, and now I've lost her," Christiane says. "You know that? I used to keep all this a secret as I was hoping it would go away. But now I've lost hope. So. She's gone."

    "It all began, she says, while Stanley was editing Eyes Wide Shut, which starred Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. Stanley asked Vivian to compose the score, but at the last moment she said she wouldn't. Instead, she disappeared into San Francisco and Los Angeles. 'They had a huge fight," Crhistiane recalls. 'He was very unhappy. He wrote her a 40-page letter trying to win her back. He begged her endlessly to come home from California. I'm glad he didn't live to see what happened.'

    "On the day of Stanley's funeral, Christiane says, "Vivian arrived with a woman nobody recognized. She just sat in Vivian's room. Never said hello to us. Just sat. We were all spooked. Who was this person? Turns out she was a Scientology something-or-other, don't know what."

    Scientology "is [Vivian's] new religion," Christiane explains. "It had absolutely nothing to do with Tom Cruise by the way. Absolutely not."

    "I think she must have been very upset [by her father's death]," Christiane says, "but, again, I wouldn't know. I know nothing. That is the truth. I can't reach her at all. I've had two conversations with her since Stanley died. The last one was eight years ago. She became a Scientologist and didn't want to talk to us any more and didn't see her dying sister Anya, didn't come to her funeral. And these were children [who] had been joined at the hip."

    The following portion of Ronson's interview stopped me short: "[Christiane] says that when Stanley was alive, he kept her and their daughters cosseted from stress, from life's legal and financial arrangements, allowing them to float through Childwickbury without worries."

    Let me explain something. If anything is going to interfere with the ability of a younger person to cope with life when they begin to make their way on their own, it is having been "cosseted from stress" and shielded from "life's legal and financial arrangements" as a child.

    Parents believe that allowing a child "to float through" his or her early life "without worries" is a profound expression of love. It is in fact one of the worst things you can do to a son or daughter. I know three or four people who lived somewhat shielded lives as children, and now they could arguably be called hiders in one way or another. They aren't unhealthy or uninteresting people, mind, but they seem to have sought to recreate that sense of being "sheltered from the storm" that they knew during childhood. The strongest people tend to be those who've experienced a little up and down and rough and tumble in their formative years. Like me.
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    Re: After Stanley Kubrick

    I hope the mom isn't leaving any money to the cult via Vivian.
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    Re: After Stanley Kubrick

    Stanley Kubrick's widow 'lost' daughter to Scientology
    Stanley Kubrick's widow says she lost her daughter to Scientology -
  24. Anonymous Member

    Re: After Stanley Kubrick

    Picture of Katie Holmes at the Eyes Wide Shut premiere:

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    Re: Stanley Kubrick's family destroyed by Scientology disconnection

    Fact Check Error alert: "Katherine" sic (Katharina) is not the sister who died. It was Anya. Katharina is a half sister from another father, alive and working with her mother as mentioned in the article.

    [..]And, in fact, her German daughter Katharina remains at Childwickbury to this day, painting and making jewellery and helping her mother run her art school. But the two daughters by Stanley are gone. I had no idea when I met Anya, their middle daughter, in 2007 that she was sick. "It was one of her great gifts to her son she never, as much as possible, allowed him to feel any of her horrible illness," Christiane says. "She died over 10 years. With all the things you have when you have cancer. The hair loss. The lot. She had a terrible time."

    When I met her, would she have been in pain? "Yes," says Christiane. "She had Hodgkin's disease. She had a great deal of pain. She was very much like Stanley in many respects. She looked like him and had many of his characteristics. She was intelligent and a nice person." Anya died in July 2009, aged 50.[..]

    The below bolded comment is conjecture. The movie was made in 1999. The mother states she took off to San Francisco and Los Angeles... not to Scientology at that time. It was later, after her father died, that the mother found her daughter in scientology with a woman most likely a handler. After Stanley Kubrick | Film | The Guardian

    [..]Also to be noted in Christiane Kubrick’s account is the presence of a handler from Scientology's intelligence agency, the Office of Special Affairs (OSA) at Kubrick’s funeral.

    Anti-Scientology criticism from Kubrick's family made his funeral a potential source of trouble and a possible PR flap It also presented the risk of Vivian defecting from Scientology.[..]

    Katharina Kubrick Phelps can be found on facebook via her son's FB friend list Freeweb

    Someone needs to correct this.
  27. Anonymous Member

    Re: Stanley Kubrick's family destroyed by Scientology disconnection

    What would you expect from a tabloid? If you feel a correction is needed, then why don't you write the newspaper & request a correction?

    Katharina Kubrick-Phelps | Facebook
  28. AnonyMary Member

    Re: Stanley Kubrick's family destroyed by Scientology disconnection

    That was not written by a journalist. That was a press release written anonymously by a critic and posted by Amy Scobee and Mark Bunker, among others
  29. Anonymous Member

    Re: After Stanley Kubrick

    New article on Vivian Kubrick:
  30. Triumph Member

    Re: After Stanley Kubrick

    The Daily Beast
    Stanley Kubrick's Lost Daughter by Nicole LaPorte
    Great 2 page interview from Vivian's step sister this time good to see this story rolling on.

    Stanley Kubrick

    Louanne (cult shill) has a pathetic response to the Article

    ^this is your brain on Scientology. blame the WoGs

    He mother spoke out for the first time after 8 years just weeks ago Louanne
    Vivian Had a promising carreer...HAD.. to busy crawling up the bridge these days

    Living off his Legacy... YES They are entitled to they are FAMILY!

    she was around 42+ when she attended her fathers funeral..Scientology did its usual send along a HANDLER who (instead of support of a grieving friend) was there to preventer her from engaging with the Wogs,.and prevent her from leaving the cult.

    I hope Vivian reads the article and Leaves the cult because of what Louanne wrote...
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    Re: After Stanley Kubrick

    Thanks so much for this! omg, this is a priceless documentary, on so many levels, so many reasons. Hope this is archived. Just finished watching all 35 minutes. Vivian did an excellent job of capturing the essence and brilliance of her father, and so much more.

    For the record, this movie still scares the crap out of me. An aside; I always wondered about that kid in the move, concerned actually for him. After seeing clips/interviews on site, I was horrified to see/hear a narcissist in the making. Hope it was just a "phase". At least now I know he wasn't feeling any mental harm during the process.

    Here's hoping the Kubrick's family's outpouring of love and loss will reach Vivian and pierce through the sci cold and heartless armour. It's never too late.
  33. Anonymous Member

    Re: After Stanley Kubrick

    A pic of the grown "Dan" Llyod and pretty cute video. It seems he may be a biology professor now.

    Rich or Rehab: The Kid From ‘The Shining’ | Strollerderby
  34. Anonymous Member

    Re: After Stanley Kubrick

    Ah, thanks for that! There were some others clips from Vivian's doco with him that had me worried, but it's good to see it was, in fact, just a phase.

    From this documentary, seems Shelly Duvall (Wendy) didn't fare so well. Stressed to max, sick, hair loss. But in some interviews, she looks beautiful and smart.
    Jack Nicholson shows why he was the perfect casting, of course, and there's some off camera footage worth seeing.

    Still, it was that kid, "dan lloyd" who elevated the terror in your gut to new levels.
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    Re: After Stanley Kubrick

    trust me, this is a perfect example of the disconnect policy. Anyone can go home and google this themselves.
  38. Vivian Kubrick is selling her house again (since the Scientology stories broke in August/September 2010). Strange that she is listed as living in Allen, Texas. What the...?

    1230 PO BOX 1107
    BEN LOMOND, CA 95005

    ALLEN, TX 75002
  39. Anonymous Member

    That was when she used to eat, eh? Beautiful young girl, now worn and haggard from the beard-life.
  40. Hands up everybody who thinks the abduction of his beloved youngest daughter by the cult of scientology played a part in Stanley Kubricks' fatal heart attack.

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