After the Fall of Scientology

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by HerrdoktorKrud, Feb 26, 2008.

  1. After the Fall of Scientology

    I'm still possibly thinking too far ahead, BUT with recent events happening, I was thinking about what the plans are for after the Church of Scientology crumbles and people are wondering what to do.

    In particular, I was thinking about the following things:
    - counselling/exit services for leaving members of the church
    - decompression for long-term critics

    It sounds retarded, I know, but when people are in stressful situations for a long time, their minds and methods adapt to the situation. To have everything suddenly different can be a huge stressor and can actually end up harmful to the person. Think of soldiers returning from Iraq who suffer from PTSD, or people who got all fucked up after 9/11, etc etc.

    What is the exit strategy?
  2. AnonyFag Member

    Re: After the Fall of Scientology

    I'd say ask WBM or WGL... the old skool critics are going to have better answers than we. From what I understand, they already have a kind of system in place to deal with the influx of those whose faith is broken or "under construction", so to speak. The best I can offere right now is that those who come "out" need to be directed to people like WBM and WGL. We can be the conduit, they can be the station that provides the healing.
  3. Anon1412 Member

    Re: After the Fall of Scientology

    No just no. I'm watching the whole action as an passive anon, but please mark my words.

  4. Anonybastard Member

    Re: After the Fall of Scientology

    I think after the Sciwar Anon should go back to where he came from. chan, somethingawful and others... Until we find a new lulzworthy target, that is.
  5. Re: After the Fall of Scientology

    He wasn't talking about a sequel or anything. He was talking about the same game, but just wondering how the story will end.

    I mean, its only obvious that the sequel will have to be a greater lulz dispenser than the Co$...

    What will it be? Who knows...
  6. Re: After the Fall of Scientology

    Exactly. Same game, but the "post final boss" phase.

    Like, think -- you defeat the final boss, then just... credits. WTF? That game sucked. I am an hero.
    Same situation here. We need to plan for the d'enouement.
  7. Re: After the Fall of Scientology

    I think this is an easy one… go see /i/

    Obliterate and move to the next entertaining target. It’s a very simple concept.

    Old Guard, Freezoners and sympathizes will be the ones consuming the fragile ex-Co$. One master for another … less oppressive master.
  8. anonymous713 Member

    Re: After the Fall of Scientology

    We shouldn't just let all the ex-scientologists sit around all fucked up as a target for something else to come along, but I agree, the Old Guard will probably be able to handle it. Hell, they'll deserve the recognition they'll get for this: Tory and Marc and everyone have been ignored compared to anonymous in the media, they'll deserve their spotlight, and they'll be the ones able to help the ex-scilions. We be happy for do good thing, have lulz, eat cake, and then fap.
  9. fluffbomb Member

    Re: After the Fall of Scientology

    There is a lot of fractured help out there for people already, but regardless of what we hope people will do when they leave, it is down to personal choice. If they choose to leave the cult and wander aimlessly without help, that's their choice.
    There is freezone, LMT, Tory, WBM and others able to help but I think a primary ambition should be the reinstatement of the traditional Cult Awareness Network.

    There does need to be a single point of contact for people to find help, counseling, advice, and so on.
    Having the CAN being run by Scientology should be illegal. So, as part of the plan, we should include efforts to get the CAN either shut down, or taken over by another charity with new staff once the cult is seen to be going down.
  10. AnonyFag Member

    Re: After the Fall of Scientology

    Uhhh... hate to break it to ya, but LMT is dead. Has been for some time.

    U R rite. Remember though that the CAN isn't the end all, be all of exit points/counseling. There are other organizations out there... One, I think, goes by the acronym "CAC", can't fuggin remember what it stands for though. However, this is where the OG can come in. They'll have the hard data on where to turn people who want and need help after the fall of Davey's Reich. From there, they can give Anon some direction and tips on how to point people in the direction and get them there... After all, the OG have been running something of an underground railroad for people to leave, so they'd be in the best position to shine the light on the issue.

    P.S.: A fan of the artwork of BRUTE!, Fluff? :mrgreen:

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