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Discussion in 'Celebrity News' started by amaX, Dec 18, 2016.

  1. amaX Member

    Leah Remini, Mike Rinder, and the Aftermath

    Another Chanologist sent me a text this morning saying that Mike Rinder had posted on his blog that Leah's new show would be reaching far and wide to gather stories from people who had been run through the cult's gut-wrenching, meat-grinding policies which are all designed to Keep Scientology Working.

    The show wants to paint a picture of what people go through when they go against Scientology.
    But Rinder makes it perfectly CLEAR that only ex-Scientologists need apply to tell their stories. Critics who were never Scientologists are not being asked to come forward. By the way? The "clear" pun was intended. There isn't much fun when it comes to Scientology so we must laugh when we can even if the jokes are stupid.

    Leah Remini cried out saying she hoped that people would start coming forward to do something about Scientology. It was obvious she was calling out for everyone to help and not just people who had been in the cult.

    There are some very good reasons why more people don't become anti-Scientology activists.
    Scientology is evil and frightening. It is the fanciest slave ring sitting under a pyramid scheme that you'll ever see! Monstrous buildings with extravagant furnishings are kept up-and-running by slaves and blood money extorted from members until they literally have nothing left to give.
    Scientology is willing to do anything to keep that money rolling in. The cult doesn't ever just ignore a critic. Scientology has a scorched-earth policy bolstered by a seemingly endless supply of filthy lucre to keep destroying critics.

    Leah's show is wonderful. It's shining a light on the evil that is Scientology. And I am sure that Scientology is fairgaming everyone associated with the show in the hopes of shutting it down. I'm sure they're fairgaming all those people because fairgame incidents are being reported by quite a few of my fellow critics who were never in the cult and I am including myself in that mix. The incidents are varying in severity from a bird murdered and left where it would be seen to vehicles being messed with in big ways to being signed up for disgusting sex sites. Those are just the incidents we're hearing about.

    What Leah and Rinder don't seem to want to address is that every critic faces the same wrath whether they were in the cult or not.

    If Leah and Rinder want more people to get on their bandwagon to bring this cult down then they are going to have to start acknowledging and thanking the non-Scientologists who have risked their lives and livelihoods to try and stop Scientology.

    Every Scientology critic becomes stuck in the cult's aftermath and it's time for exes to acknowledge that.
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  2. I think the reason for their present focus on people who were actually Scientologists is due to the show's title - "Scientology: The Aftermath." You can't have an Aftermath to Scientology unless you were In Scientology.

    They're probably hopeful for a 2nd season, which might explain why they need to stick with that original premise of finding people who were In and documenting the Aftermath after they get Out.

    Don't take their present focus as a slight against the efforts of never-ins to take down Scientology, which I am sure they greatly appreciate. My advice/opinion only. I'm sure you will take it however you decide you want to take it.
  3. BLiP Member

    Huh? How can you have an aftermath of Scientology if Scientology is still going?
  4. Idk how to respond to this except to think you are willfully misunderstanding the title of the show and to what it refers.

    People who leave Scientology - putting their Scientology experience in their past regardless of whether the church continues to exist without them - often suffer consequences as a result of leaving or of having been a member. The title of the show, "The Aftermath," seems to refer to those consequences.
  5. I think it would be a good idea to include everyone who has been victimized by the Scientology implementation of L. Ron Hubbard's brutally abusive policies that have damaged countless completely innocent victims who were never in and are punished by association including family members of the Scientologists who are subjected to nasty punishments as well.

    E. G. Every single addict and their family members who were lied to and scammed out of approx. 30 Thousand Dollars per addict for the medically dangerous Narconon (under many names) Program of LRH and discarded after.

    Businesses that went under thanks to WISE lies and takeovers.

    The list of Scientology victims is far greater than the abuses to their membership as bad as those have been. There are many, many more victims of this cult out there.
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  6. BigBeard Member

    There's enough material out there to keep this series going for years. I don't 'Twit', but from what I'm seeing Leah is pretty responsive. So instead of venting here, why not pass along these suggestions to her for future seasons??

  7. Ersatz Global Moderator

    Anyone else experiencing some good old fashioned fair game?
  8. The Internet Member

    If Scientology doesn't know who you are, count your blessings and stay on the down-low. Don't seek to tell your story or to have recognition. Just be an anonymous nobody and carry on.
  9. Ersatz Global Moderator

    This is why we have guest posting. It is a yes or no question. A wise anon knows how to share without sharing.
  10. Leah Remini's series is fantastic and she is indeed very responsive. I'm sorry if you think I'm venting in some sort of negative way about her documentary. That's 100% false. It's having a tremendous impact. Thank You, Leah!

    It's certainly a good idea to make Leah aware of the avalanche of abuses that have affected thousands and thousands of victims like the vast majority who continue to be scammed out of millions by Narconon who were never Scientologists and were deceived about Scientology's direct connect to the medically dangerous program promising an 85% success rate for $30.000.00.

    They still advertise these success rates to this day despite several deaths and utter failures at their facilities selling the Toxic L. Ron Hubbard Purification Rundown and nothing but Scientology courses. She has a world of options to explore, Scientology abuses know no end.

    She seems open to exploring any and all abuses of this alleged 'Church' / Corporation of Scientology and has clearly opened avenues to pursue them. I hope she takes advantage of the wealth of information provided here at WWP as well.

    I believe that she's open to whatever direction this series may lead her in the future. Scientology abuses have no end as we all know.

    I just don't see how mentioning abuses to non-Scientologists is venting in some kind of a negative way is all. This site has been the very best at exposing any and all abuses to all victims of this cult. Thanks.
  11. BigBeard Member

    You're reading more into my comment than is there. My only point is telling Leah directly would do more than saying it here. No criticism of the sentiments being expressed was intended.

  12. No problem, the venting reference threw me, I'll ventilate now. Thanks. This series by Leah Remini has really gotten legs. It's so nice to see national and worldwide attention at this level to help the cause.

    You've certainly done your share in standing up to Scientology Abuses for a long time, Big Beard. Thank You!
  13. t
    And many slip. No shit like you pulled it in.
    Sorry but I read your comment as yeah, I am. Anyone else.
    I'm kinda waiting for my own but thinking, were just out of the game and are being a fgt
  14. Good point, hopefully tomorrows episode on Paulette Cooper is an indicator that they are willing to tell about critics who have been fair gamed. Richard Behar and his TIME magazine cover story aftermath would make a good episode as well as one about critics such as yourself.
  15. That's not why Sue said we have guest posting.
  16. Ersatz Global Moderator

    You crafty little scamp you've got me! What made me think I could pull the wool over the eyes of the likes of you?

    Get over yourself, it was just a request for back up of the OP's story.
  17. Ersatz Global Moderator

    Awww you special snowflake who obviously doesn't know anon culture.
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  18. Yeah so thats a derail. Ertsaz, you okay?
  19. amaX Member

    Tell Victoria Britton you can't have an aftermath to Scientology unless you were in. Tell Paulette Cooper. I sit here with a permanent heart condition due to my false arrest at the hands of this cult. Tell my heart and my wallet there's no aftermath.

    Some of us ARE encountering fairgame due to Leah's show being front-and-center. The cult is definitely letting us know that we are still in their sights.
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  20. Ersatz Global Moderator

    Ban me.
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  21. My statement was not meant to imply that people who were never in Scientology cannot suffer harms from Scientology. Touchy, touchy.

    My statement was meant to explain that perhaps the reason they do not want stories from never-ins for their show is because the entire premise of their show is to document the Aftermath for people who Were In.

    My statement was also meant to explain that the chosen premise is not meant as a slight to never-ins, and my statement itself was not intended as a slight to never-ins, either.

    The harms suffered by those who were never-in Scientology can certainly be the subject of documentary exploration. A&E, the producer, Leah, and whomever else have made their decision re: what is in their documentary.

    BTW, they did talk to Paulette Cooper, one of your never-ins, for a special 9th installment of the show which will be airing Monday.
  22. Done.

    Anything else you wanted?
  23. Ersatz Global Moderator

    A pony
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  24. Jeffrey Augustine is on the show, too. Never in, but probably got on both because he's a prolific critic and because he's married to Karen.
  25. amaX Member

    "Touchy, touchy"? If you'd explained yourself in your original response then I wouldn't have replied back to you.

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