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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by anonAminoacid, Feb 13, 2008.


How old are you?

0-17 231 vote(s) 13.1%
18-25 615 vote(s) 34.9%
26-35 464 vote(s) 26.4%
36-45 228 vote(s) 13.0%
45-60 167 vote(s) 9.5%
60+ 55 vote(s) 3.1%
  1. anonAminoacid Member

    Age Poll

    For reference sake how old is everyone, you don't have to post, you can just click the poll.

    (please sticky if possible)

    i put the option for 60+ but its not there :confused: >_<.
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  2. Peter Schilte Member

    I am proud to be 58! 8)
  3. Zenchee Member

    Moving to off topic. Doesn't really warrant a sticky, sorry :/
  4. Bumblefuck Member

    This would be a cool project for a statistics project. One of you students out there should try it.

    (I agree that it doesn't warrant a sticky though)
  5. I Member

    plus there's no guarantee of accurate results.

    if there's one thing internet people enjoy, it's answering the comedy option on polls. even if there isn't a proper one, there's one result that would be comedic if enough people put it.
  6. Anonemous Member

    Im sorry, but disclosing age is not something anonymous should do. Remember, we are anonymous, we are every age, we are everyone, therefore, disclosing ages would be bad
  7. I was born 44 trillion years ago
    "43,891,832,611,177 years, 344 days, 10 hours, 20 minutes and 40 seconds from 10:02½ PM Daylight Greenwich Time May 9, 1963"

    that's right suckers
    you heard me
    I am the Heaven Implant, spawn of Helatrobus
  8. saerat Member

    Lacks comedy Derek option MOAR Derek!
  9. brvandal Member

    in a month ill be 26, god i feel old
  10. ANNON186 Member

    Extremely proud to be in my 40's. Age has no bounds when it comes to spreading supressed information on Co$.
  11. Pretty proud to say that I'm in my late 60's. :mrgreen:
  12. Daywatch Member

    I'm so old when I was a kid the internet was made of WOOD!
  13. rogue Member

    I added the option for 60+ for you and stickied for now.
  14. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  15. I can't vote twice either! :(
  16. I'm old enough to vote.
  17. Delta Member

    I'm old enough to vote in this thread

    ...or am I?

  18. anonAminoacid Member


    it doesn't have to be sticked forever, but we will have a better idea of who is part of the group. That way people cant just say were a bunch of "kids" btw the results are very interesting.
  19. Flame Member

    Im heading towards dirty 30

    proud of being slightly decrepid
  20. Daywatch Member

    we need to add 3,453,453,497,987,139+ options

    for the sci-lons
  21. AnonAus Member

    I don't care WHO knows it.

    I'm 61 and proud of it. :anon:
  22. Wolf Member

    I lie out of my ass about my age just because I am pretty. Hey, if women can do it... :wink:
  23. anyjane Member

  24. Uncle Anon Member

    Old anon is old.
  25. Mudkipper Member

    15, soon.

    i r teh ultimate fial lololol
  26. Daywatch Member

    I have boots older than you!
  27. mmm, 13% jailbait
  28. El Gato Member


    He's coming for you.
  29. Mudkipper Member

    Clean out your closet, god damnit!
  30. CandyWaffles Member

    Only 61% of voters are in the typical age range CoS makes us out to be "Young Hackers of Steroids" while this statistic may be greatly skewed ifall 9000+ of us voted, it is nice to see that we have a number of older people in the cause because society listens to old people, they treat young people like they just learn everything from hate sites on the internet. Long live the people of better public standing.
  31. Daywatch Member

    no way Old boots are old!
  32. Well I wish I could vote for the people who aren't connected to the internet that are now apart of this movement.
    So here is a list.
    My parents are in there early 60s
    My husband grandmother who talks about anonymous and Co$ at her nursing home
    Three friends in their late 20s
    Six friends in their 30s
    Five friends in their 40s
    and my teenage kids who are getting the word out to their friends at school

    So not all of these people are on the internet "Hacking" not all of them are picketing. But they are getting the word out. Handing out fliers directing people to and XenuTv. theunfunnytruth and all the other sites. There are more and more people who know the truth about this cult who will refuse to let this happen to their family. And you know what critics can say that Anonymous are a bunch of teenagers. But what they don't realize is that those teenagers are going to grow up and tell a new generation about this cult and other cults like it. They will learn they have a voice to stand up to people like they are doing today. While the rest of us...the unexpected members of Anonymous get Co$ tax break severed and cut out the places they got to hide and pull out their avenue for power
    Everyday the word gets out to more people.
    Knowledge is free

    Have a wonderful day everybody
  33. Daywatch Member

    middleaged WOOTS and /hugz and delicious cake and /fonddlez
  34. Mudkipper Member

    But having boots that old is just disgusting...
  35. dawnanon Member

    While boots that look that old are manufactured new and sold for hundreds of dollars.

    And I'm 15.
  36. Re: Age Poll

    shit i have thetans older than you
  37. Annon514 Member

    Re: Age Poll

    17 here.
  38. Re: Age Poll

    Im almost 21. I was surprized to learn the average age of an Anon is 18 to 25. I think it shows that young people have as much power as anyone else.

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